“Friends” Fashion: The Most Iconic Outfits Of All Time

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There are few shows as iconic as Friends with its 10-season run and hilarious, relatable characters. Although Friends may be fondly remembered for its humor, one factor of the show that can’t be overlooked is the iconic ’90s fashion. From Rachel Green’s classic plaid skirts in the fall to Phoebe Buffay’s boho-chic take on the style, follow along for the most iconic Friends outfits of all time:

12. The Overalls Look

Many people have mixed opinions about overalls, but on Rachel Green in Friends, they totally work! Rachel’s character exudes that beautiful girl-next-door charm which is exactly why overalls look so adorable on her. She styles them casually by tying a sweater around her waist and slinging a brown leather bag on her shoulder.

11. The Back to School Look

No one does fall fashion like Rachel Green! This character definitely had an affinity for plaid skirts and knee socks, which will always give us major back-to-school vibes even if that isn’t really the case. This specific plaid mini and turtleneck combo is undeniably one of our favorite of Rachel’s fashion looks from the earlier seasons.

10. The Denim Vest

The denim vest is one of Rachel Green’s classic looks from the earlier seasons. She’d often wear this as part of her Central Perk uniform or casually styled on the weekends. The denim vest is the perfect wardrobe staple for those with a casual, but still fashionable wardrobe like Rachel.

9. The Red Dress

While Rachel certainly knows how to dress down for a casual New York afternoon, she also knows how to dress up for a night on the town. One of our favorite going out looks that Rachel wore throughout the seasons is this sleek red dress. The square neckline is refined and sophisticated, but the slinky shape adds the perfect amount of sultriness for a date night.

8. The Jean on Jean Look
Monica’s style is likely the most laid back out of all the Friends ladies, but this is what makes her outfits easily achievable! One of our favorite Monica looks is the time she wore this denim-on-denim look featuring a chambray shirt layered on high-waisted denim and topped with white sneakers. A look like this never looks outdated as years pass and is easy to mimic in real life.

7. The Black Tights

One of Rachel’s most iconic looks is wearing black tights with shorts. Although unconventional, we can’t help but admire how chic this looks on her! Not to mention, it’s the perfect way to transition summer pieces, like shorts, into the fall and still make them wearable and weather-appropriate.

6. The Foofy Bridal Dress

Rachel, Monica, and Pheobe all have quite diverse tastes when it comes to fashion, and this is especially obvious when comparing their bridal looks. During the pilot episode, Rachel stumbles into the Central Perk wearing a wedding dress after leaving her groom at the altar. Her look is complete with voluminous tulle and an oversized veil which created a TV bridal moment no one could possibly forget.

5. The Slinky Green Number

Throughout the seasons of Friends, Rachel proved she is the ultimate date night fashionista with her array of slinky evening dresses. An all-time favorite is this mint green look with a slit she wore for a night out. The dress hugged her figure perfectly but didn’t show too much skin.

4. The Clueless Number

Of all the Friends characters, Pheobe was definitely the most fearless when it comes to style. Her fashion was constantly evolving but always had bold, bohemian-inspired undertones. One look, in particular, that stood out was the time she wore this pink and white checked Clueless-inspired dress. It didn’t seem to match up with her typical style, but that’s exactly what made it one of our favorites for being super feminine and unexpected!

3. The Date Night LBD

Rachel clearly knows what she’s doing when it comes to date night attire, and this little black wrap dress was one of our all-time favorites. The wrap dress is conservative yet still gives her figure an hourglass shape. It shows skin in all the right places and is the perfect look for dressing-to-impress.

2. The Sleek Bridal Number

While Rachel opted for a classic Princess-style wedding dress for her big day at the beginning of the series, Monica opted for something a little more streamlined and classic for her own wedding look. Her satin wedding dress consisted of a simple, sleek shape that hugged her curves and showed off her sun-kissed skin perfectly.

1. The Bridesmaids Dresses

One of the all-time most buzzed about fashion moments from Friends was the bridesmaid dresses worn by Rachel and Phoebe for Monica’s wedding. The show’s costume designer dished, “Those bridesmaid dresses got the most calls and inquiries of anything on the whole show. We bought them at Neiman Marcus, and they were so beautiful. They weren’t by a big name, just some random formalwear brand — but honestly, if those people didn’t make a zillion dollars as a result of it… [Laughs]. It went on for years and years, and I still get questions about them to this day. I get emails every week about Friends, because people are always rediscovering it or else just seeing it for the first time.”

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