Vanderpump Rules: 8 Things You Didn’t Know About Tom Sandoval And Ariana Madix’s Relationship

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Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix have one of the most solid relationships on Vanderpump Rules. They seem to have a lot more in common than he had with Kristen Doute and they also seem to have more respect for one another. The two met several years ago while they were working at Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant Villa Blanca and became friends, but only started dating in 2013 when his relationship with Doute fell apart. Since Sandoval and Madix have become fan favorites, check out these 8 things you didn’t know about their relationship:

8. Buying a House

The couple is planning on buying a home together sometime in the near future. While many of their friends have moved into bigger apartments with bigger rent, these two have stayed in the same small apartment together so that they can save. They seem to both be into the idea of getting a fixer upper. “I think Tom and I would be open to something that’s a little bit of a fixer upper,” she told The Daily Dish. “We would do a lot of stuff ourselves and make our own stamp.”

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7. Marriage and Children

The couple isn’t planning on getting married; however, Tom has expressed that he’d love to marry Ariana, but she has said that she doesn’t like the idea of marriage or children. “It’s not that I don’t believe in it as a concept, I just know what’s right for some people isn’t right for others. I never saw it as part of my life plan. If it was going to be with anybody, it would be with [Tom]. But it might not even be necessary. I don’t think that status really means anything – not to me,” she told Wetpaint.

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6. Not a Hot Hookup

During season two of Vanderpump Rules, it came out that Sandoval and Madix shared a kiss in Las Vegas while he was dating Kristen Doute; however, according to Madix, the kiss was anything but romantic. “But if you would have been there, you would have seen how awkward it was after the kiss. We we’re just like bye,” she told iRealHousewives. “If there were cameras no one would have made a big deal about it. If they were able to see duration of kiss, how it ended, and the way we said goodbye. No one would have cared.”

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5. Possible Spin-Off Series?

After news broke that Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright got their spin-off show, Ariana told NW Magazine that she and Tom also want their own series. Their show would be different from Vanderpump Rules in that it would focus less on petty drama and more on travel and food instead. “I’d love to have a younger Anthony Bourdain-type show,” she said. “Travel, eat amazing food, meet amazing people, go on adventures, help some people out along the way.”

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4. Travel Buddies

The couple are the ultimate travel buddies. “It’s always been adventures with us,” she told Bravo. “The trip on the RV… that’s not what it’s like when it’s just me and you, but camping, wine country, and Nascar was like an adventure – and we like to go on adventures together all over the world.” Some of places that they have traveled together include Belize and Honduras in Central America, Cozumel in Mexico, Australia and New Zealand, as well Lake Tahoe, St. Louis and Florida. When they travel, they are all about the spontaneity. “What we like to do is buy a one-way ticket, and then we’ll talk to people and people will give us recommendations on things to do and places to go, and then we’ll buy a one way ticket from there and another one way ticket from there,” Ariana said. “And then we just have to figure out if we can actually get the travel visas to get into that country. But we’re privileged to be American citizens, and it helps.”

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3. A Solid Relationship

While Tom and Kristen had a relationship that involved a lot of lies and mistrust, Tom and Ariana have the complete opposite. “Tom has learned from his past mistakes (as have I), and never have I experienced a relationship that is so solid, open, and loving. I try every day to treat Tom with the same love and respect he has shown me. We have all heard that true love is rare and hard to find. We are so lucky to be able to experience that with each other,” Ariana told Reality Tea.

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2. Wasted Vegas Hookup

During an episode in season four when Tom went to Las Vegas with Peter and the guys, Scheana Marie had people over and she ended up sharing a kiss with Madix, but that wasn’t the only time that the two hooked up. They also made out when they were in Vegas with Sandoval and Tom Schwartz. “At one point, we all went out together, and then Scheana and I kinda like disappeared off in the casino somewhere together,” she said. “And then they, like, found us. I think [Tom] was kinda, like, ‘What the f…?’” Madix said on AfterBuzzTV’s The Tomorrow Show With Keven Undergaro.

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1. Making Amends

During season five of Vanderpump Rules, he and Ariana went over to Kristen Doute and Carter’s house and had their first constructive conversation, but that scene ended up on the cutting room floor. “On World Dog Day, the most interesting thing that happened was cut out of the show and it f***ing pissed me off, and that was that me and Ariana actually went over to Kristen and [her boyfriend] Carter’s house,” Tom told The Daily Mail. “And it was the first time we actually had a constructive conversation. I brought over old photos that I found while cleaning out my extra bedroom.” According to Tom, initially Kristen wasn’t receptive, but they all ended up having a nice time together.

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