Bold And The Beautiful: 9 Behind The Scenes Secrets


This March, the Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) will be celebrating three decades on daytime airwaves. What started off as the sister show to The Young and the Restless (Y&R) has now become one of the top soap operas on television. The show debuted in 1987, chronicling the lives of the Forresters and Los Angeles’ fashion industry. While fans have seen some interesting and controversial stories from the B&B over the years, maybe the most interesting ones are those that occur on set. Below is a list of nine behind the scenes secrets of the B&B.

9. A Little Hair Dye Trick

Anyone miss former Ridge Forrester, Ronn Moss? The handsome actor shocked B&B fans and the rest of the soap opera world when he left the show in 2012, after a quarter of a century with the daytime drama. Interestingly enough, he filled the role of Eric Forrester’s son at that time, played by John McCook, who at age 72, is only seven years older than Moss. Moss has been blessed with chiseled features and a baby face, but another trick B&B hairdressing artists used so that fans could not see an significant age difference was to dye Eric’s hair grey.



8. Location! Location! Location!

As the sister show of the Y&R, it’s no surprise that the B&B is located directly across from the infamous Genoa City set. However, daytime television mega hit The Price is Right is also located nearby B&B’s set at the CBS studios. Wonder if Ridge or Brooke have ever tried their luck at spinning that crazy cash wheel? It would be oh-so tempting …


7. All in The Family

Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke Logan) has been with the B&B from the very start, along with co-star John McCook. While her character has five children on the show, Katherine’s two boys have made appearances on the soap. From 1990-1995, the role of Eric Forrester Jr. was played by her son Jeremy, while other son Julian played Brooke’s baby daughter Bridget (as a backup) in 1993.

6. Kissing Without “Kissing”

During a Norfolk, Virginia Channel News 3 interview, Heather Tom (Katie Logan) revealed some pretty interesting details around love scenes at the B&B. First and foremost, her first kiss actually took place onscreen! Secondly, she explained that as passionate as viewers think the love scenes are, they can be quite awkward as actors/actresses struggle to find a comfortable position by keeping their hands where they should be, while trying to look passionate. On screen couples also work hard to kiss without really kissing. As Tom explains, she wouldn’t kiss her onscreen love interest the same way she does her husband – even though it looks so real to viewers. You fill in the blanks!

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5. What To Wear?

While some may think that the actors and actresses of the B&B wake up, head to the office, and decide what their characters will wear that day – this is not the case. On-set wardrobe designers determine outfits right down the accessories and shoes of what each character will wear based on the scenes they will perform in that day. If Brooke wore heels during a scene at the beach … how awkward would that be? The wardrobe team may take a little input from an actor or actress if they don’t feel comfortable in what they are wearing for the day, but for the most part, their working clothes are set out already for them so that they can dive into rehearsals and tapings.

4. The Wardrobe Room

B&B’s wardrobe room may seem more like a mini warehouse. It is literally filled to the brim (from the ceiling to the floor) with racks of clothes, accessories, purses, shoes, and more. Each character has their own section of clothing, etc., but as mentioned above, via instruction from the on-set wardrobe designers, they already know which clothes to reach for. Interestingly enough, there is an entire section within B&B’s wardrobe room dedicated to wedding dresses. Makes sense considering how frequently weddings take place on the show. In all seriousness, the dresses aren’t only used for weddings, but also the many fashion shows that also take place on the B&B … it is centered around the fashion industry after all.


3. Time For Hair And Makeup

Much like each character’s outfits for the day, makeup and hair artists on the show follow a strict schedule. It’s referred to as a Production Rundown and hair and makeup is given one each morning, outlining which character will be in what kind of scene, so that the artists can determine what kind of makeup is needed for each B&B actor/actress and how their hair should look. Far more methodical than one would think!

2. Intense Schedules

Most fans are aware of how hectic the production and work schedule is for the cast and crew of any soap opera. Unlike their primetime counterparts, daytime dramas air five days each week with no hiatus in the summer time. The B&B is no exception. During an interview with in 2014, Katherine Kelly Lang revealed how much she adored being on the show all these years, but did say it was hard memorizing lines. After all, actors/actresses on the B&B are required to memorize about 63 pages of lines in a day. During a typical 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. workday, the cast and crew are able to film about two episodes.

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1. Home Is Where The Heart Is

The B&B have had some incredible sets over the years, especially the homes where a lot of the characters reside. When one is following the trials and tribulations of L.A.’s fashion industry elite, their houses better be pretty swanky. An interesting tidbit of information that some may not be aware of is the fact that Taylor Haye’s home in Bel Air and The Forrester residence were both built to resemble the real-life home of B&B’s creators, Lee Phillip and William J. Bell. In fact, Brooke Logan’s house was modeled to resemble the estate of their son.