Real Housewives: 15 Husbands Ranked From Worst To Best


Bravo’s reality series known as the Real Housewives has become increasingly popular over the past decade. With all of the recent success, the franchise now has several series and even spawned a few spin-off shows. The women cast on the show are career-driven, successful, opinionated, out-spoken and live a rather lavish or interesting lifestyle. When the show began, many of the women chosen to star on the show were married, but that’s definitely not the case now. Nearly half of the veteran housewives are either single or divorced. However, there’s still a big group of women who appear on the show alongside their husbands and viewers have been fortunate enough to get to know some of their significant others. Some men are more involved in filming than others, but their presence on the show exists nonetheless and has even added to the drama at times! It would be impossible to mention all of the husbands who have appeared on the show in the past, but here are some of the most recent and well known — take a look at our definitive ranking of the Real Housewives’ husbands!

15. Michael Wainstein

Michael Wainstein is one the most men to join the reality television franchise. He is the husband of Jules Wainstein, the newest cast member on season 8 of The Real Housewives of New York City. To be fair, we don’t know much about Wainstein as he’s only appeared on the show for a short period of time, but from what we do know — he’s earned the spot as the worst husband! Jules has begun opening up about her marriage and claims Michael is never home to help her with the children; he constantly comes home late, shows up late and doesn’t seem to be all that loving towards Jules at all. It’s been reported in the news that Jules and Michael are filing for a divorce because Michael cheated on her! It seems these two have fallen into the reality television trap that ends all marriages. He has been recently spotted out and about in New York with his mistress who has been named as Elyse Bensusan, a ‘good friend’ of Jules. That’s just downright mean of Michael.

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14. Josh Taekman

The second worst husband is from The Real Housewives of New York City, known as Josh Taekman. His wife Kristen Taekman joined the show back in season 6 and Josh was constantly seen being rude to his wife, bickering with her, leaving the house and not being present for family time. He would even crack jokes at her expense! Despite their bad rep together, she stuck with the show for two seasons and in season 7 their marriage seemed to have gotten much better. She claimed that the show saved their marriage because watching the footage made them both realize that their relationship needed a lot of work. But when season 7 wrapped up, things went south again. Josh Taekman was caught up a cheating scandal when his name showed up as a subscriber in the Ashley Madison hack last summer. When the media caught wind of this he denied it. However, eventually he came clean and admitted he joined the site as a “joke” and apologized to his family. Not many people bought his claims, especially when Kristen dropped out of the running for another season. She claimed she needed to spend more time focusing on her business ventures and family. The two are still together and working on their marriage, but Josh has now been labeled as a sleaze ball.


13. Joe Giudice

We all feel awful about what the Giudice family has suffered through, but that doesn’t change our minds about the fact that Joe Giudice hasn’t always been the best husband to Teresa in the past. It’s clear that he loves his girls and will stick by Teresa through thick and thin…even while she’s behind bars, but in the past we’ve also seen Joe instigate and fuel the drama between Teresa and her brother, Joe Gorga. Giudice even got into a physical altercation with him at one point on the show! He also makes comments about Teresa’s sister-in-law, Melissa Gorga. He’s been seen poking fun at her appearance which isn’t exactly the behavior of a gentleman. There’s also been speculation in the past that he’s been unfaithful to Teresa. It all came about when he took a mystery phone call while filming back in 2012. During the call he forgot he was mic’d and ended up calling Teresa some unfavorable names and was extremely secretive about the context of the call. There has also been the financial issues which many have speculated he hid from Teresa while using her name on some of the documents which incriminated her and made her responsible when it all went down in court. He’s currently serving his time in prison for their fraud charges.


