7 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (February 6)


As we head into February, it may be cold outside for some, but the drama is heating up in Port Charles. Olivia Jerome befriends Sam and Alexis this week, Sonny violates house arrest; Anna may be sick; and Hayden has her hands full. Learn about these stories and more in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of February 6th.

7. Liv Targets Sam And Alexis

Olivia “Liv” Jerome kicks her plan into high gear this week, targeting mother/daughter team Sam and Alexis. She ends up at an AA meeting and becomes Alexis’ sponsor. Julian will upset about this when he figures it all out. She also finds Sam and acts as her ‘friend’. Sadly, Sam nor Alexis haven’t a clue who Live really is and what she is up to. On a good note, Alexis does turn to Sam when it comes to support this week. Julian also feels that she may not hate him like she once did. While this is good news for Julian (and Julexis’ fans), he does get frustrated that he can’t stop Liv from what she is up to.


6. Mom Advice

While Alexis is not a lawyer, she can offer some tips, which is exactly what she did this week for Lulu. Lulu turns to Alexis for some advice as it relates to her custody suite over Charlotte. Lulu does spend time with Charlotte this week, but it doesn’t go as planned. Lulu once again completely overwhelms her and the child loses it, again.


5. Anna Sick?

Anna once again battles when it comes to memories this week. In an interesting turn of events she gets some news from Valentin that shocks her. He is a Cassadine after all, and as they are always up to no good she doesn’t believe him. As the week progresses, Anna notices symptoms that pop up and she heads to the doctor. In other related news, Nina asks Maxie for a favor and Maxie’s (impulsive) answer is one she may not like.

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4. Sonny Loses His Patience

Sonny loses his patience around Morgan’s cases this week. He also suffers from a little paranoia, believing that BFF Jason is holding back on things around the case. Sonny believes his son’s killer should not be jail, but should be dead. The two go at it and Jason throws an accusation out at Sonny and the entire conversation goes down hill. As the week progress, Sonny skips house arrest, looking for revenge. Sadly, he doesn’t find Liv and he ends up in trouble. In other news, Sam may be at risk this week when she doesn’t listen to Jason and refuses to say out of harm’s way.

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3. Dante’s Break

It seems Dante finds a break in the bomber case. He has some hard questions for Carly and he’s unsure if she is being loyal to her husband or being honest. Speaking of Carly, she starts to dig around in Nelle’s business, desperately trying to find out who the mysterious man is that Nelle is dating. She does find a clue this week …

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2. Trouble In Paradise?

Lucas and Brad have been enjoying a successful marriage, but that may not be for long. Brad threatens Finn with blackmail once again: if the good doctor doesn’t give him a cut of his cure profits, Brad will tell everyone about his drug addiction. When he does this his husband overhears the entire thing and doesn’t like it one bit. Brad has been a pretty decent guy since the two hooked up and now he seems to be sliding back into his old ways. Is the Jones-Cooper union in jeopardy?

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1. Hayden Fights To Save GH

Hayden is busy this week. She first has to deal with Liz, who is leading a group of upset nurses over Barnes’ new budget and the cutbacks. Liz has a talk with her sister, who doesn’t seem to want to back down. Then Hayden deals with Tracy this week, who is pressuring her about saving GH. Hayden enlists Michael to help her out, but things take a turn for the worse as Liv continues to roll out a plan to turn the hospital into luxury condos.

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