Cast of Remember The Titans: Where Are They Now?


We’ve dipped a toe into football the 2015 season — that beloved American pastime. Leagues are catering to men, women and children, and Hollywood is no exception when it comes to showing love for the pigskin. It’s seems like only yesterday Disney threw the saccharine sweet, fantasy version of the T.C. Williams High School Titans onto the big screen, marking one of the most popular sports movies of recent memory, while assembling a powerhouse cast of bright, shining, television and movie stars before they had caught fire. Let’s look at the last 15 years, and remember… the Titans.

14. Craig Kirkwood – Jerry “Rev” Harris

Craig Kirkwood was the quarterback of the Titans, and the “spiritual leader,” of the team as Rev Harris. He was also the player injured to give way to the story line of Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass, and the catalyst for TE Ray Budds to get cut from the team — it was the exceptionally racist Ray who intentionally missed the block leading to Rev’s injury. Progressing…after Craig got over his make believe injury in Remember the Titans, he went on to do several more films and a few more television shows, before calling a career timeout and deciding he wanted to pursue a degree in law. His biggest fans will remember that Remember the Titans came late in a career that started when he was a child. Craig completed his studies at Loyola Law School in 2008, and now works as a defense attorney in Los Angeles.


13. Burgess Jenkins – Ray Budds

Is there anything tougher than being asked to play a racist jerk when in reality you’re a really nice guy? For Burgess Jenkins, the role of Ray Budds was an emotional stretch. He was the Titan who simply couldn’t get over himself and his cognitive dissonance to welcome his darker skinned teammates with open arms. So, what has ole Ray Budds been up to since moving on from Remember the Titans? He has continued to work, just as you’d suspect. The same year Remember the Titans was released, he enjoyed a nice co-star on Dawson’s Creek, and has pretty much done a movie a year, as well as enjoyed several television appearances, since that time period. In 2014, he joined the cast of the long-running American soap opera, The Young and the Restless as Billy Abbott.

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12. Earl Poitier – Blue Stanton

The speech. The speech that turned the tide of the Titans. Remember the scene in the gym, when the players call a meeting and some of the guys want to walk out? Blue picks it up and puts it down. He was the foundation of the Titans offensive line and a vocal leader off the field. In terms of life since his turn as Blue, Earl C. Poitier has continued to work year after year in the world of television. He was a bulky lineman for the Titans, but now he appears lean and mean on screen. He recently appeared in the Netflix original series, Bloodline, starring Kyle Chandler. It’ll be interesting to see how the character is fleshed out a bit more in the second season of the crime drama, as he became important toward the first season’s climax. If not, we’ll expect to see him in something else that’s shooting in the South.


11. Ethan Suplee – Louis Lastik

What has Ethan Suplee done since Remember the Titans? He’s lost a ton of weight, that’s what. Over 200 pounds as a matter of fact. He is still recognizable, but wow — it’s very impressive. It’s always good to see when people opt for more healthful living choices. Back to the biz…Ethan has been acting in a variety of roles, including his turn as Randy Hickey on My Name Is Earl, where he appeared in 96 episodes. He’s also done a whopping 28 films since the release of Remember the Titans, and several other TV shows. Strangely enough, he must be a favorite of Denzel Washington because he keeps showing up in the cast of many Denzel movies. That’s how it works in this town folks. Denzel Washington sits down with the director for a lunch meeting: “You know who’d be really great in this other role? Ethan Suplee.”

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10. Kip Pardue – Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass

He was the dream boat. The mysterious, long-haired hippie who moved to the conservative, Southern town in Virginia, and lured the adoration of the school girls and ire of the boys. He was disliked by nearly everyone, until they saw him play. At that point… he became a fan favorite. In real life, Kip Pardue no longer sports the golden locks of a stereotypical surfer, though he’s known to let them grow for roles from time to time, but you have likely recognized him in several movies and TV shows since Remember the Titans. He did two seasons on ER as Ben Parker, drove race cars with Sylvester Stallone in Driven, did about 100 (slight exaggeration) other projects, including Mad Men, and now he’s working on the new show Outcasts, which will debut in 2016. Not too shabby.

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9. Donald Faison – Petey Jones

Donald Faison was quite well know before he took the role of Petey Jones in Remember the Titans, but there’s an answer to a question that we all want to know: How did Donald look younger in Remember the Titans, than he did when he was in Clueless? Because of the roles he has played, he has flown under the radar in terms of his ability. The guy has some serious chops. Of course, his biggest fans likely became his biggest fans from his long-running stint on Scrubs, opposite Zach Braff. Donald is the son of a talent agent, and has been working since he was a youngster, and he’s still able to play much younger than he actually is. Now 41, he is starring in the TV Land sit-com, The Exes, in the role of Phil Chase. The next film he’ll appear in is entitled, The Perfect Match, set for a 2016 release.


8. Will Patton – Coach Bill Yoast

Will Patton is a Hollywood veteran. He has done so many big movies, it’s hard to believe that he’s still not more than a recognizable face. That’s the way it goes for most character actors, though he is one of the best actors in the business. Will began his acting training early. His father was an acting teacher and director, as well as a Lutheran minister. Will is an alumni of both North Carolina School of the Arts, and The Actors Studio. He has appeared in some monster blockbusters like Armageddon, and has continued to work, work, work, since appearing as the amiable coach, Bill Yoast, in Remember the Titans. Since then, he’s done an average of three films per year, including Hollywood and indie features, and recently finished up his five year stint on the DreamWorks Television series, Falling Skies.

