7 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 13)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! The weekend may be over, but we have an entire week of daytime drama ahead of us! Learn more about what will happen in the land of Port Charles, in the GH spoilers for the week of June 13th.

7. Nathan Confesses

Nathan will tell Maxie that he shot someone in a drunken rage, and unsurprisingly she kicks him out. She isn’t sure what to do about the situation and he goes off on a search to find evidence. Maxie is going to make changes to slow things down in her relationship with Nathan.

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6. Alexis and Julian

Sonny warns Alexis about Julian’s future and shows no sympathy for him. Julian finds the bloody shirt and burns it which makes Alexis furious, but it’s too late because his marriage to Alexis is already done. She kicks him out of the house, but he refuses to leave. Then Julian is defended by Nina and Nina propositions Franco.

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5. JaSam

Spinelli is back and he is so happy to learn that Jason’s memories have returned! He doesn’t come empty handed as he gets some key information on Claudette and Nathan. Sam will surprise Jason with the information that she gathers, and they will receive a care package from Sonny.


4. Cassadine Dagger

Lucas and Brad are about to get married, but the ceremony is interrupted by the cops who come to search for the knife. The stress of it all is too much for Julian and he finally packs his bags to move in with Nina. The evidence on the knife is not what people are expecting. Nathan is granted a warrant, and makes a surprising arrest.

3. Finn Refuses to Talk

Monica tries to talk to Finn which displeases Tracy, but he refuses to answer any of her questions. Finn’s condition gets worse and he continues to stay quiet about his behavior. He will have to start talking soon because, halfway through the week, Obrecht will find some damaging evidence against him.

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2. Anna and Jordan Fight

Anna and Jordan get in an argument over her obsession with Julian. His jealousy worsens when he also accuses Andre of having feelings for Anna, and she isn’t sure how to process what Andre has to say in return.

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1. More Spoilers!

Ava will come in contact with someone she is very familiar with and Sonny makes a nice gesture with Lulu and Dante. Emma vows to help Spencer which means she must interfere with Anna’s love life. Carly will approach Liz to give her some information that will surely not sit well. Naomi covers for Rachel, but will she ask for something in return?

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