Vanderpump Rules: All 11 Couples Ranked Worst To Best

Vanderpump Rules is one of the most dramatic shows on television, so naturally most of the couples on the show have really dramatic relationships. Many of them lie and cheat on their partners; however, there are some that have decent relationships that definitely give us #relationshipgoals. Today, we are ranking the couples on the show from worst to best – check it out!

11. Kristen Doute and James Kennedy

Kristen and James were definitely the most toxic couple on Vanderpump Rules. When they hooked up, Kristen had just broken up with Tom Sandoval and was still pretty hung up on him, and James obviously saw this as his opportunity to get on the show. While he initially seemed to care for Kristen, that quickly changed as he seemed to become emotionally abusive with her when he was drinking. She wasn’t innocent either. During one of their fights, she ended up slapping him when he wouldn’t leave her alone. Now that they have finally broken up, let’s hope that they don’t share any camera time during season five! We’ve already seen enough.

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10. Stassi Schroeder and Frank Herlihy

Stassi dated Frank immediately after she dumped Jax during season one. Unfortunately for her, while she seemed to really like him, their relationship wasn’t that much healthier than what she had with Jax. Frank seemed cocky and it seemed like he was with Stassi to stick it to his former friend. Worst of all, after they broke up, he reportedly shopped around a tape of Stassi masturbating for him on FaceTime. Not cool, Frank. Not cool.


9. Stassi Schroeder and Jax Taylor

Stassi and Jax definitely had passion – it just ended up being totally explosive. With his cheating and her insecurities, they proved to be one of Vanderump Rules’ worst couples. Even when Jax was trying to win her trust back during season two, it was pretty obvious that Stassi only wanted to see him beg, which we can appreciate. When Jax finally gave up, viewers were relieved. They so obviously weren’t meant to be.

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8. Kristen Doute and Tom Sandoval

Kristen and Tom obviously did care about each other, but with all of the cheating and the lying, they ended up making each other totally miserable. How these two managed to stay together for six years is beyond us, considering some of the stuff that they did to each other for those six years (i.e. Tom sleeping with bottle service girls and Kristen sleeping with his best friend Jax). Now that they have both moved on, they seem much happier.


7. Jax Taylor and Laura Leigh

Laura Leigh obviously really liked Jax, but he clearly, from the very beginning, didn’t feel the same way about her. He clearly wanted Stassi back and was just trying to make her jealous. Well, it worked, but it didn’t end up getting her back. Instead, it ended up causing Laura Leigh a lot of pain. She got the last laugh though. After Jax dumped her, she found out that she got a small role in the Jennifer Aniston film We’re the Millers.


6. Jax Taylor and Carmen Dickman

Jax obviously did like Carmen, just not enough to be exclusive with her. While they were dating, he was also dating Tiffany, but then he chose a relationship with Tiffany over a relationship with her. He only started trying to get back with Carmen when his relationship with Tiffany was going south. Fortunately for Carmen, she was onto him and refused to get back together.


5. Jax Taylor and Tiffany Matthews

Jax and Tiffany dated during season three while he was also dating Carmen, but he definitely seemed more into Tiffany. The only problem was that she lived in Vegas and he lived in L.A. Throughout the course of their relationship, she was a pretty good girlfriend to Jax. She was the one who booked him and his friends a hotel room in San Diego where he ended up (reportedly) cheating on her with some random girl. It didn’t help that he also couldn’t keep his eyes off Vail. Poor Tiffany. She deserved better.


4. Scheana Marie and Michael Shay

At one point, Scheana Marie definitely thought that she and her husband Michael Shay had the most solid relationship on Vanderpump Rules, but that kind of fell apart during season four when his prescription drug addiction and his alcohol abuse, which Scheana never even noticed, suddenly became a plot point. Once she was aware that she was married to an addict, she reacted rather strangely, insisting that she couldn’t be married to someone who was sober and that Shay just needed to find the happy medium between being a bore and being a drunk.

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3. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright

When it comes to relationships, Jax doesn’t have a great track record; however, when it comes to his relationship with Brittany, he actually seems content. Things haven’t always been good between them though. There was that period when she was still in Kentucky and he was trying to bed Lala Kent but, when Brittany found out, she handled it really well. In fact, she just let it go. Will these two last? We don’t know for sure but, compared to his other relationships, these two seem to work really well.

2. Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix

Tom and Ariana do have one of the most solid relationships on Vanderpump Rules; however, we can’t forget that Tom made the moves on her while he was still with Kristen. That just wasn’t cool. Cheating aside, however, we really think Tom and Ariana get each other. They also seem to really like and respect each other, which is something he didn’t have in his relationship with Kristin.

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1. Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz

Tom and Katie are definitely the best couple on Vanderpump Rules. During season three, they experienced a rough patch when she found out that he had made out with a couple other girls, but they got through it and then got engaged during season four. They recently tied the knot in Lake Tahoe and are now well on their way to their happily ever after.

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