Bold And The Beautiful Couples We Never Thought Would Make It

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The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) has featured many couples over the years who fans believed didn’t stand a chance. But these pairings overcame adversity and stuck together. Some couples did break up but always seemed to find their way back to each other and others stayed together through thick and thin. From enduring soulmates like Bill and Katie and Brooke and Ridge to Flo and Wyatt and Quinn and Eric, here are B&B couples we never thought would make it.

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12. Bill And Katie

Bill and Katie have been through a lot. They’ve been married twice and split up both times because Bill cheated on her, first with Steffy and then with Katie’s sister Brooke. More recently, they went through a fierce custody battle over their son Will. Fans didn’t think they stood a chance, but these two always seem to find their way back to each other. While Bill recently tried to reconnect with his ex, Katie told him it was over. Maybe Bill shouldn’t have told her that Katie’s sister, Brooke, was the love of his life. Boneheaded move, Dollar Bill!

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11. Eric And Stephanie

Eric and Stephanie were the patriarch and matriarch of the Forrester family when the show debuted in 1987. They raised their four children together — Ridge, Thorne, Felicia and Kristen — but Eric found it difficult to stay true to his wife. He cheated on Stephanie countless times and for her part, she tried to control him and everyone else in her family. When they reunited yet again in the late 2000s, fans doubted they could make it work. But in the end, Eric and Stephanie did make it and were still together when she passed away in 2012.

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10. Nicole And Zende

Much like Eric and Stephanie, Zende cheated on Nicole many times, but with her half-sister Sasha. It was a terrible betrayal and led to a lot of heartbreak for Nicole. But Zende always believed Nicole was his true love and he worked hard to prove this to her after his indiscretions. In a memorable and romantic scene in February 2017, Zende showed up at Forrester Creations with a horse and carriage to propose to his soulmate and she said yes. Although the couple were last seen living a blissful life together in Paris, Zende later returned to LA and announced that they’d separated. And after surviving so much!

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9. Jackie And Owen

When Owen started working at Jackie M Designs in 2009, Jackie was captivated with him from the get-go. Owen felt the same way and the pair became involved in a May/September romance. Fans thought the relationship was just a dalliance for both and the couple would never make it, but they were wrong. Jackie and Owen were married in a romantic ceremony in Hawaii and are still together to this day.

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8. Flo And Wyatt

Flo and Wyatt rediscovered each other last year after being apart for decades. They were high school sweethearts but broke up when Wyatt and Quinn suddenly left Las Vegas in the middle of the night. When “Flyatt” reunited last summer, Flo had a terrible secret hanging over her head. She had been an integral part of a baby-swap scheme. Viewers, and Flo, knew her relationship with Wyatt was standing on the edge of a knife and they were right. When the secret did come out, he dumped her immediately. But after Flo donated a kidney to Katie, fans could tell Wyatt was softening towards her and he was. “Flyatt” are back together, although viewers almost never see them on screen together.

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7. Ridge And Caroline I

Ridge and Caroline were in love but had one big problem that had fans wondering if they would make it and that problem was Brooke. “The slut from the valley”, as Stephanie called her, made it her mission in life to break them up. Brooke believed it was her destiny to be with Ridge. But Ridge ended up choosing Caroline and the couple got married. This pairing did make it and they may have stayed together forever if Caroline hadn’t passed away in 1990.

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6. Karen And Dani

In 2012, B&B featured a storyline about Bill’s sister Karen, who was hiding a secret. She was in love with a woman named Danielle and didn’t want her brother to find out. Fans were sure that when Bill did find out, he’d somehow put an end to their relationship. But Karen, Dani and viewers were pleasantly surprised when Bill wholeheartedly accepted Dani into the Spencer fold. Karen and Dani are still together, living in New York.

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5. Kristen And Tony

Anthony was a fashion designer at Spectra Fashions when he met Eric and Stephanie’s daughter, Kristen, in the early 1990s. After they had started dating for a few months, he found out he was HIV positive and fans didn’t think this couple would make it. Anthony told Kristen he had contracted the disease and tried to break up with her, but she refused to give up on her true love. They remain happily married to this day.

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4. Deacon And Macy

Macy and Deacon bonded over their mutual struggles with alcohol and the heartbreak they’d faced in their lives. Fans didn’t think they stood a chance, but they fell in love and got married. They were happily raising Deacon’s son little Eric together when tragedy struck. Macy was the headliner at a new nightclub and, as she was on stage singing, she met her demise when a chandelier fell on her head.

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3. Charlie And Pam

Charlie and Pam have been dating for years now and fans were thrilled in 2018 when Charlie got down on one knee and proposed to his true love in the Forrester mansion kitchen. But viewers then wondered if they would make it when Pam called off their wedding a few weeks later due to her feud with Quinn. Although he was disappointed, Charlie accepted her decision and the duo remains united to this day.

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2. Ridge And Brooke

Brooke and Ridge first met when her family was catering a party at the Forrester Estate, during the very first episode of the sudser. They fell in love and Bridge has been on and off ever since. They have been married and have split up multiple times and are currently having some major marital problems. Brooke despises Ridge’s son Thomas and Ridge once eloped with Shauna. Still, they are still trying to make it work. Currently, Brooke and Ridge have battled to save their marriage after Brooke kissed Deacon on New Year’s Eve. Somehow, we believe that these two will find a way to make it work!

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1. Eric And Quinn

“Queric” is another couple who fans thought wouldn’t last. Eric and Quinn got together shortly after she had held Liam hostage in a cabin for months and got away with it. Because of this, Eric’s family was against their relationship from the start and didn’t even attend their wedding, which broke Eric’s heart. During the past couple of years, Quinn has mellowed and seems comfortable in her position as Eric’s wife and the Forrester family eventually grew to accept her. Eric and Quinn are still together, defying the odds. But for how long? Recently, it became clear that Eric could not perform in the bedroom with Quinn. At first, he thought it was a medical problem but he soon realized it was really a Quinn problem! The two are still together, although physically there’s nothing happening… Will Donna return and fight for her Honey Bear? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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