7 Things You Didn’t Know About Vanderpump Rules Star Tom Schwartz

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Tom Schwartz is definitely the most endearing out all of the guys on Vanderpump Rules. Although he had a rough time during season three, he has definitely redeemed himself during season four. Since we’re all rooting for Schwartz, here are 7 things you didn’t know about the model turned reality TV star:

7. Hometown

He’s a Midwest boy! He ‘s from Minnesota and was raised in a suburb of St. Paul called Woodbury.

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6. Friends

Jax Taylor and Tom Sandoval are the first people Schwartz met when he moved to L.A. Tom Sandoval was dating Kristen at the time and she knew Katie, so she set them up.

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5. Brainy

Before he was a model and reality TV star, he was studying Pre-Med at Florida State. He abandoned his studies to become an actor; however, he only has two acting credits to his name – one in True Blood and the other from Two and a Half Men.

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4. First Modeling Gig

Tom’s first modeling job was at the Mall of America. He was just a teenager at the time and it was a back-to-back fashion show.

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3. Breaking In

Although he moved to L.A. to become an actor, he found himself doing other things, like catering and bartending. “I did catering jobs, I bartended a lot, then eventually I got with some good agencies and I did a lot of commercial print work, a decent amount of commercials,” he said.

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2. Ambassador

According to Schwartz, he worked in the wine and spirit business for a few years before he became a reality TV star and he would like to get back into it. “I want to get back into the wine and spirits business as an ambassador, not full time or anything. I enjoy the business and they have great benefits by the way,” he said. “Free booze, you get to go to concerts and shows, it’s a fun business.”

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1. Gambler

Tom loves gambling! “I love poker, it’s my favorite hobby ever, a little craps, a little roulette. The rest of the time I’d spend with my family and spoil the shit out of them,” he said.

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