5 Days of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (May 30)

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It seems like tennis may overrun some episodes of Days of Our Lives (DOOL), as the show will not air on Monday of this week, as well as Thursday and Friday, because of the French Open Tennis Championships, but don’t fret! There seems to be plenty of DOOL drama for fans to enjoy at some point this week. Learn more about Hope, Aiden, Kayla, Stephen, and Joey in this week’s DOOL spoilers:

5. Kayla And Finn Get Closer

Tennis won’t interfere in the budding romance between Kayla and the handsome Dr. Finn. The two share some tender moments in their hotel room this week, and almost (you read right, ‘almost’) make love. Unfortunately, Kayla stops them. First and foremost, she still does have feelings for Steve, and considering all that is going on, she feels the time isn’t right. She later on in the week insists that John Black take her to see Joey and Steve.

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4. Joey’s In Trouble

In an effort to make Jade happy, Joey robs a souvenir shop. He is later confronted by his dad at the commune and then by the police. Still, Joey steps up and faces his punishment, and is arrested on the spot.

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3. The End Of Chabby

Abby continues to refuse to see Chad, and he will try and visit her one more time this week. When he gets rejected, he turns to alcohol.

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2. Will Chase Live?

Chase struggles for his life on Days this week. While spoilers indicate that he may live, Aiden uses this situation to strengthen his connection to Hope. Ciara also struggles with the idea of forgiveness. Sadly, Rafe feels alienated during this entire situation.

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1. A Passionate Kiss

Speaking of feeling alienated, Kate awkwardly witnesses Deimos and Nicole kissing on Wednesday’s DOOL episode. Nicole better watch out as Kate is sure to come up with a plan to edge the beautiful blonde out.

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