6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (July 25)


As summer marches on, things continue to heat up on General Hospital (GH). Learn more about what will happen to the gang and more in the below GH spoilers for the week of July 25th.

6. Nina Lends Carly A Hand

Carly is taken a back this week when Nina offers her help with the Josslyn/kidney donor investigation. The duo concocts a plan to find the truth; however, Josslyn pleads with her mom to stop the investigation – will this halt Carly and Nina’s plans? Will Curtis put two and two together, and realize that Josslyn’s kidney case is why Nina asked him to look into the doctors at the hospital?


5. Everyone Softens Up To Claudette

When Claudette says she’s sorry to Nathan and then gives Maxie a gift, not only does this leave Maxie feeling a bit guilty, but it also seems to soften up Nathan. Meanwhile, Nina gives Maxie a pat on the back for putting Claudette in her place. As the week ends, Claudette seems pretty pleased with herself and is confident that her plan is working, especially when Nathan offers to give her a ride. What does Maxie do in all this? Well, she turns to Dr. Munro. It is only a matter of time until someone mentions Claudette or the handsome doctor runs into her. Port Charles is a small town, after all.

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4. Is Franco GH’s Serial Killer?

Franco has to defend himself again this week when Valerie can’t shake the feeling he is GH’s serial killer. She sees him somewhere shady, and goes off on Franco. Franco is left defending his actions again, but unfortunately in the process ends up shaking Liz up while on a date. When he takes her to an unusual spot, she is left wondering if it was a good decision to give romance a try with him. Meanwhile, spoilers indicate that back at the hospital, Amy finds something shocking related to the serial killer case.

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3. More Trouble On Cassadine Island

Update on Cassadine Island! Kevin is not doing too well this week, bleeding terribly with questions around whether or not he will survive. Valentin continues to make threats and uses his gun to keep order in the house. Lulu loses it, as it relates to the body she found. Meanwhile, Ava and Dante join forces to fight a threat. JaSam discover something shocking this week causing them to make a bold move to escape. A mysterious woman makes an appearance as well.


2. Kristina’s Night Of Passion

Sonny has a talk with his daughter about her cheating and it quickly turns heated. Alexis then learns about Kristina hooking up with Parker and angrily goes to talk to the professor. As it seems, Parker simply cannot deal with Kristina’s complicated life and confusion, so she leaves a letter for her and leaves Port Charles seemingly for good.


1. More Spoilers!

Julian concocts a plan to escape, but this is derailed by Nina. Sonny later pays him a visit to gloat. Jordan and Curtis get closer this week and FBI subpoenas will be served, but to who? Naomi is unsettled about some names from her past, so much so she visits Heather Webber in jail. Hamilton Finn brushes Hayden off when she inquires about his health. JAX ALERT! Fans may be excited to learn that there is a strong chance they will see fan favorite, Jasper Jacks pop up here and there on Friday’s episode!

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