10 Most Dramatic Real Housewives Ever

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It’s no secret that Bravo’s Real Housewives shows are all about drama, drama and more drama. In fact these women are rewarded when they bring more drama to the show! Those who aren’t able to produce crazy outbursts, juicy gossip or cat fights are given the boot from the show and replaced in a hot second. It’s fair to say a lot of these women amp up their personalities when the cameras are rolling in order to secure their spot on the show, but then there’s a few who take it to a whole new level and are just downright drama queens! Here’s a list of the 10 most dramatic (current) Real Housewives ever!

10. Ramona Singer

Veteran Housewife Ramona Singer has been with The Real Housewives of New York City since season 1. She’s pretty much secured her spot on the show so she doesn’t amp up the drama like she used to. We’ve seen the controversial star reel it in the past few seasons, but she’s still one of the most hyperactive and emotional Housewives in NYC. Last season Ramona Singer did her best to stay on the outskirts of the drama, but she always loves to add in her two cents and her reactions are always over the top! There’s a long list of feuds Ramona has been involved in but some of her biggest have been with Kirsten Taekman and Jill Zarin. She loves to either be the stir that starts the drama or be in the center of it. Back in the day, Ramona was hard to please and she never took kindly to any of the new Housewives who joined the show. She was extremely confrontational, emotional, and still is never afraid to voice her opinions. Her sometimes erratic behavior has earned her a few nicknames like “Singer Stinger,” “Ramona Coaster,” and even “Crazy Eyes!” This Housewife knows how to bring the drama, especially in the early seasons of RHONY!

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9. Kyle Richards

Kyle Richards isn’t known for her dramatic outbursts, but she’s definitely a coy gossip who loves to stir up drama on the show. Each season she finds herself at the center of the whatever dramatic storyline is unfolding — whether she likes it or not! To be fair, Kyle’s sister and former Housewife, Kim Richards was the root cause to a lot of the drama Kyle found herself in while filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. There’s no denying that Richards has been in a tiff with each of the Housewives at one point or another which point to the fact that it’s her, not them. We did see a lot of restraint from her in the most recent season when the whole Munchausen debate was going on between Yolanda Foster, Lisa Rinna and Lisa Vanderpump. Rinna tried to lure Richards into it all, but Richards made sure to keep her distance. And when she was confronted about her manipulative friendship with Vanderpump by Eileen Davidson and Rinna, Richards didn’t take the bait. She brushed it off and said she didn’t want to deal with the argument. Way to take the high road!


8. Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki Gunvalson is the OG of the O.C. so she’s been around long enough to stir up some serious drama! Vicki is the longest standing Housewife in the entire franchise and producers like to keep her around not only because she’s got a big fan base, but also because she’s so entertaining! This woman was made for television and she knows how to put on a good show. Vicki has never been shy about stating her opinions and pointing out the fact that she works harder than most of the other Housewives. She’s the ultimate drama queen because she loves to blow things out of proportion. Even her own daughter, Briana Culberson admitted that her mother loves attention and sometimes over dramatizes things so that she can play the “victim” role. Vicki’s been around so long it would be impossible to list all of her past feuds and most dramatic moments, but we’re pretty sure we could fill a book with them all!


7. Kenya Moore

Kenya Moore has been a main cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta from season 5 to 9. She knows how to bring the drama and she’s constantly giving fans something to talk about. Her fight with Porsha Williams back in 2014 on the season 6 reunion still to this day remains to be one of the most dramatic throwdowns in Real Housewives history! She doesn’t seem to care whether what she says or does makes all her cast mates hate her and she’s proven that she’s not afraid to go head-to-head in an argument with one of the ladies. Moore’s definitely got a short fuse which has been tested time and time again on the show and she loves to over dramatize even the smallest thing like when she threw Porsha out of her party for arriving late. Similar to some of the other women on the show, Moore seems to be reeling in her bad behavior in the most recent season, but fans of the Real Housewives all know — once a drama queen, always a drama queen!


6. Lisa Rinna

It’s no surprise Lisa Rinna knows how to create drama since she used to be a soap opera actress! The former Days of Our Lives and Melrose Place star started appearing on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in season 4 as a guest and became a main cast member in season 5. Ever since she joined the show she’s been creating drama! During season 5 she had a major blow out with former Housewife, Kim Richards. The two ladies feuded all season long, mainly because Rinna kept bringing up Richards addiction and questioning her sobriety (which she ended up being right about). Remember when she threw the ultimate drama queen tantrum and smashed her wine glass on the table? Then in season 6 she moved onto Yolanda Foster. Right from the beginning of the season, Rinna began questioning Yolanda’s sickness which then started the great Munchausen debate. She accused Vanderpump of manipulating the other women on the show and tried to put the blame on her for bringing up the word Munchausen in the first place. As much as we love Rinna’s hilarious sense of humor, she does have a history of sticking her nose into other people’s business and she’s ruffled a few feathers because of it.

