New Generation “Friends”: 12 Stars Who Could Be Cast

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Reboots of popular television shows are nothing new and these days bringing back beloved programs is all the rage. Whether trying to recapture the original premise or starting anew with the next generation of the show’s characters, there are more than just a few series already reliving their own rebirth or ripe for resurrection. Friends is still one of the most popular shows to ever hit the small screen so it wouldn’t be surprising to hear about a reboot in the works and, if that happens, here are 12 stars who could be cast now if Friends got a reboot.

12. Chloë Grace Moretz

Chloë Grace Moretz has been working steadily in the business since she started as a young little thing grabbing bit parts before moving up the ladder and getting roles that were bigger each time she landed a part. Nowadays, she’s in high demand and appeared in six films in 2014 alone. But if Chloe was looking to make the move from film back to television, then perhaps a role in a Friends reboot would be the perfect opportunity for her. Ideal part for Chloe on a Friends reboot: the new Rachel (if they stay with the same characters) or an older Emma, ya know, Ross and Rachel’s daughter (if they want a current show).

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11. Devon Aoki

If the makers of a Friends reboot wanted to add some diversity into the cast (which they most definitely should) then Devon Aoki would be a name that would have to be added to the list. Appearing in films like 2 Fast 2 Furious as the street racing Suki, Devon’s pristine gorgeousness and undeniable charisma makes her another actor who would make an ideal Rachel-esque figure. Devon had been cast as Tatsu Yamashiro in season 3 of Arrow, but a scheduling conflict had the role going to Rila Fukushima instead. Maybe that means Devon is available for a well-timed Friends reboot.

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10. Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis is no stranger to starring in a television show. Fans of the star will remember that she got her start on the popular That 70’s show. Mila is an actress who could easily step into the role of a new Rachel as she’d just need to reach back to her acting days as the spoiled, rich kid princess-type Jackie Burkhart. Or if she wanted to change things up a bit, Mila could try out for the role of the finicky Monica and take her acting in a totally new direction.

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9. Freida Pinto

Another actress who could step into the role of a Rachel or Monica-like character is Slumdog Millionaire’s Freida Pinto. Getting her start in the business as a model before getting her big break in film, Pinto has also anchored a travel show called “Full Circle” where she could be seen traveling to countries like Afghanistan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Fiji, and more. With her wide range of experience and world-traveled ways, she would make the perfect addition to a modern New York based cast.

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8. Ellen Page

With roles in films like Juno and Whip It, Ellen Page came onto the scene as a laid-back cool-kid who could tackle any role that she chose. Recently coming out as a lesbian and continuing a string of critically acclaimed films, Ellen could take her dramatic flair in a new direction and take on the uptight role of Monica or switch over to her comedic chops to make a perfect new Phoebe.

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7. Emma Stone

If Emma Stone wanted to throw her name into the hat and step up for an audition for a Friends reboot, then it would make complete sense for the gorgeous red-head to try out for either Rachel or Phoebe, preferable taking a shot at both. Emma Stone, who has appeared in films like Superbad and Easy A, could make a fiery new spoiled Rachel or a sizzling new hilarious Phoebe.

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6. Josh Hutcherson

When Peeta and Katniss were forced to compete against each other in The Hunger Games, they became rivals as well as Friends. Josh Hutcherson, who played the popular Peeta, could make more friends if he jumped into one of the roles offered in a Friends reboot. Perhaps a new Ross or Chandler? Josh would need to work on his comedic delivery, but fans would no doubt love to watch him on a regular basis on a popular series like a Friends reboot.

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5. Dev Patel

If a Friends reboot were to happen, why not cast two actors who have already appeared on screen together and have proven chemistry? Along with Freida Pinto (#9 on this list) Dev Patel starred in the incredibly popular, award-winning film Slumdog Millionaire. If Freida took on the role of a Monica-ish character, Dev would be an awesome choice to play her brother, a.k.a. a Ross-ish character.

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4. Theo James

Fans of a new Friends reboot would definitely be in need of a series crush and they need look no further than Theo James. Having appeared in films and television shows previously, from Underworld: Awakening to Downton Abbey, the English hottie would make a perfect addition to any new cast. Able to take on the role of a brotherly Ross type or ladies-man Joey, Theo James would be a must for a new Friends reboot. Or in a new generation of New York buds, he could play one of the former Friend’s kid. Little Ben all grown up?

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3. Zac Efron

Zac Efron may have found acting success in the past with roles like his starring part in High School Musical, but he’s also had his career misses like his history-making bomb of a movie We Are Your Friends (which made only $1.8 million in its opening weekend, earning it the title of third worst opening of all time for a film that was shown on more than 2,000 screens). Perhaps a move to television would be a good idea for Efron and what better role for him to take than a part on a Friends reboot? Perhaps a new Joey or even Chandler if he’s feeling like getting silly. Or if they wanted to move on to the next generation, he could make an ideal Ben, Ross’s son with ex-wife Carol.  Or even one of Frank and Alice’s triplets, Frank Jr. Jr.

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2. Michael B. Jordan

If the show needs a ladies man to fill the role of a new Joey (or Joey type character), then Michael B. Jordan should be at the top of the list. With a name invoking the superstar basketball player, Michael B. Jordan (note the B) has made audiences crush hard when he appeared on Friday Night Lights as well as the new Fantastic Four movie. Since the movie itself wasn’t a huge success, Jordan could find small screen super stardom on a new Friends reboot.

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1. Michael Cera

Michael Cera made his mark on the beloved comedy series Arrested Development and learned early on in his career how to make audiences laugh on a regular basis. Moving on to lead roles in films like cult favorite Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Cera continued to solidify his place as a comedic star. A perfect choice for a new Chandler-esque character, Cera could be the Bing a reboot would need.

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