Friends: Joey’s Funniest Moments


Narrowing down Joey’s funniest moments on Friends is like trying to choose your favorite chocolate – it’s all so good! When Matt LeBlanc was cast to play Joey Tribbiani, he was meant to be the romantic lead eventually to be matched up with Monica. That certainly didn’t turn out (ya know, since Monica ended up with Chandler and there’s no doubt that Ross and Rachel ended up reigning the romance on the rom-com) and Joey instead ended up being the focus of some of the show’s funniest moments. There are plenty of others, no doubt, but here are 10 of Joey’s funniest moments on Friends.

10. Joey Speaks French

Padding your resume may not be the worst professional sin, but it can come back to bite you in the butt if you’re not careful. Joey found this out when he was called in for an audition that required a French-speaking actor, which Joey was not…but his resumé said he was. Trying to help her friend nab the role despite his linguistic challenge, French-speaking Phoebe offers her tutorial skills. Phoebe: “Your first line is ‘My name is Claude,’ so, just repeat after me. ‘Je m’appelle Claude.'”  Joey: “Je de coup Clow … Je depli mblue … Je te flouppe Fli.” Phoebe: “Oh, mon Dieu!” Joey: “Oh, de fuff!”

9. Joey Drinks a Gallon of Milk in 10 Seconds

After the French-speaking debacle, Phoebe makes Joey remove anything for his resume that he’s not actually capable of doing. When she questions his ability to drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds (because of course that would be on your acting resume), he tells her he’ll prove it. And he does…sort of.

8. Joey Doesn’t Share Food!

Joey doesn’t share food! Not with his friends, not with his dates, and not even with baby Emma wanting one of his grapes. Yowza! When Phoebe sets Joey up with one of her friends, things go awry on the date when she snags one of Joey’s fries. Joey doesn’t share food! It may not be the nicest or most generous aspect of Joey’s character, but it certainly makes for some hilarious rom-com moments. JOEY. DOESN’T. SHARE. FOOD!

7. Joey’s Not Even Sorry

Not only does Joey not share food, he’s not even sorry when he eats other people’s dinners. While on a date with one of Phoebe’s friends, Joey calls deal-breaker when his date nabs one of his fries. He is very explicit about this by always saying, “JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD!” When his friends convince him to give the lady another shot and tame his food-hording ways, he does his best, but in the end eats her dessert while she steps away from the table and comes back to Joey, chocolate-covered and definitely declaring, “I’m not even sorry!”

6. Joey Does a Card Trick

Pick a card, any card! When Joey tries to wow his friends with his card trick skills, they are less than impressed with his not-so-speedy slight-of-hand. But being the caring bunch that they are, they don’t let on that he’s not exactly a master magician. “Real magic does exist!”

5. Joey Plays PYRAMID

When semi-famous Joey appears on the game show PYRAMID (hosted by Donny Osmond, of course), it’s his chance to use his quick thinking skills to win the day. Unfortunately for Joey, thinking skills aren’t exactly his strong point. Giving clues is a little tough for Joey: “If I’m building a house, the plan isn’t called a shmooprint… Oh, I can’t do that either?” He’s not any better guessing. Something white in your fridge. Joey: “Paper! Snow! A GHOST!”

4. Joey Gets His Eyebrows Waxed

When Joey embarks on a little facial manscaping, he goes to a spa to get his eyebrows professionally waxed. After sticking his hands in the hot wax and then unable to stand the pain that comes along with ripping tiny hairs out of your face, he leaves with one brow waxed and the other…not waxed. No worries for Joey though, as Chandler comes to the rescue. Once the groomer for his drag-show headlining dad, Chandler has the skills to give Joey the sleek shaped brows that he’s looking for. No matter how weird they might end up looking.

3. Joey Gets a Twin

Joey decides to make some extra cash by offering himself up for clinic research studies, but his plan is thwarted when he finds out there are no current studies for him to participate in. But, hold on! There’s one that pays well starting soon, the only snag is that it calls for twins. Joey doesn’t let the fact that he’s twin-less stop him, hiring a fellow actor who kind, sorta looks like Joey. But things don’t quite work out and Joey is sure it’s all the other guy’s fault. “Damn it, Karl!”

2. Joey Teaches a Dance Routine

Not only did Joey’s acting resume state that he could drink a gallon of milk in 10 seconds and speak French fluently, but it also made some big claims when it came to his dancing ability. Were they true? Holy heck NO! Finding himself at an audition requiring some fancy footwork, Joey is asked to take over when the pro needs to step out. Joey does his best to teach the other audition attendees to dance combination and what results is signature Joey.

1. Could Joey BE Wearing Any More Clothes?!

In what might be Joey’s all-time most classic Joey-esque moment, we present “Could I BE wearing any more clothes?! Maybe if I wasn’t going commando!” And then came the lunges. While Ross is trying to hurry his friends up in order to make it to an important work event on time, Joey and Chandler get into a fight over a particular chair resulting in Joey wearing every single piece of clothing Chandler owns (it makes sense in the show, trust us) and ends up in lots and lots of laughs.


Desiree O