SATC: Carrie Bradshaw’s 10 Most Annoying Moments

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Sex and the City was one of the best shows on television during the late ’90s and early 2000s and it continues to gain popularity even though it’s been off the air for nearly 12 years! SATC told the story of four professional women in their mid-thirties living in New York City who all confide in each other about their personal lives and ever-changing relationships with men. The HBO show helped launch the careers of Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall and Cynthia Nixon who all starred as the main characters, Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. As the narrator of the show, Carrie was no doubt the star and glue that held it all together. She was a fan favorite, but now when we look back it’s pretty clear she was someone we probably wouldn’t like in real life. She was incredibly self-centered, judgmental and spent her entire life talking about men! To back up our claims, we’ve complied a list of Carrie Bradshaw’s 10 most annoying moments!

10. She Complains Aiden is ‘Too’ Perfect

It wasn’t until season 3 when Carrie finally met the perfect boyfriend, Aiden. She definitely had to kiss a lot of frogs to find him and it was clear from the get-go that he was much more innocent, selfless and kindhearted than she was. Once they’d been dating for a while Carrie begins to sabotage the relationship because she starts to get nervous that he’s “too perfect.” She is anticipating something in their relationship to go wrong, so out of fear she starts to push him away. To viewers it’s incredibly frustrating because she spent the past two seasons looking for someone to treat her well and when she finally gets it, she doesn’t want it! What’s even more weird is that Aiden is acting like Carrie did when she was with Big and Carrie is acting like Big. She is taking on all of Big’s traits that she just spent the past few seasons complaining about. Luckily she snaps out of it and eventually goes to have breakfast with Aiden and his parents.


9. The Country House

Carrie Bradshaw is no stranger to complaining — we’ve seen her do it in each and every episode. More often than not, it’s her way or the highway when it comes to relationships. In this particular episode, Aiden is really excited to show Carrie his country house that he’s been fixing up. It’s obvious that Carrie is a city gal who won’t even venture outside of Manhattan, but sometimes we have to make compromises in our relationships even if it means stepping outside of our comfort zone. It’s bad enough that she complains about it to her friends like she’s going away for capital punishment, but she also doesn’t shy away from letting Aiden know that it’s the last place she wants to be. She acts like a total diva by wearing high heels to the cabin, then screaming bloody murder every time she sees a squirrel, and then gets mad at Aiden when she drops a hot pan on her legs after freaking out over seeing a squirrel (for the 100th time). For being a self-proclaimed relationship expert, Carrie Bradshaw knows nothing about relationship ethics!

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8. She Brings Miranda Bagels

In this episode, Carrie is obsessing over the fact that Aiden is treating her differently and that he’s still not over the whole cheating thing…which isn’t all that surprising considering the guy she cheated on him with still calls her apartment! Miranda calls Carrie to come help her because she’s thrown her neck out and can’t get up. Carrie sends Aiden in her place (without warning Miranda) which is all fine and well, but Miranda had to go through the awfully embarrassing situation of her best friend’s boyfriend seeing her naked on the bathroom floor. Then Carrie comes over the next day to supposedly apologize for sending her boyfriend in her place. She brings “I’m sorry bagels,” but Miranda quickly notices that it’s all a decoy when Carrie dives right into talking about her own minuscule problems instead of asking Miranda how she’s doing or feeling. To top it all off, she didn’t even bring cream cheese for the bagels! As Miranda would say, those were clearly bullsh-t bagels and it’s just another way Carrie proves she’s completely self involved.


7. She Forces Herself Onto Natasha

Carrie is out for lunch with the girls when Natasha walks in with a friend. Natasha and her friend give Carrie a “dirty look” then turn around and head out. It didn’t take Carrie long to mourn the fact that she broke up a marriage, but spends an awful lot of time acting horrified that “someone in New York could hate me that much.” She then proceeds to harass Natasha so that she can feel better about herself and apologize over the whole sleeping-with-her-husband-thing, but she never takes into account that Natasha clearly isn’t ready to come face to face with her ex-husband’s mistress. We don’t exactly blame her for giving Carrie the cold shoulder. At the end of the episode, Carrie ambushes Natasha at a restaurant so that she can get her feelings and apologies off her chest. She naively thinks that a mere apology will mend the fact that Natasha thinks badly of her. In the end, Natasha doesn’t forgive her and that doesn’t seem to bother Carrie much because she finally got to say what she needed to say then struts off down the street with her head held high, happy that Big is once again alone.


