7 Young And The Restless Characters We Wish Would Come Back To Life

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There is nothing more shocking than when a soap opera characters returns. More often than not, their comeback goes hand-in-hand with an explosive storyline or shocking angle. Characters can return to town for a plot of revenge, or are simply resurrected from death at times to shock love interests and family. Coming back from the dead is not a new thing in the land of daytime drama and, despite the finality of death, nothing is ever final when it comes to soap operas. As such, below is a list of seven Young and the Restless (Y&R) characters we wish would come back to life.

7. Sabrina Costelana

Sabrina had a short, but powerful stint on Y&R. She started off as Victoria’s BFF and then moved onto Victor. The two had an endearing love affair, but sadly Sabrina met her demise in 2009. Victor was quite smitten with Sabrina and despite the finality of her death, a return would certainly mix things up nicely in Genoa City. Victor is in a good place when it comes to daughter Vicky and soul mate Nikki, so having Sabrina come back would definitely mix things up tremendously.

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6. Sheila Carter

Sheila was a villainess who stalked and tried to ruin Lauren Fenmore’s life. We can’t deny how interesting Sheila made things over the years in Genoa City (not to mention in the Bold and the Beautiful as well). Sheila is one of those characters that can seemingly escape death, and despite the fact that Lauren shot her in 2007, it’s hard for fans to ignore the fact that Sheila’s final taunting words to her nemesis was that she would never be able to get rid of her. Could Sheila make a comeback someday and return from the dead? Anything is possible, and if she were to return, she would bring a whole lot of drama along with her.

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