Real Housewives Of Miami: Where Are They Now?


No one is really quite sure what happened to The Real Housewives of Miami — the ladies seemed to just disappear! This Real Housewives show is apart of a much larger franchise with multiple shows for different cities, and Miami was quite successful with a consecutive three season run, but it hasn’t returned to air since the end of 2013. The show hasn’t officially been cancelled by Bravo, so there is talk of it coming back, but it’s been over two years since we last saw these ladies on-screen and they have now been lumped into the group of forgotten housewives. Here’s a look back at the stars from The Real Housewives of Miami and what the women have been doing since the show ended.

10. Ana Quincoces

When the show first hit the air, Ana Quincoces was the ‘It’ girl, but she only lasted as a full-time cast member for one season. She made some guest appearances as a close friend of  Marysol — as she frequently came on to defend her good friends honor against Lea Black. However, Ana has taken to trashing the show and referred to season 3 as “unfortunate” and that she was happy to be dropped from the series. Her friendship with Marysol has become estranged and she accused Lisa of making inappropriate comments about Cubans. She’s been continuing her career as a lawyer and chef. She’s currently writing a new cookbook, released a “Million Dollar Marinade” cooking sauce and dip, and put her Miami house up on the market. In 2013, she got engaged to fellow lawyer Marc Jimenez.

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9. Larsa Pippen

Larsa Pippen is another housewife that didn’t last very long on the show. Apparently she got the boot after the first season for not bringing enough drama. After finishing up filming in 2011, she moved back to her hometown in Chicago seeking a more “grounded” life, where she now lives with her NBA star husband Scottie Pippen and their four children. Larsa was supposed to star in her own reality show, Big Pippen for WEtv, but never made it to air. Currently, she maintains a personal website with a lifestyle blog, writing about all things to do with cooking, fashion, and workout routines. What makes Larsa so interesting? She’s good friends with the queen of reality television, Kim Kardashian, and even makes regular appearances on Keeping Up With The Kardashians.


8. Cristy Rice

Cristy Rice didn’t seem to have much of a presence on the show or fit in with her fellow cast mates, which is probably why she only lasted one season. When she began filming the first season for The Real Housewives of Miami the show was called Miami Social Club which explains the cooking parties. During her time on the show she had recently divorced her ex-husband Glen Rice, a professional NBA player and was running BriBri boutique, a retail store for children’s clothing. Since being on the show, she still owns her boutique and has launched a Cuban Rice bikini line. She was also romantically linked to Jamie Foxx at one point, but that seems to have fizzled.


7. Alexia Echevarria

Alexia Echevarria made a name for herself on the show as the “Cuban barbie” and was apart of the main cast in season 1, took a hiatus for season 2 with some guest appearances and then returned in season 3. During her time on the show viewers learned a lot about her family struggles, particularly with her sons, Frankie and Peter. Peter was in and out of legal trouble and Frankie was in critical condition after a bad car accident. Since she last filmed for the show, it appears her life is back to normal. We catch glimpses of a thriving Frankie on Alexia’s social media and Peter seems to have stayed out of trouble. Back in 2014, she almost lost her house to the IRS after owing a massive amount in tax debt, but she managed to pay it off. Today, Alexia and her husband Herman are still living in Miami and running Venue Magazine together.


6. Joanna Krupa

This feisty (and somewhat bratty) model was the source of a lot of controversy during her two seasons on the show. She joined the cast in the second season after doing a stint on Dancing with the Stars. At the end of the final season, Joanna ended up marrying her fiance, Romain Zago, the untrustworthy club owner who didn’t get along with Joanna’s sister, who also appeared briefly on the show. There were rumors after the show finished filming that Joanna wanted to join the cast of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she has since denied that claim. In fact, Joanna has been open that she no longer desires to be on the show. She has a new television role hosting Poland’s Next Top Model and continues her career as a model.

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5. Lisa Hochstein

Lisa Hochstein was the envy of many viewers because of her seemingly perfect life and body. However, we learned about some of her fertility struggles during her two seasons on the show. We are happy to report that Lisa and her hubby of eight years found a surrogate and welcomed a baby boy into their family last year. In March of 2014, the couple got the go-ahead to tear down their iconic Miami mansion and rebuild a new mansion…rough life! Lisa hasn’t returned to television since leaving the Real Housewives, but her husband Lenny was seen on Kim Zolciak’s spin off series Don’t Be Tardy to give her a makeover, and in May 2014, Lisa changed her Canadian citizenship and officially became an American citizen.


4. Marysol Patton

Marysol Patton was on The Real Housewives of Miami for two seasons and during this time it was her mother, Elsa who stole the show. Apparently, her mother was the only reason that Marysol was invited back after season 2 finished! Elsa suffered a near-death accident back in 2013, but has since recovered. Today, Marysol still runs her own PR firm and is the face of Friends Fun Wine, an alcoholic beverage company. After divorcing her husband in 2012, she returned to television for Millionaire Matchmaker in hopes of finding a new man. However, she’s currently single and living in Miami and remains close friends with her former co-stars on the show.


3. Lea Black

Lea Black tended to play the mother role throughout her three seasons of Real Housewives of Miami; however, at times it caused her to butt heads with the other women. Lea seemed to know everything about everyone and was always right. She gained the nickname “Mayor of Miami” and she lived up to it. She continues to be active with her charity work and her husband, Roy serves as one of Justin Bieber’s lawyers! She wrote a book called Red Carpets and White Lies, and runs various businesses, such as a beauty line, jewelry collection, and other accessories like hand bags and house decor. She has been vocal about the fact that she would be more than happy to return as a housewife on the Bravo series.


2. Karent Sierra

Karent was a memorable member of the Real Housewives of Miami as she spent the entire season figuring out whether her actor boyfriend was cheating on her. She only appeared for one season (the second season), but she’s kept up her on-screen presence with a stint on The Doctors to discuss dental health and made a few guest appearances back on Real Housewives of Miami. She remains close with some of her co-stars on the show, especially Joanna Krupa who’s wedding she attended back in 2013. According to her Twitter page she’s balancing a career between dentistry and being a “real actress,” but we have yet to see that career take off. It was also reported that Karent’s Miami home was foreclosed and sold by the bank after she fell behind on her mortgage payments. However, her social media account shows that she’s still doing well and continuing to live a lavish life!

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1. Adriana de Moura

This multilingual diva was the biggest hot head on the show during its tenure and was present for all three seasons. Since the show has ended, Adriana has been adamant that the show will return. The art dealer ended off season three marrying her long-time boyfriend Frederic Marq, but not without starting a dispute with her friend Lea Black and causing their friendship to become estranged. Adriana and Frederic are still married; she is close with many of her former real housewives co-stars; and it seems that Frederic finally finished his yacht.

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