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7. Hayden Panettiere – Sheryl Yoast

Hayden Panettiere basically grew up before our eyes on screen. She was was the know-it-all football enthusiast in Remember the Titans, then she was adorable Maddie Harrington in Ally McBeal, then it seemed she was suddenly starring as a woman in Nashville. How did that happen so fast? Surely something happened between the iconic, career moments. Oh… Right… she did 20-plus movies, and 14 TV shows in that time period. She even played Amanda Knox in the Lifetime Movie, Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy, about the controversial international incident. Hayden was doing it all. And how about Racing Stripes with that awesome zebra… and Raising Helen with Kate Hudson… the Cheerleader on Heroes!? Hayden never disappeared… she simply grew up on screen. Her career has been more storied than some 50 year vets, and she’s only 26.

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6. Kate Bosworth – Emmy Hoyt

Like everyone else on this list, Kate Bosworth is still working in primo projects. It’s really quite amazing. Kate played Emma Hoyt perfectly in Remember the Titans. She was a young, obedient, impressionable girl, who was struggling mightily with cognitive dissonance and racial integration. After all, she’d only heard how bad it was from her parents and peers. After Remember the Titans, Kate jumped into the bus labeled superstar and went on to score the role that would define her early career, Anne Marie Chadwick in Blue Crush. This solidified Kate’s ability to work as often as she wanted to, and served as that vehicle to say yes to some even bigger projects. She continued to work and work and work, and she presently has six films in post-production set for release in 2015 and 2016.


5. Wood Harris – Julius Campbell

Wood Harris was working in film and television long before he scored the role of Julius Campbell in Remember the Titans, and it was only his ability to play younger than he was that scored him the role in the film. Wood was one of the older actors playing the high school, defensive end standout, Campbell. It worked well in terms of leadership, and physicality. Similar to his career before Remember the Titans, Wood has enjoyed continuous work in the realm of film and television. Wood has picked up TV roles from time to time since his turn as Big Ju, but he has mostly kept his eyes focused on roles for the big screen. Most recently, he appeared in Marvel’s Ant Man, starring Paul Rudd, and up next he’s starring opposite his old cast mate from The Wire, Michael B. Jordan, in Creed.

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4. Nicole Ari Parker – Carole Boone

She was the adoring, strong and supportive wife of Denzel Washinton in Remember the Titans, and now she’s the supportive mother of two kiddos, while she continues to pursue regular work in the entertainment industry. Nicole Ari Parker is one of those actresses who has never gotten her due, and she might never. She may always fly under the radar, but her talent is undeniable. Her role was small in the 1997 surprise hit, Boogie Nights, but she was precisely perfect in the role of Becky Barnett. At 44, Nicole is still so aesthetically gorgeous that she’s a distraction. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s married to Boris Kodjoe. Together, the couple are hosting The Boris & Nicole Show, a syndicated talk show that was given a trial run this summer, and is starting to gain some momentum. They’re electric together.

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3. Ryan Hurst – Gerry Bertier

Ryan Hurst was a stellar opponent for Wood Harris in Remember the Titans. The two most talented players on the team, their developing relationship was the thread that provided through-line for the entire story. Ryan had enjoyed roles in big movies before Remember the Titans, and his small, yet integral role in Saving Private Ryan served as a turning point to actually saving Private Ryan. Ryan Hurst is a true on-screen chameleon and he’s very picky about the roles he’ll play. He could take copious amounts of cash to simply work all the time, but he won’t accept a role unless it’s in a project he admires, or the role will seriously challenge him. He was beloved as Opie Winston in Sons of Anarchy, and most recently did a six episode stint in the third season of Bates Motel.

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2. Ryan Gosling – Alan Bosley

Who is this Ryan Gosling guy? Ryan is definitively weird. No, that’s not an insult. That’s about the highest compliment you can pay a person. Somewhere along the line, weird gained a negative connotation, and it really doesn’t make sense to use it in that manner. Since being tabbed as a Mousketeer, this guy has pumped out weird and awesome… seriously, look it up. The reins were pretty tight on Ryan in Remember the Titans, but it was impossible to keep your eyes from gravitating toward him during any given scene. Since offering a golden heart to Alan Bosley, Ryan did a little something known as The Notebook, ripped our hearts out in Lars and The Real Girl and Blue Valentine, punched us in the gut with Drive, and pretty much turned everything into gold that he has touched, sans Only God Forgives…the perfect title for that film.

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1. Denzel Washington – Herman Boone

Denzel Washington is the man — there’s no need to argue. As a young man, he could have fallen victim to racial issues in the entertainment industry, but he always powered through it, determined to be a leading man and refusing to lower himself to such a level of being overly affected… though he has certainly been effected. Now, the name Denzel commands box office gold. Following his award winning portrayal of Herman Boone — who was much nicer than the real Herman Boone according to historians — Denzel went on to win his second Oscar for his work in Training Day, and has seemingly been nominated for every role he has tackled. 2015 has been an interesting year for Denzel, as he keeps showing up to various events with some very interesting facial hair… all for the remake of The Magnificent Seven. This guy: a king among men.


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