6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 27)

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Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! Wondering what will happen in Port Charles this week? Wonder no more! Learn more about Nikolas, Ava, Jason, Julian, and the Quartermaines, in the GH spoilers for the week of June 27th.

6. Finn Risks It All For Baby Eduardo

This week, GH fans will see Finn risk losing his medical license when he goes over the edge to help Sabrina’s baby, Eduardo. With Monica breathing down his neck, Finn’s allies will launch into defense mode. Port Charles and fans alike will be stunned when Finn reveals his diagnosis on the baby. He enlists Hayden to help out, but wonders if he can trust her. Monica also questions why Tracey is so involved in the entire matter.

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5. Ava Helps Nikolas

After a night of boozing it up, Ava is shocked when she wakes up next to Nikolas, who is half dressed. They work together to get away, and she ends up stepping it up to help Cassadine out. Meanwhile back at home, Hayden is shocked that Nikolas has a connection to her dad, Raymond Berlin, one she never anticipated. Jason gets knocked out this week, while he and Sam pursue Nikolas.

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4. The Aftermath Of Alexis’ Arrest Continues

Speaking of Sam, she is heartbroken when she hears that her mom Alexis has been arrested, but decides to stay with Jason, as she is committed to helping him clear his name of those murder charges. Julian, on the other hand, is being swayed by a ghost on what to do about Alexis. Carlos is haunting Julian, advising him to take his wife out, before she buries him, and sends him to jail. The mob boss in Julian agrees, but he can’t hurt Alexis like that.

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3. Sonny Versus Julian

Meanwhile Alexis teams up with Anna to bring Julian down. Sonny gives Anna his two cents, hoping that Alexis can swing a confession out of Julian. Sonny will actually reveal some shocking information to Julian this week and, in turn, Julian surprises another GH character with a crazy demand. It seems things won’t be too pleasant at the Jerome household this week, as Alexis becomes even more frustrated at the fact that her husband refuses to step up and deal with what he has done.

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2. Baby Daddy Secret

TJ is on a bit of a mission, trying to find out more from Curtis regarding the big baby daddy secret. He then goes to Jordan, confronts her about the years and years of lies she has told.

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1. Killon Or Korgan?

A love triangle is in full force on GH, and it involves (you guessed it!) Kiki, Dillon and Morgan! Nina gives Dillon a good old-fashioned pep talk and convinces him to tell Kiki how much he wants to be with her. Sadly, Morgan eavesdrops on this conversation and tells the Quartermaine to back off. Things don’t end too well, as the two are ready to fight for her love and Kiki steps in to stop things before it gets too ugly.

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