12. Romain Zago

Romain Zago appeared alongside his now-wife Joanna Krupa on The Real Housewives of Miami in 2012 and 2013. When they joined they show, the couple had been engaged for two years and were still trying to figure out how to coordinate their busy work schedules enough to plan the ceremony. Their relationship hit a rough patch while filming the second season of RHOM. Romain, who is a prominent club owner in Miami was acting extremely distant with Joanna and she suspected he was cheating on her. The former Housewife did a little digging around and, of course, found online correspondence between Romain and some woman, a dancer who worked at one of his clubs. He even admitted on national television that he was planning on leaving her! Instead of dumping the bad boy, she confronted him and decided to fight for their relationship. Things seemed to have worked out for the two of them as they are now married and still together, but we’re not convinced he’s entirely deserving of this fiery Polish model.


11. David Foster

David Foster was quite famous on his own as a renowned Grammy winning producer before he started appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as Yolanda Hadid’s second husband. Their marriage seemed almost too good to be true. She would wait on him hand and foot and showed so much affection for one another. Above all they seemed to just respect one another. But things started going sour when Yolanda got sick and was diagnosed with Lyme disease. In the past two seasons of RHOBH, Yolanda’s health has become a topic of discussion and it’s clear how much it takes a toll on her day-to-day life. During the lows of her disease she was bed ridden and unable to carry on long conversations. As a result, she could no longer take care of David. The disease totally changed the dynamic of their relationship. When season 6 went to air, viewers were able to see the months leading up to their divorce and it was clear in the footage that David was becoming increasingly agitated by her lack of luster and the burden of her being ill. It’s also not that shocking that he’s been married four times! He means well, but he’s a little arrogant. The bad rep David got when he divorced Yolanda while she was sick earned him a spot as one of the worst husbands on Real Housewives.


10. David Beador

It’s not surprising David Beador lands closer to the worst end of this list than the best. He seems to be a great husband and family man as of late, but things didn’t start off so great for this married couple. David is the husband of Orange County housewife, Shannon Beador. She joined the Bravo family for season 9 and right from the get-go their relationship seemed to be rocky on camera. Shannon was always on edge, complaining about the distance in their relationship while David was simply checked out. In season 10 viewers found out that David was having an affair at the time which is why their whole dynamic was off that season. He began cheating on Shannon the day they started filming…talk about bad timing! The woman was someone who Shannon was acquainted with and later found out that she had tried to befriend her in order to get information on their marriage. Shannon ended up forgiving David even though he told her that he wanted to leave her, involved their children and even said he was in love with his mistress. The name of his mistress and the nitty-gritty details of the affair have been leaked as the couple have chosen to share their story on the show. They have fought hard for their marriage and are now doing better than ever, but it’s hard to forget that he was once sneaking around behind her back. We are happy that he’s chosen to stay with his family and work on his relationship with Shannon, but only time will tell if he’s truly changed!


9. Jim Edmonds

The former professional baseball player definitely catches a lot of flack for his behavior, or rather lack there of on The Real Housewives of Orange County. His third wife, Meghan King Edmonds joined the Real Housewives family in season 10. There was a lot of skepticism about her marriage, especially around the fact that Jim Edmonds never seemed to be home. He is a broadcaster for Fox Sports so he splits his time between the O.C. and St. Louis, Missouri. His busy work schedule means that Meghan spends a lot of time alone. Last season Jim seemed a little dismissive of Meghan at times, but that might be because he is uncomfortable around the cameras. He did show up at the reunion special to try and deflect these allegations. In season 11 we see Meghan going through the IVF process to become pregnant. Once again, Jim seems a little removed from the situation. He already has four children from his previous marriages, but this will be Meghan’s first child, so she is much more excited about their fertility journey than he is. He hasn’t been present at any of her appointments or shown much support. She has even expressed some sadness at his lack of enthusiasm. Despite all this, the couple recently announced they are expecting a little girl which hasn’t aired on the show and, according to Meghan, Jimmy is much more excited. While he isn’t the worst husband on this list, he also isn’t the best. At least he shows respect for his relationship to Meghan and is around when she needs him. These two are genuinely in love!

