6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (January 18)

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Mondays mean back to work, schedule and routine, but they also mean back to enjoying the world of daytime drama! Learn more about the fate of Valerie, Dante, Lulu, Johnny, Jason, Little Jake, and more, in this week’s General Hospital (GH) spoilers.

6. Valerie’s Abduction

When we left the land of Port Charles on Friday, Valerie’s life was in danger. Desperately trying to untie herself, after Johnny fled the cabin he held her hostage in, a blaze broke from a candle that was knocked off a table in the room. The fire was slowly erupting at that point, and is sure to become an even bigger threat on Monday. Jordan and Dante figure out what really went on, as they look closely at the clues. Valerie also pieces the puzzle together. As such, Johnny is caught by the Port Charles police, and recoils when he realizes who his public defender is.

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5. Can Lulu and Dante Move On?

Speaking of, Dante is upset at Lulu when he realizes the part she played in Valerie’s abduction. Dante is left wondering if he can get over all this with Lulu and move on. Laura advises Lulu to fight for Dante, and their marriage.

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4. Love Triangle

The love triangle between Sam, Liz, and Jason continues this week, as the trio struggle with their current situation. Sam offers a hand to Jason, saying she can help them find whoever broke into Liz’s house…although Liz isn’t too happy with the idea of Sam helping out. Liz takes Jake to psychologist, and later in the week, the child’s drawings show a dark side to the youngster. The good news? Jason has a big breakthrough with his memory, and recalls something significant.

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3. The Corinthos Family

Morgan gets a job offer from his dad, Sonny. Kiki helps out Carly and Sonny by using her influence on Ava. Sonny has a breakthrough, but doesn’t tell anyone about it.

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2. Olivia Takes a Stand

Olivia faces off with Mayor Lomax over something personal and sensitive. She catches the eye of Nina, who is inspired by her. Mid-week, Olivia is shocked to gain support from an old adversary.


1. More Spoilers!

Kristina turns to Sam and tells her all about her school issues. Jordan and Andre’s mutual admiration continues to flourish. Anna gets introduced to someone familiar, by Robert. The duo and Andre come close to figuring out Sabrina and Carlos’ whereabouts. Meanwhile, Hayden is still uncertain when it comes to Nikolas, and this week, Nikolas makes a big move. Curtis goes against Jordan’s orders.

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