SATC: 10 Minor Characters Who Stole The Show

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Sex and the City was a hugely popular show throughout it six season run on the air during the ’90s and early 2000s. The show was such a hit it garnered two spin off feature films and a spin off show! Undoubtedly, the four leading ladies were the stars of the show: Carrie Bradshaw, Samantha Jones, Miranda Hobbes and Charlotte York. The show ran for quite some time and had an unbelievable amount of celebrity cameos, guest appearances and recurring roles. These minor characters might have only played a small part or just a fleeting appearance, but with their one scene they left a lasting impression and made a big mark on the show! We love watching re-runs of the show just to catch a glimpse of these amazing characters in action again. Here’s a list of 10 minor characters who appeared on Sex and the City and stole the show:

10. Victoria

Jennifer Coolidge harnessed her comedy roots to play the character of Victoria in Sex and the City‘s season 6 episode, “The Perfect Present.” Victoria didn’t steal the show solely because she was played by a celebrity, it was also because her character was so outrageously hilarious! Victoria was supposed to be a casual friend on the verge of a breakdown after going through a break up. In an attempt to cope with her sadness she started designing handbags. The problem was these bags were hideous, but no one had the heart to tell her. Victoria throws a Purse Party and invites all her friends in a sad attempt to make some money and launch a new career. In the end Samantha ends up being the trigger that set off her emotional break down when Victoria stumbles across Samantha hooking up with one of her servers who ends up being Smith. Victoria goes off in a funny fit of rage, begins knocking racks of purses over and breaking things. It was all extremely dramatic and left us wanting more!

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9. Maria

Samantha only ever had two serious relationships throughout the entirety of the show, and Maria was one of them. Played by Sonia Braga, Maria dated Samantha for three episodes during season 4. She was only a minor character, but she definitely made her mark on the show, not only as the woman who converted Samantha into a lesbian, but also for her behavior! Maria did her best to convert Samantha into a monogamous woman and a lesbian, but it didn’t work. Maria was a Portuguese artist who peaked Samantha’s interest for a little while, but ultimately being in a long-term relationship just wasn’t in Samantha’s character. Maria didn’t go quietly which is probably why she’s so memorable. Before she made her exit she smashed all of Samantha’s dishes in her kitchen during an argument about wanting fireworks in a relationship, so it’s safe to say fans won’t be forgetting her anytime soon!

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8. Lexi Featherston

This was one of the shows most famous guest stars at the time. Lexi Featherston was played by Kristen Johnston of 3rd Rock from the Sun. Featherston was an old friend of Carrie’s who shows up in season 6 at a party and is first baffled that Carrie doesn’t smoke anymore and that she’s partnered up in a serious relationship with an older man. Her appearance on the show was extremely brief, but we remember her character well because she ends up falling to her death in an extremely ironic way. The whole scene definitely has some dark humor to it as Featherston complained of having to stand next to a window in order to smoke: “Why did everybody stop smoking? When did everybody pair off? This used to be the most exciting city in the world, and now it’s nothing but smoking near a f-cking open window. New York is over. O-V-E-R. Over. No one’s fun anymore. What ever happened to fun? I’m so bored I could die.” At that moment she loses her balance and falls to her untimely death. An exit like this is definitely unforgettable!

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7. Skipper

Skipper was more annoying than anything else, but we must admit he was definitely memorable and he played his part well! He started out on the show as a love interest for Miranda and a friend of Carrie’s. His relationship with her faded fast once she realized all the attention she got from him was as result of him being extremely needy and whiny which is the total opposite of Miranda! We usually don’t agree with Miranda, but breaking up with Skipper was definitely the right way to go. Skipper’s character was funny in his own way, so we knew we hadn’t seen the last of him. Later on in the season Miranda runs into Skipper on the street and once she realizes he’s happy with someone else, she wants him back until she realizes once again why she broke up with him in the first place. How could we forget the desperation of Skipper when he takes Miranda’s phone call while he’s mid-act with another woman…Gross!


