Young And The Restless Villains Ranked

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The battle between good and evil is a story that intrigues us all, and soap operas have capitalized on this theme. To counteract all the good that heroes and heroines partake in daytime, there are those villains and villainesses who look to destroy their lives. While The Young and the Restless (Y&R) has had plenty of dastardly characters grace Genoa City, unlike most soaps who have outrageous bad guys and gals, the show has portrayed its villains in a more realistic perspective (for the most part). Below is an overview of villains ranked:

12. Kevin Fisher

While Kevin has spent most of his time in Genoa City as the sweetest guy you’d ever want to meet, there was a time when he was a real creeper, stalking underage girls online to date (amongst other things like kidnapping, robbing banks, holding people hostage, and setting fires). The bad news is that he hits this list, but the good news is that he has redeemed himself so much over the years that he’s at the bottom of the villain ranking levels.

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11. Chloe Mitchell

Perhaps a little bad in Kevin is what makes him and Chloe click so well. Chloe has also walked the fine line of what many may consider “good” and “villainess” over the years, convincing Cane that he was the father of her baby, trying to trap Billy and other manipulative schemes over the years. She’d clean her act up; however, after Delia passed away she dealt with some mental health issues that had her teetering on the darker side of things.

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10. Hilary Curtis

While Hilary did pass on as a heroine, she lived some of her life in Genoa City as a villainess. Manipulating the Winters family, trying to turn the city against Neil, causing chaos in Cane and Lily’s marriage, Hilary started as a very bitter woman. Alas, love, patience, and understanding would bring her around in the end.

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9. Michael Baldwin

Anyone new to the Y&R may be shaking their heads when it comes to Michael Baldwin being on a villains’ list, but the truth is when he first entered Genoa City, he was a real slime ball. Some of his bad deeds in the early years included sexual harassment, kidnapping, attempted rape and murder. Michael also worked very hard to ruin the life and relationships of Christine Blair. Thankfully, he’s been able to evolve into a good guy and one of Genoa City’s finest citizens, but there was a time where this simply was not the case.

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8. Phyllis Summers

Do you love Phyllis … or do you love to hate her? She’s a dynamic and complex character that truly extends the boundaries of “heroine” and “villainess.” Some fans see Phyllis’ actions as just, and others view her as a schemer. She was a lot worse in her younger years; however, she still comes up with a plot or two these days that has many fans raising their eyebrows.

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7. Victor Newman

Victor is certainly a character Y&R fans love to hate, yet they respect him too, all in the same breath! Sure, he’s done some pretty terrible things over the years, but understanding where he’s come from and his past has made him multi-faceted. He’s got a controlling streak that’s for sure, but his tenderness towards his grandchildren and his overall love for his family has him hitting the mid-point of this villains’ list. Victor can be a bad guy, but he’s done some good over the years too.

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6. Deacon Sharpe

Deacon Sharpe isn’t a villain who has solely wreaked havoc in Genoa City, as Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) fans have also witnessed some of his terrible deeds! From stealing and embezzlement to blackmailing, kidnapping, drugging people, and more. Deacon Sharpe is truly an awful man who seems to have no conscience.

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5. Daisy Carter

How could the offspring of terrible Tom Fisher and town crazy Sheila Carter not land on this list? The apple doesn’t fall far from either parental tree when it comes to this villainess. She’s conducted arson, kidnapped and axed people. She also held Lauren Fenmore and Jana Fisher hostage, and drugged and assaulted Daniel, and then bore his child. The most outrageous part is that she’s probably made her parents very proud.

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4. Isabella Brana

Wreaking havoc in the early 2000s, Isabella did all she could to ruin the magic between Christine and Paul. She not only managed to get him to marry her, but she also had his child! She was handier than that as time wore on, and Isabella even tried to convince the world she had passed on and Blair was behind it all! Thankfully, Paul was able to figure it all out, and save Christine’s life in the process, too.

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3. Ian Ward

Cult leader, baby stealer, kidnapper, hostage taker, and blackmailer — these are just some of the bad things Y&R villain Ian Ward has done over the years. To boot, he raised Mariah Copeland as his daughter and then ended up giving her drugs to wed her against her will, which is terrible in itself (and gross too). Is there anything this man won’t do?

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2. Tom Fisher

Terrible Tom, as he is dubbed by most in Genoa City, was an outright slime ball. He abused and messed with his son Kevin’s mind, almost ruined the poor youngster completely by locking him up when he was just a little boy and causing him severe mental health issues. Fisher was a con man, who conducted many a crime in his day, but you could also add kidnapping and blackmailing to that list, too.

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1. Sheila Carter

Sick and twisted, Sheila Carter has tortured people in both Genoa City and the B&B over the years; however, her main target has always been Lauren Fenmore and anyone close to her. From drugging people to stealing babies, kidnapping, blackmailing, attempted murder, manipulating people, attacking individuals, and holding others at gunpoint, Sheila is a bona fide soap opera villainess that will do anything to get what she wants and always seems to have revenge on her mind.

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