Recast Report Card: Conner Floyd As Y&R’s Chance Chancellor

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The new Philip “Chance” Chancellor IV has been center stage on The Young and the Restless (Y&R) for a few months now, so it begs the question: how’s actor Conner Floyd doing in the role? We’re grading the recast on his performance, so don’t forget to add your score in the poll below!

Floyd made his debut back in November, when viewers were in on the surprise that Chance was alive but also eager (which is a nicer way of saying desperate) to get away from Abby’s video-chat soliloquies. 

Needless to say, Chance wasn’t the same when he returned to Genoa City. Viewers knew it, because Floyd was replacing Donny Boaz, but characters saw the change as well. Chance was withdrawn, troubled and “not himself”. 

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A sudden change in Chance’s temperament is surely welcome in a recasting situation, as it has afforded Floyd an opportunity to make the role his own. It also gave viewers a chance (no pun intended) to connect a new actor’s energy to the character they’ve missed.

Another perk to Chance’s mental struggles is that Floyd has been able to explore the full dramatic range of the character. The actor has been tasked with showing devotion to Abby (Melissa Ordway), camaraderie with Rey (Jordi Vilasuso), panic when he’s alone, and pangs of jealousy and grief along the way. 

We’ve seen Chance put on a brave face for Abby just as often as we’ve seen him internally battle his Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). In fact, Floyd has frequently done both within the very same episode! 

The role would be a baptism by fire for any recast actor, so how is Floyd facing the challenge? 

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He seems to be most natural when conveying that Chance is a truly good person. Whether he’s embracing Devon’s brash custody proposal or calming down Abby in the face of Dominic’s health crisis, Floyd has nailed the nice guy routine. 

Unfortunately, Floyd’s kindness verges on wide-eyed innocence, which would be fine if he was playing someone other than a highly skilled and battle-tested soldier. PTSD issues aside, there’s very little about the new Chance that suggests he’s seen a thing or two. 

Nothing emphasizes this youthful wonder better than Chance’s first scenes with Rey, which displayed a problematic contrast. While Rey channeled warmth upon seeing his old partner, that warmth sat atop a stoic seriousness. Chance, on the other hand, was smiley and overly enthusiastic — about a police case, no less!

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For that reason, Chance’s panic attack (while on a stakeout with Rey) felt like a missed opportunity. Upon hearing the breaking of glass, Floyd collapsed and curled into himself, but his reaction lasted maybe a second before the scene transitioned. As a viewer, it’s hard to sympathize with someone when you never see them vulnerable.

Back at home, Chance is also struggling to take on fatherly responsibilities and Floyd likewise seems a little bit lost in his portrayal of a father in crisis. His dialogue tells us what he’s feeling, but Floyd doesn’t show us that pain in his performance. Chance often appears vacant during key decision-making moments of young Dominic’s life. 

Is that spaciness part of Chance’s PTSD, or is Floyd just not digging deep enough in these scenes? It’s hard to say. But what makes it stranger is that Chance seems fully present and capable when he’s in one-on-one situations with Abby.

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Since viewers know that he’s an anxious mess underneath that nice-guy facade, we’re hoping that perhaps Floyd will show us a Mr. Hyde to his Dr. Jekyll. Chance recently accused Rey of passing judgment on him as a husband, and he continues to have moments of jealousy over Devon’s bond with his son. 

Chance has agreed to therapy and will meet with Sharon (Sharon Case) to discuss his symptoms. Will he develop a bond with his partner’s wife? Maybe Sharon will convince Chance to drop his people-pleasing act, so we can meet the real Chance. This character has a ton of potential, so hopefully writers are about to dive into Chance’s psychological pain.

As for Floyd, he’s been walking a tightrope act in this role, and while he’s been steady so far, viewers wouldn’t mind seeing him wobble to extremes a little bit more.

How would you grade Conner Floyd as Philip "Chance" Chancellor IV?

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