Young And The Restless Characters We Wish Would Come Back To Life

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There’s nothing sadder than when your favorite soap opera character passes on; however, in the land of Genoa City, no one is ever really (or fully) gone forever. Coming back to life is nothing new in soaps, and despite the finality around someone passing away, a lot of characters return to daytime drama fully alive and well! As such, below is a list of some Young and the Restless (Y&R) characters fans wish would come back to life.

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12. Drucilla Winters

While the saddest part of pondering a Dru comeback is that she would return to a Genoa City without Neil there; however, the exciting aspect of it all is the fact that she still has many connections to the little town, and she’d get to meet her grandchildren! Drucilla was a diverse and complex character that many Y&R fans would love to see come back to life!

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11. John Abbott

It’s been far too long since Y&R fans have even seen John Abbott in ghost format! Still, wouldn’t it be nice to see him and Dina reunite? The two had plenty of issues over the years, but there was love between them at one point, so a comeback, especially now that Dina is struggling with her condition, would be bittersweet.

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10. Colleen Carlton

Far too young to have passed away, many fans still mourn the loss of Colleen Carlton. Her spunk, kind heart, and charm were a breath of fresh air on the soap opera, and while her passing did offer a massive plot twist (Victor currently has her heart beating in his chest), if she did miraculously come back to life, this could cause many questions to arise (and some drama for the Moustache).

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9. Cassie Newman

Speaking of leaving this earth far too soon, Cassie’s passing is still like a hanging shadow that looms over Sharon and Nick. Her name consistently pops up within storylines and episodes. Her passing (and sometimes birthday) is regularly acknowledged, and her recent return (in ghost format), gave audiences goosebumps. But what kind of ramifications could a comeback bring? It would be hard to do, considering how she passed, but still an interesting concept, especially with Mariah around.

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8. Hilary Hamilton

Having actress Mishael Morgan around (in the form of Amanda Sinclair) on the Y&R is fun, but how amazing would it be to get Hilary back? Especially with Lily Winters once again in Genoa City full-time! She could clear the air around why she and Amanda look like twins (maybe, because they are…), and she’d flip Devon’s world upside down!

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7. Blade Bladeson

Days of Our Lives has had a ton of success bringing back older characters for some splashing returns, and the Y&R could dip into the concept with Blade Bladeson. He was a highly popular character that passed away in the 1990s, and with an evil twin brother (Rick), many found it easy to confuse the two (and Rick worked overtime to impersonate Blade so that the two would be confused). Although actor Michael Tylo passed away in 2021, we honor his performances by keeping him on this list.

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6. Sabrina Costelana

Sabrina had a short, but powerful stint on Y&R. She started as Victoria’s BFF and then moved onto Victor. The two had an endearing love affair, but sadly Sabrina met her demise in 2009. Victor was quite smitten with Sabrina and even though she passed away in a clear-cut fashion, a return would certainly mix things up nicely in Genoa City. Victor is in a good place with Nikki right now, so having Sabrina come back would mix things up tremendously.

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5. Sheila Carter

Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) fans know Sheila is alive and well, so when will the residents of Genoa City find out? Sheila stalked and tried to ruin Lauren Fenmore’s life, multiple times over. Audiences can’t deny how interesting she’s made things over the years in Genoa City, and she is one of those characters viewers love to hate. Having her show up in the little town would be Lauren and Michael’s worst nightmare, but it would certainly liven things up on the Y&R.

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4. Sage Newman

Sage’s passing took many Y&R viewers aback at the time, as it was so unexpected and came out of the blue. She was a huge fan favorite and her character was just starting to build momentum. Her passing was a major plot twist when it came to the baby swap storyline; however, now that this is all water under the bridge, and the entire truth around the child’s paternity has been revealed, a comeback could rock Genoa City.

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3. Delia Abbott

It’s a very rare occurrence for children to come back to life in soaps and with the way Delia passed away, it is highly unlikely. However, fans can always dream, right? After all these years it still seems quite surreal that the little girl with so much spunk passed in 2014. While the aftermath was an interesting watch, one can’t help but wonder how different Genoa City would be if the little girl survived.

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2. Rey Rosales

When Rey Rosales went back to Newman Ranch to pick up a pair of hockey tickets he’d forgotten in his other coat, it was the last time Y&R viewers ever saw Genoa City’s beloved detective. While Rey allegedly had a heart attack behind the wheel, narrowly missing Victoria’s car and striking Ashland’s on a particularly foggy night, wouldn’t it be great if he’d actually gone undercover? At least that way, he could return to the canvas. He could revive his love triangle with Chelsea and Sharon!

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1. Brad Carlton

Actor Don Diamont is quite busy right now on the B&B, but if you are a Y&R fan who doesn’t watch that show, then you might be missing Carlton even more. What can one say about the character? Well, he was business savvy, charming, handsome, and very entertaining to watch on screen. He romanced pretty much every leading lady in Genoa City (at one point or another) and the resurrection of Brad Carlton would have Y&R fans swooning everywhere!

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