Friends: 10 Best Rachel And Monica Moments


Having a BFF is one of the great pleasures in life, especially when you have a bestie that’s super fun, totally loyal, and all-around awesome. If you’re looking for an example of two ultimate best friends you don’t have to look any further than Monica and Rachel on Friends. These two best friends since high school and then reconnecting as adults – ya know, when Rachel first ran into Central Perk in her wedding dress – the two friends, roommates, and eventual family had some memorable moments together and luckily for us as an audience we were there to witness every one. Check out this list of 10 of the best moments between Rachel and Monica on Friends.

10. When Rachel Thought She Was Losing Monica to Julie (Season 2, Episode 2)

When the person you’re into starts dating someone else, it sucks. It really sucks. But when Ross started dating Julie on Friends, Rachel not only thought she had lost him, but when Monica started hanging out with her brother’s new girlfriend, Rachel thought she was losing her best friend too. Poor Rachel! After a few lies, a few evasions, some discoveries and confessions, things get a little emotional between the two women and, of course, they make up and work things out as true best friends do.

9. When Monica Pinned Rachel Down to Give Her Eye Drops (Season 5, Episode 22)

Do you know what else sucks? Getting eye drops! Dripping liquid directly onto your eyeball just isn’t something that feels unnatural and uncomfortable, but sometimes it’s a necessity. When Rachel has to take eye drops, she’s more than just a little resistant. Monica is determined to help her out…by tackling her, pinning her down, and doing her best to squirt the medicine into Rachel’s clenched-shut eyes. It doesn’t exactly work, but it’s a hilarious and endearing moment between the best friends.

8. When Rachel and Monica Prank Called Ross With a Fake Accent (Season 6, Episode 4)

Nerves can make you do some strange and unexpected things and when Ross takes on a teaching position at the local university on Friends, he deals with his fear of getting up in front of the class by mimicking a British accent. If you haven’t seen it, yeah, it went just as well as you’re imagining. If you have seen it, you’re totally cringing. When Monica and Rachel pop in to see him in action, they get a surprise when they hear him speak. The situation is just too good to resist having a little fun at the expense of their friend and Monica and Rachel take to a little juvenile amusement by prank calling Ross. Rachel, while doing a brutally thick Irish accent, dials him up. “Hello, Ross? This is Dr. McNeilly calling from the Fake Accent University. We’d like you to come on board full time.”

7. When Rachel and Monica Bug-Bombed the Basement Yeti (Season 5, Episode 6)

Basements are scary, that’s a fact. Taking a buddy down into the darkness is the only sure way to not be completely (if irrationally and unnecessarily) terrified of the underground levels of a building. But when Monica and Rachel head down into their apartment building’s basement, they have an encounter that gives them a reason to scream. They encounter a hair covered, man-like beast. Rachel grabs the only weapon she has on hand, a bug bomb, and lets him have it! “He came at us with an axe, so Rachel had to use the bug bomb on him!” Granted, the yeti turns out to be their new neighbor, Danny (who Rachel in fact dates), but it’s an epic moment between the besties and a hilarious moment for fans of the show.

6. When Rachel and Monica Taught Chandler About Female Erogenous Zones (Season 4, Episode 11)

Having close gal friends was a definite bonus for Chandler when he needed some tips on how to please his lady in bed. Monica and Rachel took on the task to teach him a thing or two. While Rachel adds tips, Monica made up a diagram with corresponding numbers to indicate each spot, and then decides to, um, sort of, um, demonstrate. “All right. You could, uh, start out with a little 1, a 2, a 1-2-3, a 3, a 5, a 4, a 3-2, 2, a 2-4-6, 2-4-6, 4, 2, 2, 4-7, 5-7, 6-7, 7…7…7…7 7 7 7 7 7… (mouths) seven.” Her enthusiasm is obvious and her tutorial is apparently an effective one if the hug she gets from Chandler’s girlfriend after the fact is any indication.

5. The Flashback to When Rachel Helped Monica Get Revenge on Chandler (Season 5, Episode 8)

The crew on Friends were masters of flashback episodes and one of the best involved Ross and Chandler making their yearly trip home from college to the Geller’s for Thanksgiving. A newly fit (and super skinny) Monica wants to get revenge on Chandler, who was rather rude the year before regarding her weight. Rachel gives her a few times on how to seduce Chandler and then ultimately humiliate him. Granted, it doesn’t really go the way Monica expected, but Rachel’s willingness to help her bestie and Monica’s awkward attempt make for another of the pair’s most memorable moments.

4. Rachel and Monica’s High School Prom Flashback (Season 2, Episode 14)

Going to your high school prom is one of the highlights of most teens young lives and the Friends’ flashback giving the audience a back-in-the-day glimpse of Monica and Rachel prepping for their big night is one of the most classic moments of the BFFs. Rachel (with her original nose) and Monica (with her pre-prom sandwich) meet up at Mon’s house and the whole Geller family is there. Judy is fussing over the girls, Jack is videotaping the event, and Ross is watching on with an epic ‘do and ‘stache. The look back at the besties is just as adorable as their era-appropriate but now-ridiculous formal dresses.

3. When Rachel and Monica Competed For Their Apartment (Season 4, Episode 12)

Monica Geller may be most remembered for her super tidy ways, but her wild competitiveness came a close second in regards to her no-holds-barred personality. When she and Rachel put their apartment on the line (the apartment that was so amazing it became almost as popular as the characters themselves) and go up against Chandler and Joey in a game about who knows who better, things get nutso. The BFFs on both sides pull out everything they’ve got and in the end…well, you know what happens. Poor Monica and Rachel!

2. When Monica Gave Up the Name Emma for Rachel (Season 8, Episode 24)

Choosing your child’s name isn’t a decision you want to make willy-nilly, but when Rachel and Ross welcome their new baby girl into the world, she goes without a name as the parents can’t decide on the perfect choice. When Monica mentions that she’s always intended to name her little girl ‘Emma,’ Rachel immediately knows that that’s the perfect name for her new bundle of joy. Monica, being an incredibly loving and selfless best friend, tells Rachel that she can have the name. So, so sweet!

1. When Monica First Took Rachel In (Season 1, Episode 1 – The Pilot)

Monica and Rachel’s most epic moment may have been their very first. At the beginning of the series, when Rachel runs out on her wedding and seeks out the only person she’s knows who wasn’t attending the ceremony – namely Monica – Mon helps her old friend out by taking her in, giving her a place to live, and with that a new best-friendship bloomed a-new. Rachel may have been in serious real-world shock, but Monica was there to help her on her way to a new life of amazingly liberating ‘adult-ing’. “Welcome to the real world! It sucks. You’re going to love it!”


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