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5. Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd is the newest Housewife on season 11 of The Real Housewives of Orange County. She started stirring the pot the second she came on the show when she immediately befriended controversial Housewife Vicki Gunvalson. It didn’t take long for Dodd to start butting heads with some of the women, especially Shannon Beador and now Tamra Judge. It’s only her first season but viewers have already seen numerous outbursts from Kelly and a slew of insults against the other women. She can definitely fly off the handle when she gets mad! She’s proven to be a fair match against other hot headed O.C. Housewife, Tamra Judge and it’s clear she is extremely confrontational, emotional and rash with the other women. Boy, does she know how to be dramatic! It’s hard to be the newbie Housewife, especially on RHOC, but Kelly Dodd doesn’t make things better for herself by acting erratically with the other women. She’s definitely brought the drama this season!

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4. LeeAnne Locken

This Southern belle was one of the main women cast in the first (and only thus far) season of The Real Housewives of Dallas. Locken was the main focus of the entire first season because she was constantly at the center of all the drama. Viewers saw her go toe to toe with each one of her fellow cast mates, some more than others. She even got into a screaming match in the middle of the street with her bestie, Tiffany Hendra! LeeAnne was never happy with the other women’s behavior and although she tried to fit in and make amends, it never lasted long. The biggest blowout came near the end of the season when she totally lost it on Marie Reyes while on vacation with all the women. Locken just didn’t know how to play it cool with these women. She was constantly on the defense because she didn’t understand the other ladies sense of humor. This made her seem like even more of a drama queen because she was the only one getting upset. Take for example, Brandi’s prank at the tea party — all of the other women laughed it off while Locken took total offense!


3. Tamra Judge

Tamra Judge has been on The Real Housewives of Orange County since season 3. She’s one of the longest running Housewives on this list which means she’s been causing drama the longest — since 2009! We must admit she’s changed a lot in the past few seasons, especially since she divorced her ex-husband Simon Barney and remarried Eddie Judge. She’s trying to turn over a new leaf as a Christian and was even baptized on the show! Unfortunately, this season the newest Housewife, Kelly Dodd is “testing her faith,” according to Tamra and there’s only so much a person can change. Tamra has always been one of the biggest hotheads on RHOC and she’s made it her mission to take down nearly many of the cast members who’ve appeared on the show. First it was Gretchen, then Alexis, then Lizzie and now her old friend Vicki. She’s thrown huge temper tantrums like  when she threw wine in Jeana Keough’s face, told Alexis Bellino to “get the f-ck out” of her party and gotten into one or two screaming matches with Vicki Gunvalson. There’s a reason she’s been around so long, Tamra Judge knows how to bring the drama!


2. Shannon Beador

This O.C. Housewife is the ultimate drama queen. She’s overly emotional, sensitive and been known to screech at both her husband and the other ladies on more than one occasion. Shannon had a rough first two seasons on The Real Housewives of Orange County because she was no only dealing with conflict between the women, but she was also dealing with some serious martial problems when she found out her husband, David was having an affair. She’s definitely got a short fuse and has now feuded with nearly all of the Housewives. Remember when she totally lost it on Meghan Edmonds for calling her “private” cell phone? Shannon can go from 0 to 100 in record time! She had a major melt down at Lizzie Rovsek’s dinner party in season 9 and when it comes to her marriage, any little comment can set her off. She’s getting a little better lately as we’ve seen her put her differences aside with Vicki to have a good time, but another outburst from Shannon is just around the corner!


1. Teresa Giudice

Nowadays Teresa Giudice is all about turning tables, but for those loyal New Jersey fans who’ve been watching since season 1, she was flipping tables upside down and screaming at her fellow cast mates. We’re pretty confident Teresa Giudice will never be fired from The Real Housewives of New Jersey because the show literally revolves around her life and all the drama it exudes. She’s gone through tiffs with her cast mates and long, drawn out battles with her family members on the show. Teresa has a reputation for sweating the small stuff and dragging out arguments over a long period of time. She holds a mean grudge which is why most of her feuds never get resolved. She’ll never back down from a fight and we’ve seen her duke it out with a number of women, particularly in the early seasons. How could we forget when she pushed Andy Cohen during a reunion special when he tried to hold her back? Teresa seems to be on a calmer and better path since her time in prison and even mended her relationship with sister-in-law Melissa Gorga and former nemesis, Danielle Staub, but we’ve all seen some pretty dramatic moments from Teresa that we’ll never forget!

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