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Anthony Marantino is one of Charlotte York’s best friends on the popular HBO series, Sex and the City. Played by Mario Cantone, Anthony provided some serious comic relief on the show, especially while in a scene with Charlotte. This fiery, hot-headed, outspoken Italian was the perfect best friend to compliment the character of Charlotte, who was polite, quiet and always lady-like. Anthony was always there to provide dating, fashion or wedding advice ever since she first hired him to help pick out the perfect dress when she married Trey. He quickly became a favorite among fans with his snippy one liners and blunt attitude — he’s one character we definitely wish we got to see more often on the show! He’s a look at some of his 8 best quotes while on Sex and the City:

8. He’s Insightful

Charlotte: “Imagine being blind, not being able to see a beautiful day like today. Can you think of anything worse?”
Anthony Marantino: “Stone washed jeans with a matching jacket.” (Season 6, episode 13)


7. Doesn’t Shy Away from Hitting on Men

“Chanel-lo. I’m going to shoplift just so he can feel me up.” (Season 6, episode 19)


6. He Loves to Engage in Gossip

“I’ll give you $100 if you say something b-tchy about someone we know.” (Season 6, episode 13)


5. Love Life

“I’ve never what? Lost the love of my life? Wrong! Paulo. Brazilian. Broke my heart. I’ve never gotten over him. An a– like two scoops of butter pecan ice cream.” (Season 6, episode 5)


4. He’s Confident

“I’m a nice little package. I got good arms and a high, tight a–. I could do better.” (Season 4, episode 2)

Source: HBO

3. He’s Honest

Anthony Marantino: “The invitations are fancier than the dress.”

Carrie: “I heard that.”

Anthony Marantino: “I meant you to!” (Sex and the City, movie)

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2. The Perfect Wedding Planner

“We want candles, candles, candles. And I don’t want short, stubby, broken up d-ck candles. I want long tapers.” (Season 6, episode 8)


1. He Tells it Like it is!

Stanford: “I missed my prom in high school because…”

Anthony Marantino: “You were gay…”
Stanford: “No. My girlfriend and I broke up the night before because…”
Anthony Marantino: “You were gay…”
Stanford: “No. I wasn’t gay until…”
Anthony Marantino: “You were born.”
Stanford: “Nevermind.” (Season 6, episode 10)

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