7 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (May 16)


Wondering what will happen this week in the world of Port Charles? Wonder no more! Read on to learn more about Julexis, Jason, Sonny, Laura, and the Nurse’s Ball, in the teasers below for General Hospital (GH) for the week of May 16th. Spoiler alert: it’s going to be an exciting week!

7. Trouble ahead for Julian and Alexis

Alexis now realizes that Julian is back in the mob and that he has been doing all sorts of terrible things behind her back. Fans will see her frustrated over this and it’s not clear who she is more mad at — Julian or herself.

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6. Jason Bonds

On the other side of Port Charles, Jason is busy making up for lost time now that his memory is back. He is spending time of course with Sam, and fans will see him with Monica this week. Jason also takes the time to bond with his old BFF, Sonny. On another Jason note: while most are happy with Jason remembering, his son Jake is not too please this week. His mom, Liz, tells him he can no longer have art therapy with Franco. Jake is deeply saddened by this so he acts out making Liz wonder if she should just go over Jason’s head on this and allow Jake to visit with Franco.

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5. Return Of Two GH Stars

Fans will see Lucy Coe return this week as she gears up to organize this year’s Nurse’s Ball. As well, GH fans finally see Sabrina Santiago return to the show, after Sonny and Michael find her. She will be back in Port Charles as the week ends.

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4. All Clues Lead To…Lucky?

Kevin and Laura continue to try and decode Helena’s message this week and Kev comes up with a proposal of sorts for Laura. It seems all clues on this latest piece of evidence involving the message leads back to Lucky, Laura’s son. Will fans see the eventual return of Jonathan Jackson?


3. Hayden Vs. Nikolas

The fight is only in its initially stages, but things are about to get ugly when it comes to the split between husband and wife, Hayden and Nikolas. Hayden turns to Tracy of all people, when everything hits the fan this week and boy does it ever! Nikolas makes a big step to prove a point as he aims to create chaos in Hayden’s life. Liz and Hayden also go at this week. Diane Mill is the bearer of some bad news to Nikolas.


2. Ava’s Daughters

Ava is desperately trying to get both her girls back. She first starts with Kiki, telling Morgan to take a break from her daughter, as Ava thinks Morgan is in the way of her relationship with Kiki. Morgan places the brakes on Kiki, but will that open up a door for Dillon? Ava has her sights set on Avery, but unfortunately for her, Carly stands in her way and will not budge. Ava makes a move this week, but Carly is determined to stop her.


1. More Spoilers!

Hamilton Finn tells Monica that about what Dr. Obrecht is up to and how she is making life hard for him at the hospital. Monica makes a decision about Obrecht, but that doesn’t hinder her from continuing to snoop. Brad and Lucas set a date which is linked to the Nurse’s Ball and Tracy Quartermaine receives a surprise delivery.

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