The 10 Most Memorable Episodes Of Sex And The City

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There were so many good episodes of “Sex and the City,” which makes writing this list particularly hard. The first four seasons were absolutely amazing. The writing and the acting were superb and the fashion was just fantastic. There was a bit of lull in season five, but season six definitely tried to give us what we really came to love in the first four seasons. Since we’re really missing “Sex and the City” right about now, we figured that we’d take the opportunity to go through some of the show’s most memorable episodes. Here are our top 10 choices!

10. “Hot Child in the City” S3, E15

“Hot Child in the City” is one of the funniest episodes in the series. Samantha becomes super jealous of a tween; Miranda gets braces; and Carrie starts dating a guy who still lives at home. One of the final scenes when Carrie’s romantic interest blames her for bringing pot into his parent’s house is absolutely priceless. She admits fault and then walks out with his bag of pot.


9. “One” S6, E12

“One” is Miranda’s episode. After pining for Steve for several episodes, she finally tells him how she feels at their son’s first birthday party. Even though he has a girlfriend, he tells Miranda that he’s always wanted her and that she’s the one. It is clear that after that conversation that they are going to end things with their respective partners and finally be together.

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8. “The Drought” S1, E11

“The Drought” proves just how relatable Carrie can be. She becomes quite neurotic when her sexual relationship with Mr. Big becomes non-existent after she passes gas in front of him. She is so worried about being perfect and not making any mistakes that it drives her to behave even more neurotically. When Mr. Big shows up at her apartment and tells her that he likes everything just the way it is, we can’t help but like him.


7. “La Douleur Exquise” S2, E12

Carrie and Mr. Big’s relationship falls apart for the second time in “La Doleur Exquise.” As Mr. Big prepares to move to Paris, Carrie realizes that he has no intention of making their relationship work. The most heartbreaking scene in the episode is when they share one last night together and then part ways.


6. “Easy Come, Easy Go” S3, E9

In “Easy Come, Easy Go,” Carrie faces a serious struggle – does she listen to her head or heart? Her heart keeps leading her back to Mr. Big, even though she’s with Aidan. The episode ends with her in bed with Mr. Big, showing that she chose to listen to her heart instead of her head.


5. “Ex and the City” S2, E18

In “Ex and the City,” Carrie tries to be friends with Mr. Big, only to find out that he’s going to marry a 20-something women named Natasha. Carrie does a lot of soul searching in this episode and comes to the realization that Mr. Big never understood her and that they probably aren’t meant to be.

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4. “Running with Scissors” S3, E11

Carrie’s affair with Mr. Big finally reaches a crossroad in “Running with Scissors.” After a lunchtime rendezvous with Mr. Big, Natasha catches Carrie in her apartment. She chases Carrie through the stairwell, only to fall and break one of her teeth. Carrie finally ends the affair when Mr. Big arrives at the ER, but she still can’t bring herself to tell Aiden what she’s done.


3. “I Heart New York” S4, E18

So much happens in “I Heart New York.” Carrie finds out that Mr. Big is moving to the Napa Valley; Samantha catches Richard cheating on her; and Miranda has a baby boy, Brady. The most memorable scene in the episode is when Carrie goes to see Mr. Big off, only to find that he’s already gone and all that’s left is his favorite record (Henry Mancini’s “Moon River”) and a plane ticket for if she ever gets lonely.


2. “Just Say Yes” S4, E12

So many big things happen in “Just Say Yes.” Samantha begins her relationship with the womanizer Richard Wright; Trey tells Charlotte that he doesn’t want to have children anymore; Miranda tells Steve that she’s pregnant; and Aidan proposes to Carrie and she accepts, which excited Team Aidan fans everywhere.

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1. “Change of a Dress” S4, E15

Despite her best efforts, Carrie can’t bring herself to marry Aidan. The ending to the episode is quite poignant. As they sleep in separate apartments, Carrie goes to lay with Aidan, only to let the viewer know that the next morning he moves out.

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