Bold And The Beautiful Couples That Fans Didn’t Like

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The Bold And The Beautiful (B&B) has had its share of super couples who have thrilled and delighted viewers over the past 32 years. But there have also been other couples whose relationships were based on lies and betrayals, or they just didn’t seem to fit together. Here are B&B couples that fans didn’t like.

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12. Hope Logan And Thomas Forrester

When Thomas returned to Los Angeles in March after Caroline passed away, he immediately set his sights on Hope. He used his son Douglas as a tool in order to lure Hope into a loveless marriage and she fell for it hook, line and sinker. But it didn’t last long when she found out her daughter Beth was still alive, and that Thomas had known about it for weeks. Hope and Thomas’ brief relationship and marriage were all about lies and manipulation and fans didn’t like this couple at all.

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11. Sally Spectra And Liam Spencer

Steam fans were not pleased when Sally began developing feelings for Steffy’s husband Liam. He was her champion against his father Bill and the pair ended up kissing after they were buried under rubble when the Spectra building collapsed on top of them. When Liam confessed the kiss to his wife, it led to a series of events in which an infuriated Steffy stormed out of their house and straight into the arms of her father-in-law Bill. Once Liam found out his wife had slept with his father, he dumped her and put an end to their marriage. Many fans still blame the demise of Steam on the short-lived pairing of Sally and Liam.

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10. Katie Logan And Wyatt Spencer

Fans felt like Katie was turning into her sister Brooke when she started dating her ex-husband’s son Wyatt. While some viewers liked the couple, most didn’t, and they cheered on Bill when he threatened Katie if she didn’t break off her engagement to his son. Bill’s intimidation eventually worked — Katie and Wyatt broke up and she has since reunited with her ex-husband.

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9. Bridget Forrester And Ridge Forrester

This pairing was so unpopular with fans, mainly because at one-point viewers thought Bridget was Ridge’s daughter and then they thought he was her uncle. Although it turned out the couple was not related by blood, viewers still didn’t like the two of them together, mainly because Bridget is Brooke’s daughter and Ridge had delivered her at Big Bear Cabin.

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8. Stephanie Forrester And Massimo Marone

Fans were quite upset back in 2001 when it was revealed that Ridge wasn’t Eric’s biological son — he was the son of shipping magnate Massimo Marone. It turned out Stephanie had slept with Massimo when they were in college and then passed Ridge off as Eric’s son. Massimo confessed to Stephanie that he had always loved her, but fans didn’t like these two as a couple, as they felt Stephanie always had and always would belong with Eric.

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7. Shauna Fulton And Ridge Forrester

This is a new relationship developing on B&B that many fans are already complaining about. Shauna spent a chaste night with Ridge after he passed out in a room above Bikini Bar. She kissed him while he was practically unconscious and claimed he kissed her back. Shauna has been fantasizing about Ridge ever since and he seems to be softening his stance towards the former Vegas showgirl. She has become his confidant and with his marriage to Brooke crumbling, it looks like viewers will see Shauna and Ridge together as a couple sooner rather than later. This couple is currently unpopular, but fans’ views could easily change on this pairing in the near future.

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6. Sasha Thompson And Zende Forrester

Zende Forrester was in love with Nicole Avant when her half-sister Sasha came to town. When Nicole decided to be a surrogate mother for her sister Maya and husband Rick, Zende couldn’t handle it and broke up with Nicole. He then began a relationship with Sasha and fans didn’t like it one bit. Viewers felt that Sasha unfairly took advantage of Zende when he was upset with Nicole and they were right. Sasha was always Zende’s second choice and he ended up dumping her twice in favor of his true love Nicole.

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5. Quinn Fuller And Ridge Forrester

Some fans liked this pairing, but others didn’t want to see Quinn and Ridge together at all. Many didn’t approve because Quinn was married to Ridge’s father Eric. The Forrester patriarch had defied his entire family only months earlier to marry Quinn and viewers didn’t understand why she would betray him with his son. But Ridge and Quinn quickly realized the error of their ways and this unpopular coupling ended after a few stolen kisses.

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4. Brooke Logan And Bill Spencer

Some fans love Brill, while others don’t support this couple at all. Brooke and Bill began a torrid affair when Bill was still married to Brooke’s sister Katie. Bill was one of the only men on the B&B canvas who had never succumbed to the lure of Brooke and his sudden pursuit of her angered viewers. Other fans will always believe that Brooke’s destiny is and always will be Ridge and Bill’s destiny is Katie. Bill is currently engaged to Katie, but with Brooke’s marriage to Ridge falling apart, will he surrender to Brooke’s charms once again?

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3. Taylor Hayes And Nick Marone

Fans didn’t like the coupling of Taylor and Nick, mainly because Nick had previously been in love with Brooke. It felt to many like the Ridge, Taylor and Brooke triangle all over again. Throw in a lab accident in which Brooke’s eggs were accidentally implanted into Taylor, and then Taylor unknowingly giving birth to Nick and Brooke’s son Jack and you had a relationship that was ripe to implode.

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2. Ivy Forrester And Wyatt Spencer

Ivy and Wyatt got together after she witnessed her best friend Aly’s demise when she was hit by a tire iron wielded by Steffy. Wyatt provided comfort for her and it turned into a full-fledged relationship. But fans didn’t like this couple together because they knew Ivy still wasn’t over Liam, Wyatt’s brother. When Wyatt eventually proposed to Ivy, his mother Quinn burst into the room to say she had overheard Ivy confess to Liam that she wanted him back. This tidbit of information ended Ivy and Wyatt’s relationship for good.

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1. Flo Fulton And Wyatt Spencer

When Wyatt dumped Sally and reunited with his high school sweetheart Flo this summer, fans were disgusted. Flo was keeping the baby Beth secret from Hope and Wyatt’s brother Liam and viewers felt like their relationship was based on a lie. Other fans just wanted Flo to go away and many still do. But since Flo has just recently donated her kidney to her aunt Katie, Wyatt seems to be regarding her in a new light. So, even though Wyatt and Sally are currently engaged, viewers likely haven’t seen the last of Flo and Wyatt together, whether they like it or not.

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