The Real Housewives: 9 Celebrities Who Should Have Been Cast

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The long list of past and present ladies of The Real Housewives have entertained, enthralled, and horrified viewers since 2006. It has also featured a rotating cast of drama-fuelling co-stars, yet there are a number of names who should have been considered and definitely should have been cast in the popular series. Here are 9 celebrities who should have been cast as one of the Real Housewives.

9. Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe had her own reality show for a time with the Rachel Zoe Project and the celebrity fashion stylist naturally took to the cameras following her every move. Her show ran for five seasons and ended in 2013, leaving an open slot in Rachel’s show-starring schedule. Saucy, sassy, and super-stylish, Rachel Zoe should have been a first pick for the Housewives cast.

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8. Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss

Shoshanna Lonstein Gruss may be best known now for her fashion designs as the founder and creative director of the label Shoshanna, but back when she was 17 and still in high school, she came to the media’s attention when she started dating Jerry Seinfeld. The comedian who was already star of his own show was also more than 20 years older than Shoshanna at the age of 38. The relationship lasted for four years and ended while she was still in college. In 2003 she married Joshua Carl Gruss, a partner at a private investment firm and CEO of Round Hill Music, but divorced in 2014 after having three children together.  With a semi-scandalous past, Hollywood connections, and a recent divorce, it’s shocking that she’s not already a Real Housewives star.

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7. Kathy Hilton

Kathy Hilton is the mother of Paris and Nicki, half-sister of Real Housewives’ Kim and Kyle Richards, and wife of Richard Hilton who is the grandson of Hilton Hotel founder Conrad Hilton. Resident of Bel Air and an established member of the public-friendly, drama-deep, upper-crust of high-society, Kathy is the type of woman the Real Housewives was created around.

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6. Tori Spelling

Tori Spelling has earned her Hollywood status as one of the stars of Beverly Hills 90210, but also as the daughter of deceased television powerhouse Aaron Spelling and wife Candy Spelling. She’s unfortunately faced a rollercoaster of trials and tribulations while becoming the mother of four children with husband Dean McDermott. The couple first met while Tori was married to actor and playwright Charlie Shanian and Dean was married to Mary Jo Eustace, with whom he had just adopted a baby girl Lola. When Tori and Dean’s affair was discovered, they each divorced their spouses and married a mere month after Spelling’s marriage was officially over. These days, Tori and Dean are facing their own struggles after it was discovered that he had cheated on her just as he had with his former wife. Once a cheater, always a cheater? Sound likes prime Housewives’ material.

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5. Jenny McCarthy

Jenny McCarthy has kept herself in the spotlight in recent years as one of the ladies on The View. But she’s also had her name in the headlines due to her anti-vaccine campaigning. With strong opinions and wacky ways, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that she had at one point been mentioned in casting meetings.

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4. Jada Pinkett Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith is one of Hollywood’s most famous wives, having been married to Will Smith for over ten years. She is also the mother of rising stars Jaden Smith and Willow Smith and is an accomplished actress in her own right. Also known for her assured attitude and strong-willed beliefs, she wouldn’t back down for a moment when confronted with the bold personalities and disorienting drama the ladies get involved in.

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3. Gwyneth Paltrow > GOOP

The Real Housewives could use some chill vibes and handy advice from Hollywood veteran, daughter of actors, and writer of GOOP, Gwyneth Paltrow. She may be without a husband at the moment after her “conscious uncoupling” with ex and Coldplay singer Chris Martin, but that doesn’t mean she couldn’t stir up some serious celebrity shade for the show.

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2. Kim Cattrall

One of the original straight-talking ladies of city-living may have been fictional, but Samantha Jones from Sex and the City was the exact type of woman who could go toe to toe with any one of the Housewives. Kim Cattrall, who played the iconic character, with her saucy attitude and stylish ways, would be just as suited to star as a Real Housewife.

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1. Amber Rose

Amber Rose is more than just a little well-known for her wild ways, fashion ferocity, and her willingness to have her say whether it’s kind or not, expected or not and controversy-baiting or not. This is why she would be a perfect fit for the cast of one of the most drama-filled reality series on air. Feisty celebrity feuds, public spats, and a rocky-yet-somehow-enduring romance, Amber Rose should be on the top of the casting list.

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