We Weigh In: The Devil Has Returned On Days Of Our Lives… What’s Next?

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DOOL’s Marlena Evans has “done it all” on daytime television. From having affairs and being a surrogate for genetically engineered babies, to coming back to life (multiple times), the good doctor can’t have much left on her bucket list. And on top of all of that, she even scored a gig on Melaswen Island. Most fans can agree that she’s been involved in some of the most over-the-top storylines in soap opera history! Not to mention “that time” Evans was possessed by the Devil. 

Fans who weren’t around Salem, circa 1995, are now getting a little taste of what the infamous “possession” arc was all about. Back then it was quite controversial, not only because it was outrageous and a story daytime drama had never tapped into, but it also got mixed reviews from soap opera media and fans alike. 

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Some viewers were completely creeped out by the storyline. In fact, there were fans who stopped watching for a small period until it was over. There were viewers who thought it was dumb, lame, and cheesy. Meanwhile, any kids of parents (or grandparents) that were fans of DOOL at the time were terrified beyond belief. Some audience members were on the edge of their seats.

At the end of the day, the storyline was an unforgettable mix of all these emotions. Yup, it was creepy, especially anytime the Devil’s voice bellowed out. Sure, it was a tad cheesy, especially when the evil one tried to relay his twisted sense of humor. Marlena’s make-up at the time was cringey. For most kids (and some adults), the very idea of the Devil entering anyone’s body was horrifying. But there were also moments that had fans wondering what would happen next, or when it would all end. DOOL producer Ken Corday noted in 2010 that the storyline was supposed to be a three-month thing that started at Halloween and ended at Christmas. Unfortunately, it dragged on to Easter of the following year.

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So, why bring it back? DOOL has been successful (for the most part) at digging into their history books to come up with fresh storylines. Their most popular characters are still from the show’s heyday, the early 80s to 90s. They know a majority of their fan base is comprised of long-time viewers, and there’s nothing more nostalgic than resurrecting old chapters and making them new again. Re-telling a story helps audiences “feel” as though they are truly a part of DOOL‘s history — a prompt for viewers to say, “I remember that time”.  In some ways, bringing back the storyline offers wistful feelings of another time, and a familiarity of knowing what might happen next (without really knowing what will happen next).

What should fans expect with Marlena’s Possession 2.0? Probably a lot of the same storytelling that occurred in the 1990s: the yellow eyes, the horse, the loud voice, and definitely a scene or two of Marlena elevating in her bed. John will wonder what she’s up to, while her friends and family will be perplexed over her behavior. The Devil will work overtime to cause chaos and drama in the little town. Julie will likely be the Devil’s next victim, and Doug is still at great risk. The spirit may have run-ins with the same characters he had back in the ‘90s, as well. Perhaps he’ll make references that only long-time viewers will catch.

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DOOL will likely pull newer characters like Johnny, Allie, Tripp, Chanel and possibly EJ into the storyline. There will be those who the Devil will fool, and others who will resist temptation, emerging as the heroes and heroines of the story. Will Johnny’s movie ambitions make him vulnerable to the Devil’s charms? What about EJ’s ruthlessness, or Abigail’s mental health issues? There has even been speculation that the evil one could interfere somehow with Ben and Ciara’s baby-making plans! 

Of course, God and good will win in the end — doesn’t it always on DOOL? John and Marlena will break up but come together again, stronger than ever. Moreover, here’s hoping the storyline does end as short and sweet as it was originally supposed to in the 1990s… by Christmas 2021!

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Dorathy Gass

Dorathy Gass

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