7 Young And The Restless Characters We Wish Never Left

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The Young and the Restless (Y&R) has been on the air for over four decades and in that time fans have fallen in love with many different characters. We’ve seen heroes take on villains; Genoa City residents endure tragedy; and couples fall in and out of love. While characters do come and go we always hate seeing our favorites leave. Alas, this is simply a part of soap opera life. Below is a list of seven Y&R characters we wish never left.

7. Deacon Sharpe

Yes, Deacon is a bad boy, but he’s a bad boy that makes things interesting in Genoa City. He manipulated, schemed, and lied during his stint on the Y&R; however, he’s certainly one of those characters fans love to hate. The good news is Y&R fans who adore Deacon can always catch him on the soap’s sister show, The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B). He’s one of those characters that has graced both daytime dramas.

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6. Dylan McAvoy

Is it too soon to add Dylan to a list such as this one? He only just left the Y&R early this year when his character was placed in the witness protection program. McAvoy was smart, kind, understanding, and incredibly handsome. His onscreen chemistry with wife Sharon was great and it was refreshing to see her in a solid relationship with someone other than Nick Newman.


5. Avery Clark

Speaking of Dylan, who else wishes Avery Clark never left Y&R? She had established solid roots in Genoa City thanks to her sister Phyllis and niece Summer. The gorgeous lawyer seemed like the total package: smart, sassy, funny, and beautiful. She bid adieu to Y&R in 2015 when she decided to start fresh in a new town. The silver lining to all this is the fact that Avery could easily slip back into storylines at any moment in time. There are many Y&R fans out there that would do a little happy dance if and when that happened.

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4. Grace Turner

Much like Deacon Sharpe, Grace Turner is a character that loves to stir the pot. She came between Nick and Sharon Newman in the late 1990s and was an all-around schemer. While she was a villainess on the show, she certainly made things in Genoa City interesting and dramatic. Grace has come back to the Y&R now and again for special appearances; however, many fans would love to see her brought back for good.

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3. Drucilla Winters

Lily might be able to cope with her pending divorce a little better if her mom was around. Dru left the Y&R in 2007 when she fell over a cliff trying to break up a fight between Sharon and Phyllis. She was presumed dead even though a body was never found. Dru was certainly a fan favorite and many in television land mourned her death alongside Genoa City residents. Could Drucilla return? Anything is possible, but it’s a shame her character left in the first place.

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2. Brad Carlton

Brad Carlton passed away in 2009 and many longtime Y&R fans still miss seeing him on the show. His death was shocking and completely unexpected. As a staple on the Y&R, Brad was involved in many pivotal storylines. At the time of his death, Y&R audiences wondered why Carlton was taken in such a final way. When he died, his body was found frozen under a lake, so it would be very difficult to bring Brad back. It doesn’t seem like Carlton will ever return to Genoa City, but his death made for an incredibly interesting storyline.

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1. Adam Newman

It seems like every year or so Adam Newman dies only to come back from the dead. This has a lot more to do with actors leaving the Newman role behind than the need to create an interesting storyline. Adam is a dynamic character that has established tremendous roots in Genoa City. His father is Victor Newman and the relationship between these two strong men is always a great watch for fans. Will Adam ever return? Hopefully one day as Adam is too interesting of a character to leave dead for long.

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