12 Y&R Couples Fans Don’t Want To See Get Back Together

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Love makes the world go around in Genoa City, and there is nothing Young and the Restless (Y&R) fans enjoy more than watching their favorite couples romancing it up on the small screen. No doubt, soap opera relationships are complicated with daytime drama super couples constantly breaking up and making up as the time goes by. While there are some viewers out in television land that would love to see broken up duos come back together, there are also some twosomes that they don’t want reuniting. Below are 12 Y&R couples that fans don’t want to see get back together.

12. Mariah and Devon

This recently split-up couple had some high moments, but for the most part, should not get back together. Devon needs to move on to another relationship and seems smitten with his new singer lady, and most fans would love to see Mariah and Tessa move forward with the relationship they have been teasing for a while now.

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11. Abby and Stitch

Stitch currently isn’t in the picture, but Y&R fans are happy to see Abby back on the show. Stitch was a popular character, and no one truly stays away from Genoa City for long; however, these two just didn’t work as a couple in the least. Lack of chemistry and the fact that Stitch had been with both Abby’s sister Victoria and her mom Ashley doesn’t make for a perfect relationship. Now that Abby is back, here’s hoping she’ll get a fresh and new boyfriend to preoccupy herself with.

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10. Hilary and Neil

Hilary and Neil first came together under unusual circumstances. He felt bad about everything that happened with her mom, and the age difference between the two was a little much. Mix in the fact that Hilary cheated on Neil while he was blind, with his own adopted son, and it’s clear that Hilary was just too toxic for him. Neil deserved so much better.

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9. Ashley and Neil

Speaking of, while Y&R fans would love to see more of Neil Winters on the show in general, a reunion with Ashley Abbott is not the way to go. These two characters do have a lot in common, but they didn’t have the sparks to maintain a healthy relationship in Genoa City. Neil does need some love in his life; however, perhaps the Y&R writers can bring back Drucilla to give this great guy some real romance again.

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8. Abby and Scott

Why is it that Abby can’t seem to find love on her own and she is always stealing someone’s boyfriend or husband? First, it was Austin, Summer’s husband, then Vicky’s man Stitch, and lastly, Abby had to meddle in Sharon’s business by having an affair with her love, Scott. These romance storylines provided plenty of drama; however, Scott and Abby were never a good fit and the relationship seemed forced.

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7. Mac and Billy

Stay tuned Y&R fans! The show is kicking off its 45th-anniversary celebration come the week of March 25th! With so many characters making a return, including Mackenzie Browning, one must wonder, could Billy and Mac reunite at some point? Mac is Billy’s first love and seeing her again might re-ignite something. But, would fans want to see this? The general consensus is no. Thanks to multiple recastings with both characters, and the fact that Kelly Kruger is reprising the role come spring, these two characters getting back together might not have the same magic.

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6. Phyllis and Jack

Y&R fans just might be divided on the idea of a Red and Jackie reunion. On the one hand, these two were magical together. On the other hand, Phyllis has had a huge issue with cheating on Jack while the two were together. A clean slate might help, but only if Phyllis changed her ways to make this work.

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5. Hilary and Devon

The way current storylines are headed, it does seem that these two will inevitably reunite. Hilary wants a baby and Devon does seem like the perfect candidate. Plus, it’s clear they still have feelings for each other. While there are fans out there that want to see this happen, there are also a lot of viewers that feel both of these characters need a fresh and new romance.

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4. Victoria and Billy

How many times will Victoria and Billy break up and makeup? It’s undeniable, the two have a tremendous chemistry together, but they are also quite toxic when together. Besides, Victoria is too preoccupied with her career and caring what daddy Victor thinks to ever make things truly work with Billy again. They should stick to maintaining a positive co-parenting relationship for now.

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3. Nikki and Jack

Nikki’s storylines over the past two decades have gone as follows: be in love with Victor, break up with Victor because he’s pissed her off, leave Victor, head straight back to Jack, then leave Jack for Victor. Lather, rinse, repeat. Y&R fans love Jack Abbott. He may not be perfect, but he does try to be a good human being (for the most part). He deserves better from a woman.

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2. Phyllis and Nick

Phyllis’ recent obsession with proving to Nick that Chelsea was lying to him raised many eyebrows with Y&R fans. Just when you thought that Phyllis was over her possessive feelings over Nick and jealousy around his and Sharon’s relationship, it pops back up again. Nick and Phyllis had quite the attraction back in the day and made a good couple. However, so much has passed since then and no one really wants to see them back together.

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1. Sharon and Nick

Fans of Shick may just want to shut their eyes before reading this one. Sure, there is a group of Y&R fans out there that adore Nick and Sharon together. The two were high school sweethearts that ended up getting married and building a family together. Which makes it no surprise that many would love to see them add another chapter in their love story. The sad reality is that Shick has a cycle: makeup and break up, become friends, turn into lovers, makeup and break up. So, it’s only natural for there to be a group of Shick haters out there who don’t want to see these two reunite. After all, it’ll only set them up for a disastrous breakup in the end.

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