7 Shows To Watch If You Love Sex And The City

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Sex and the City is one of the 2000’s most iconic shows and over a decade later fans still buzz about the drama, style and relatable characters. Whether it’s Carrie’s bold fashion sense or Charlotte’s chipper personality or Samantha’s risque ways that kept you watching, the charm of the show definitely left it’s mark on pop culture. Luckily, a select few current television series have followed in the successful girl-empowering path of Sex and the City and re-invented the same themes of the show with an innovative and fresh take. If you loved Sex and the City, you’re sure to love the following seven shows that remind us of the classic television drama from the 2000s:

7. The Mindy Project

The lead character Mindy in The Mindy Project lives a similar life to the ladies of Sex and the City — she’s a young, talented woman navigating the New York dating scene and balancing a career. She tries to find herself along the way, always in the most hilarious way possible, and 5 seasons later we watched her grow from a newbie New Yorker to a confident mother. To add even more to the appeal, Mindy has an enviable wardrobe that would even make Carrie Bradshaw turn her head.

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6. Being Mary Jane

The Netflix show Being Mary Jane focuses on a young, strong woman uplifting her life to move to the big city and pursue her dreams of becoming a reporter. The leading lady is played by Gabrielle Union who absolutely kills her role. She is successful in her career, has a closet full of designer clothes, a luxury home and car and the determination to make her life even more amazing. In the midst of all the career success, Mary Jane finds herself struggling to start a family and to solidify a partner. She undergoes many of the “single girl in a big city” trials and tribulations that Carrie and the gang go through which makes for seriously relatable entertainment.

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5. Girls

Girls is a direct millennial interpretation of Sex and the City! Rather than the magical streets of Manhattan, Girls takes place in Brooklyn and shows a grittier version of New York that’s different than the glamorous life of Carrie Bradshaw. The plot, like Sex and the City, surrounds four single women living in New York and is equal parts racy and comical. The women of Girls, however, are a little younger than the Sex and the City crew and are living in the big city after graduating college and struggling to get their lives on track.

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4. Girlboss

The Netflix original series Girlboss follows the true rags-to-riches story of Sophia Amoruso as she launched her eBay shop Nasty Gal and started a fashion phenomenon. The show is filled with nostalgia from the 2000’s era which is quite reminiscent of Sex and the City with characters watching The O.C., texting on flip phones and rocking bell-bottom jeans. The story is inspiring and shows young Sophia struggling through the initial entrepreneurial stages of her fashion business. A must-watch for anyone interested in fashion or hoping to become an entrepreneur!

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3. The Carrie Diaries

What better way to fuel your Sex and the City addiction than to go back in time and watch Carrie’s first few years of living in New York? The Carrie Diaries was a two season prequel to Sex and the City that featured young Carrie navigating her career, love life and aspirations to become a writer. If you loved Carrie’s style on Sex and the City, you’ll surely love the youthful and vibrant approach the costume designers took for Carrie in the ’80s! Her style is filled with neons, eccentric patterns and flashy accessories that definitely inspires viewers to add retro vibes into their own wardrobes.

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2. Younger

Younger is definitely a dead ringer for Sex and the City, especially since both shows were produced by Darren Starr! The story revolves around a 40-something woman named Liza who pretends to be 26 in order to land herself a job in New York publishing after being out of work for years to raise her child. The show is lighthearted and comical but also features dramatic twists and turns while Liza’s inner circle slowly starts learning her secret. Aside from the interesting plot line, the show also features outstanding fashion and stars Hilary Duff as one of the leads which immediately makes this show a must-watch!

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1. The Bold Type

The Bold Type is another TV drama that has been coined the next Sex and the City and for good reason! The show stars three coworkers and best friends who work at Scarlet magazine, the television version of Cosmopolitan. These 20-somethings struggle navigating their publishing careers, keeping up their friendships and dating, but at the core of the show deals with compelling and real issues that many lighthearted comedies stayed away from. Not to mention the female leads are stunning, fashion-forward and living in New York which makes this even more of a must-watch!

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