6. Bobby Fine

Bobby Fine, played by Nathan Lane, was a legendary pianist and old friend of Carrie’s who everyone assumed was gay until he announced his surprise engagement to socialite Bitsy von Muffling in season 5. Bobby made appearances throughout the season and his character was so well crafted. He was incessantly cheery and charming, especially with the ladies, but it seemed like there was more to the story of Bobby and Bitsy that could have been explored — fans were definitely left wanting more! Bobby was such a friendly likeable character; he’s definitely someone fans wish they could have gotten to know a little better.

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5. Bunny MacDougal

Played by Frances Sternhagen, Bunny MacDougal was both infuriating and hilarious at the same time. Her character was a constant tyrant to Charlotte who seemed to disprove or disagree with everything from how to take care of Trey to the mattress she chose to sleep on (how could we forget Bunny is a “firm believer in firm mattresses”). Bunny was the stereotypical mother-in-law who constantly overstepped boundaries — like when she sat beside the tub while Trey took a bath, walked into their apartment unannounced only to catch Trey and Charlotte in the middle of…or when she spent the night when Trey was sick and insisted on being the one to rub medication on his chest. We did like her tendency to get drunk in the middle of the afternoon and light the wrong end of her cigarette and her strange obsession with plaid and wooden mallards. She was the perfect character to compliment/conflict with Charlotte.


4. Stanford Blatch

Stanford Blatch was Carrie’s best friend, aside from the ladies of course, but Stanford and Carrie’s friendship goes back the furthest to the days when Carrie rode the subway and wore Candies (in Stanford’s own words). Stanford was more of a recurring character than a minor one, but we just had to include him on this list because we wish we saw even more of him! Portrayed by Willie Garson, Stanford was a classy, gay man who was incredibly shy and uncomfortable when it came to anything to do with himself, but yet confident about things like his taste in fashion and men. He is a fiercely loyal friend to Carrie and meshes well with her other female confidantes. Carrie values his opinion because Stanford seems to understand the women better than they understand themselves sometimes!

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3. Bitsy von Muffling

Bitsy von Muffling appearances on the show were minimal, but who could forget that high squeaky voice and ultra positive attitude. Played by Julie Halston, Bitsy was Charlotte’s biggest frenemy because she was a living, walking, breathing reminder of the happy-ever-after Charlotte couldn’t have (at the time). Bitsy first shocked the ladies when she announced her marriage to the flamboyant cabaret singer Bobby Fine (a friend of Carrie’s), who was assumed to be gay and then again later on in the show when she was seen on the street pregnant! One of the best episodes was when Bobby and Bitsy announced their surprise wedding at the end of season 5 at a time when none of the other ladies could keep their own relationships intact. Yet, Bitsy and Bobby were the most dysfunctional couple ever, prancing around head-over-heels in love. The women just couldn’t wrap their heads around this one. Even the most loyal fans might have missed this — but Bitsy makes a blink-of-the-eye appearance in the first SATC film as she sits with the other guests at Big and Carrie’s wedding.

2. Magda

Played by Lynn Cohen, Magda is the perfect example of a minor character who ended up having a much bigger impact than what was originally intended — she even appeared in the spin of feature films! Magda began as a Ukrainian housekeeper who Miranda hired to help with her apartment, but she ended up being much more than that as the show went on. Magda was like family to Miranda and Steve, especially once they had Brady and she became a nanny. As that happened, fans fell in love with the loyal and doting house keeper who was also somewhat of a mother to Miranda. The first episode with Magda was one of the best episodes on the show as tried to make subtle changes to Miranda’s apartment, like hiding a statue of the Virgin Mary in her beside table! That tirade didn’t last and as time went on she took on more of a background role, but nonetheless she was never far from the picture.

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1. Anthony Marentino

Anthony Marentino came onto the show just as a friend of Charlotte’s, but his character was so memorable he definitely stood out on his own! Anthony was bossy and most definitely mean, but his quick delivery with witty one liners and a straight to the point attitude was hilarious and his caring relationship with Charlotte softened him, so he wasn’t unlikable to viewers. He dominated each and every scene he was in by talking fast and making jokes. Anthony’s character was such a big hit he started making more appearances later on in the series and even in the movies!

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