8. Ken Todd

Ken Todd is the loveable and loyal husband of veteran Housewife and queen of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump. He began appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in the first season alongside his wife, and of course, Giggy. The two have become one of the biggest power couples in the Real Housewives franchise. Ken is in almost every episode with Lisa and he even gets involved in some of the drama with the ladies! Most of the time he’s just one of the gals. He is never too shy to offer his input on the other women, especially if it’s a snarky comment and he loyally defends his wife whenever drama in the group arises…which is quite often. Ken is in the middle of this list because without a doubt he’s a great husband to Lisa, but he definitely gets a little too involved in the drama sometimes which is not a good look for a man. The comments he makes about the other women are sometimes uncalled for and rude and the two of them together can be a little conniving. Nonetheless, it’s clear that Ken is still head-over-heels for his wife after more than 30 years of marriage and in Beverly Hills that’s definitely something to celebrate!


7. Harry Hamlin

Here’s another husband from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills who is better known for his acting performances in shows like Mad Men and L.A. Law than he is for being a Real Housewives husband. Harry is the better half of fan favorite Lisa Rinna and, even though he doesn’t appear on the show very often, when he does he’s very loving and supportive of his wife. In fact, even she admits it takes a special kind of man to put up with her bullsh-t sometimes! These two TV personalities met while they were both acting, and have been extremely supportive of each other in all of their career endeavors. People often say not to mix personal and professional lives, but Lisa and Harry are so compatible with one another — it just seems to work. These two have not only starred in their own reality show together, they’ve also worked on the cult series Veronica Mars as a married couple and now as cast members on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin have been married for almost 20 years and now share two daughters together, Delilah and Amelia. We love to see Harry’s appearances on the show because these two make such a cute couple, especially when he graces Lisa with an incredible pair of huge diamond earrings on her birthday!


6. Chris Manzo

This Italian hubby has been a guest member of the cast on The Real Housewives of New Jersey since the very beginning. He’s the husband of current-Housewife, Jacqueline Laurita. The couple just recently returned to the series after a brief hiatus and falling out with veteran housewife, Teresa Giudice. We put Chris Manzo closer to the top of this list as one of the best husband because not only is he extremely supportive and doting on his wife, Jacqueline, he also listens to her ramble on and on about her rocky friendship with Teresa and puts up with all their nonsense arguing. It takes a strong man to deal with these fiery Italian women! We’ve seen Chris come to the defense of his wife numerous times and no matter what the situation is, he backs her up entirely. The way he talks about her in his interviews is so sweet we can’t help but gush over him! Not only that, but he’s a great father to their two boys, especially Nicholas who struggles with autism. He took in Jacqueline’s daughter from a previous marriage, Ashlee, and treated her as his own. He’s also supportive of his extended family and even invested in his nephews’ business endeavors. Chris Manzo is the real deal!


5. Mark Deuber

Mark Deuber is definitely unlike any of the other Real Housewives husbands on this list, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Deuber made his debut on the more recent and first season of The Real Housewives of Dallas. He is married to new Housewife, Cary Deuber who is also an assistant at his surgical practice. It was quite clear from the beginning of the season that Mark treats Cary like a princess. He worships the ground she walks on as he is constantly telling her how amazing she looks. They both refer to each other as their best friend which is incredibly cute! These two went through a lot when the show aired because fellow Housewife LeeAnne Locken tried to persuade viewers that Cary had an affair with Mark which ruined his first marriage, then she married him for his money. Not many people bought into her rumors, especially since Cary and Mark seemed to have such a great relationship. Our favorite thing abut Mark is that he’s an incredible cook and spoils Cary rotten with expensive clothes, shoes and accessories. He takes a lot of joy in dressing Cary in these amazing high-end clothes and taking her on lavish trips around the world. These two bond on an intellectual level as they both work extremely hard to build up his practice and are even saving to buy a summer home in Switzerland — must be nice!

