Fame10 Exclusive Interview With Vanderpump Rules Star Lala Kent

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Lala Kent made waves as the new girl in town on the most recent season of Vanderpump Rules, sparking a lot of attention with fellow cast members and fans alike. We had the privilege of chatting with the show’s newest star and she’s just as cool as we imagined! Check out what she had to say about the show, the cast and what the future has in store for her!


Fame10: Why did you decide to join the cast of Vanderpump Rules?

Lala: It seemed like a fun opportunity. I had never done anything even close to reality TV and figured, why not!? Haha

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Fame10: What would you say is the best thing to come out of being part of Vanderpump Rules?

Lala: I would say my acting and music. Vanderpump Rules gave me the chance to work on my passions and have people in the industry know who I am and what I’m doing. It’s been incredible.

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Fame10: What is one thing about yourself that fans didn’t get to see on the show?

Lala: I don’t think people see how goofy I am, and sarcastic. I have a very dry, self deprecating sense of humor. I wish the audience could see more of that side of Lala.

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Fame10: How would you consider yourself different from the other Vanderpump Rules cast members?

Lala: I’m real. And I take accountability for my actions. This list goes on! Haha

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Fame10: We’ve noticed on your IMDB profile that you’ve done some acting. What are your career aspirations? Do you have any big projects currently lined up?

Lala: I have two films in the works, right now. I can’t say much, but I’m very excited. I just aspire to keep booking and staying happy. I’m not looking for Grammys and Oscars. Haha.

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Fame10: If your friends were to describe you in three words, what would they be?

Lala: I mean, what would they really say or what would I want them to say!? Haha. I for sure know they’d say I’m a gangster. My friend Tiffany is with me right now — she says “gangster describes it all. No mess, fun adventurous, a loyal badass that doesn’t mess around”. I mean, I am completely cool with that answer. Thanks, Tiff!

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