6. Money Issues

In season 4 after Carrie and Aiden break up for the second time, she’s left with the option of buying her apartment, which she isn’t too happy about. She almost makes it seem like she thought she could break up with him and he’d still pay her mortgage. The part of the situation that is most annoying is when she complains about her situation to her girlfriends and they all offer her money, except for Charlotte. She is annoyed that Charlotte doesn’t make the offer and even shows up at her apartment to scold her for it! She also goes to Big’s office pretending to look for advice that she can implement in 30 days and become rich when in reality she’s going there knowing he will offer her the money. The whole episode makes Carrie look extremely bad, not only because she’s a grown woman who can’t take care of her own finances, but also because she pushes the problem onto other people by asking them to solve it for her. In the end Charlotte offers her the money, but it’s unclear if Carrie ever pays her back.


5. Invites Big to Aiden’s Cabin

Fans of the show were ecstatic when Aiden took Carrie back in season 4 and gave their relationship another try. It seemed this time around things were a lot better and it was clear their relationship had definitely grown from what it was the first time around. Aiden had to be the bigger person and not only forgive Carrie for cheating on him, but allow her to maintain a friendship with the man that she cheated on him with! She took advantage of Aiden’s forgiveness by refusing to end her friendship with Big and would even go to dinner with him while her boyfriend was out of town. Then she allowed Big to drive to Aiden’s cabin and stay over night! Granted she didn’t anticipate him getting drunk and not being able to drive home, but she shouldn’t have allowed him to come over in the first place and she definitely shouldn’t have invited him in. Carrie was too wrapped up in her needs and Big’s needs that she didn’t take into consideration how it would make Aiden feel when she put him in the position of having to host the man she cheated on him with. It all turned out okay in the end, but she seriously needs to learn some boundaries!

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4. Laptop Crashes

In season 4 Carrie’s laptop crashes after Aiden leans over her shoulder to kiss her. Aiden tries to help her by using the PC cure of “CTRL ALT Delete,” but that then causes her already dead laptop to completely shut down. She spares no time getting angry with Aiden for supposedly causing her laptop to crash and lashes out against every person that asks her whether she backs up her work. When they try to take it in to get fixed, she once again blames Aiden and when he tries to relax her by massaging her shoulders she’s gets extremely short with him and tells him to back off. It’s understandable that when things get stressful people become a little snippy, but Carrie acts childishly. As a writer who works off of her laptop day in and day out, you’d think she would have heard about backing up or at least have been mature enough to accept responsibility over the situation, but she doesn’t and she continues to blame Aiden. When he goes out and purchases an expensive new laptop for her she gets mad at him for expecting her to give up on her old laptop and doesn’t even thank him for the nice gesture.

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3. She Judges Samantha

Throughout the entire six seasons of Sex and the City, Carrie openly judges Samantha for her promiscuous behavior by throwing out jabs here and there and on more than one occasion told her that she needed to “learn how to form an opinion.” She seemed to secretly have something against Samantha and was only nice to her when she needed something from her. The worst was in season 5 when Carrie judged Samantha after walking in on her with the UPS guy. Carrie acts all appalled even though she’s well aware that Samantha sleeps around. Samantha has always been open with her friends about this and she’s clearly not ashamed of it. Meanwhile, in the midst of all this judgement, Carrie seems to have forgotten that, while she doesn’t sleep around as much as Samantha, she’s no saint when it comes to one night stands, sleeping with married men and having a long list of failed relationships. When Carrie had an affair with Big, Samantha was the only friend she could turn to. When she did, Carrie asked Samantha if she wanted to judge her and Sam replied, “That’s not my style.” We later find out that judgement is totally a style Carrie isn’t afraid of trying on!

2. The Affair with Big

The episode when Carrie sleeps with a married Big for the first time goes down in history as one of the most cringe worthy moments of television. Not only is she breaking up a marriage, but she’s cheating on a man that she’s perfectly happy with. Big’s excuse for coming onto her wasn’t even that convincing considering he was drunk every time he mildly flirted with her leading up to their “big crash.” Fans of SATC were split into two groups, pro-Aiden and pro-Big, but even those of us who were rooting for Big didn’t like the way she treated Aiden. The poor guy was nothing but nice to her and when she cheated on him the first time he was taking time out of his day to fix up her apartment for her! Talk about ruthless! The affair carries on for weeks and for a while it seems like she might never tell him about it. She spends a lot of time “having her cake and eating it too” — something she used to scold Big for doing.

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1. Relationship with Aleksandr Petrovsky

Carrie’s relationship with Aleksandr Petrovsky was all wrong from the very beginning. When they began dating it was clear they didn’t have very much in common and that it wouldn’t last long term. He didn’t get her sense of humor which is a big part of who she is and they simply came from two different worlds, both culturally and socially. Once she saw all of her friends moving on with their lives in functioning relationships, she all of the sudden started trying to make her relationship with “the Russian” more than it was. She began blowing off her friends to hang out with him, even though throughout the entire six seasons the whole show was about the relationship between these four girls. To top it all off she uproots her life and moves to Paris with the naive idea that she’ll just wander the streets and visit museums while Petrovsky works on his art and live happily ever after. Needless to say, that relationship didn’t work out.

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