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4. Terry Dubrow

As one of the most famous plastic surgeons in North America, Terry Dubrow lives a pretty hectic lifestyle, and Heather Dubrow never lets him forget it! Heather joined The Real Housewives of Orange County in season 7. Their relationship has always been strong on the show with the exception of a few small arguments here and there. Despite their harmless bickering about either onion rings, building a house or his work schedule, these two are one of the cutest couples on the Real Housewives. Terry is extremely playful in his sense of humor which seems to compliment Heather’s rigid perfectionist attitude so well. He is so well liked by fans on the show that he even got his own spin-off series called Botched! Heather and Terry have been titled as one of the power couples on Real Housewives as they use her Real Housewives fame with his medical background to pursue many business ventures like writing a book together, creating a skin care line and she even hosts an after show for Botched. There is nothing these two can’t do! Terry is no doubt one of the best Real Housewives husbands.


3. Eddie Judge

Eddie Judge isn’t the first husband veteran Housewife Tamra Judge had with her on The Real Housewives of Orange County, but he definitely is the best! When she first joined back in season 3 she was married to the arrogant and bossy, Simon Barney. Thankfully she ditched him and started dating the much younger and hotter Eddie Judge in season 6. Eddie and Tamra got married a few seasons later and are now extremely happy together. They’ve opened a business together called CUT Fitness and seem to push each other to be the best versions of themselves as they both live incredibly healthy and active lifestyles together. Eddie is extremely patient with Tamra who can sometimes be a little wild. Unlike some of the other Real Housewives husbands, he doesn’t get involved in the drama, but rather offers her advice and support. It’s clear from watching these two over the past five seasons that they’ve got a really great relationship and love to have fun with one another. They share a great sense of humor while keeping each other grounded in the midst of success. Eddie is also pretty easy on the eyes!


2. Joe Gorga

This self proclaimed Italian stallion has been on The Real Housewives of New Jersey since season 3 as not only the husband of Melissa Gorga, but the brother of veteran Housewife, Teresa Giudice! When Joe and Melissa joined the show it wasn’t pretty. Although they might have made some close friendships along the way, it put a lot of stress and strain on their family dynamic. Now that it’s all be resolved, we are able to focus on Joe and Melissa as a happily married couple and not as the bickering in-laws. What’s so great about these two is that Joe is so adoring of Melissa and, similar to Mark Deuber, treats her like a princess! He worships her and is constantly talking about how beautiful she is, but not always in the most romantic terms. He’s definitely a little old school with their marriage which is something that is being played out in the current season, but behind it all he’s supportive of her and would do anything for her. Joe is hilarious on the show. He’s a great father to their three children and despite their incessant bickering over the years, he’s incredibly loving towards his sister as well.


1. Mauricio Umansky

This Beverly Hills husband has been voted as the hottest husband in the Real Housewives franchise time after time. Mauricio Umansky is married to veteran Housewife and child star, Kyle Richards. The two have been married for 20 years and have three daughters together, as well as one daughter from Kyle’s previous marriage. These two have endured their share of ups and downs on the reality series and have fallen victim to tabloid rumors and gossip, but they’ve prevailed through it all. As on of the richest couples on the RHOBH, Mauricio has done well to support his family and he’s an extremely doting husband to his wife. He isn’t shy about showing up on camera and it’s clear these two don’t take each other too seriously and are able to laugh about the little things and push off the negative comments. What’s most impressive is that they’ve not only survived the damning statistics of marriage in Beverly Hills, but they’ve also survived the reality TV marriage curse! Mauricio constantly present and spends a lot of time with the family. Each season even begins with one of their annual family trips! Just a quick glance through Kyle’s social media will give a good picture as to how happy this couple is and it’s no surprise these two are one of the most loved cast members of the Real Housewives franchise. We also don’t mind seeing Mauricio with his shirt off at all the pool parties!

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