6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (June 19)

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It’s Monday and that means time for some General Hospital (GH) spoilers! How will the week roll out? Sonny and Carly are in danger, a new character debuts, and Michael and Nelle get a little closer. Learn about these stories and more in the GH spoilers for the week of June 19th.

6. Sonny In Danger

Ava is shocked this week to see just how burned up half her body is. That day, Dr. Munro pays a visit to Sonny to talk forgiveness. Meanwhile, Jason finds out Sonny is in peril. Carly and Sonny decide to travel to his private island to handle some business and Jason follows them to warn his BFFs.


5. Trouble In Paradise?

Sam is upset that Jason has put himself in danger for Sonny (again) and Jason is a bit surprised by her reaction. The two don’t see eye to eye at all in the next five days. While Sam finds out that there is a job offer out there that can keep Jason safe, he laughs off the idea. Sam’s reaction is not a good one, and even she gets taken aback when she lashes out at him.

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4. GH Debut

Ned and Olivia are busy making wedding plans this week. The soon-to-be Mr. and Mrs. Quartermaine lock a date up and also look at venues. A mystery character will also emerge this week with Jennifer Bassey hitting Port Charles this Tuesday. Will she reprise her All My Children’s role? You have to tune in to find out!

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3. When The Cat’s Away

Josslyn throws a party while Carly and Sonny are on the island. Things seem to get out of hand as the house is trashed and Josslyn’s friend Trina takes some of Carly’s alcohol. Grandma Bobbie tries to talk to Joss, but the teen lies to her grandmother. Meanwhile, CarSon head closer to the island without a clue of what danger looms around the corner, and Jason hits the island and saves his friends in the nick of time.

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2. Nina Helps Nelle

Nina steps in to aid Nelle during her hour of need. Nina still feels responsible for Nelle’s attack and wants to help her. Some good news for Nelle, she and Michael get closer this week. Nelle and Michael spend time with each other, as he talks about starting fresh, and sparks fly between these two. Parents Sonny and Carly won’t be too thrilled though.

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1. More Spoilers!

Aunt Stella finds out about TJ’s dad secret and she’s mad about being lied to when it comes to this. Julian receives an offer. Dante is surprised by Lulu. Laura becomes clear about something. Nathan agrees to help Amy with her book. He fronts himself as the author and she’s the agent. Still, he pushes back and becomes annoyed when things get out of hand.

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