7 Things You Didn’t Know About The Carrie Diaries

Source: The AV Club

The Carrie Diaries ran on The CW for two seasons from 2013 to 2014, and although it focused on a young Carrie Bradshaw during her high school years as she was beginning her love affair with New York City, it didn’t end up becoming the hit that Sex and the City once was. We’re still a little disappointed that the show was cancelled so soon, which is why we have 7 things that most people don’t know about The Carrie Diaries:

7. Alycia Debnam-Carey as Carrie

Alycia Debnam-Carey – star of Fear the Walking Dead – auditioned for the role of Carrie. She actually made it to the short list. She became one of the top contenders for the position, but lost out to AnnaSophia Robb. She has no regrets about not getting the role. “I like that I didn’t do it, because when I was younger I could get that white-knuckle grip of holding onto an idea and not wanting to let it go, but the moment I started to let go and seeing that there are no rules, there’s more flexibility and openness and knowing that if you follow something it creates its own path,” she told Vogue Australia.

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6. Carrie’s Wig

AnnaSophia Robb has naturally straight hair, so to get Carrie’s iconic curls a special wig was designed to prevent any damage that could have been done with the constant curling. During season one, Robb wore the wig, but during season two, the wig was ditched and it was Robb’s natural hair.

Source: The AV Club

5. AnnaSophia Robb Didn’t Want The Role

AnnaSophia Robb initially turned down the leading role in The Carrie Diaries because she had been accepted to study at Stanford University and she didn’t want to become a television actress. “When I was younger, I didn’t want to be on TV,” Robb told Teen Vogue. “I wanted to play different kinds of roles and have the freedom to choose my projects. So when my agent called about ‘The Carrie Diaries,’ I said no way. TV was too much of a commitment.” The script ended up winning her over. “I realized it was actually a really strong story,” she said. “It had a lot of heart and integrity, and Carrie seems like a character that I can grow with.”

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4. Walt as Sebastian?

Brendan Dooling originally auditioned for the role Sebastian, but was called back to read for Walt, Carrie’s gay best friend. “I originally read for the role of Sebastian, Carrie’s love interest. But when I didn’t quite capture his essence, they noticed that I had a little bit more of the sensitive, introspective vibe, and they asked me to read Walt for the callback,” he told Backstage.

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3. Getting the Role of Samantha

When she auditioned to play Samantha, Lindsey Gort was turned down twice. “I thought it went well, but my agent told me they were holding out for a bigger-name actress,” she told People. “The next time they called me in, I didn’t get it again.” After she auditioned a third time for the part, she finally landed the coveted role. “When my agent called to tell me I got the part I almost fell. I celebrated with my boyfriend,” she said.

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2. When Carrie Met Miranda

When The Carrie Diaries were cancelled at the end of season two, the show’s showrunner Amy B. Harris revealed that had the show been renewed for a third season, Carrie would have met Miranda Hobbes. “Miranda was Mouse’s roommate at Harvard,” Harris revealed.

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1. Carrie’s Style

To get young Carrie’s style, costume designer Eric Daman – who also headed up Gossip Girl’s style and assisted Patricia Field on Sex and the City – turned to his high school yearbook and ‘80s magazines for inspiration. “[SATC] Carrie represents an individualistic and confident style, which was really important to bring to the young Carrie,” he said “I know that she resonates with so many fans, but young women are going to be looking to her for the first time.”

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