6 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (January 11)

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Baby, it’s cold outside…but things are heating up in Port Charles! While the little town said a tearful goodbye to Patrick, Robin and Emma last week – this week they are saying hello to some suspense, drama, and romance. Read on to learn about what will be happening on General Hospital (GH) in the next five days in the spoilers below, for the week of January 11.

6. Anna Gets Help From An Old Friend

Anna is able to use her old spy skills to get information from Sabrina about Carlos. She later tells Jordan all about the theory she has when it comes to Paul Hornsby. They two decide to go and find Carlos, but first, Anna enlists the help of ex-hubby, friend, and good old partner, Robert Scorpio.

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5. On The Run…

Speaking of Sabrina, Carlos convinces his very pregnant ex to run off with him. While she jets off, Michael has a talk with Dante, where he starts to reconsider his break up with Sabrina. Unfortunately, it seems like he’s too late. When he heads to her home, he finds Felix there with a note from Sabrina to Michael, one that will leave Michael feeling terrible. What does that letter say?



4. The Love Triangle Continues

Jason discovers that someone is trying to frighten them when they return to Liz’s house, and it seems be a danger zone. As a precaution, Jason takes them to Metro Court to stay with him. Meanwhile, Sam gets help from Carly to clear Jason’s name, as it relates to his incident with Nikolas. Sam discovers a witness, who might be able to uncover the truth about the fall Nikolas took. They seem to be a Metro Court employee. While she excitedly goes to tell Jason this news, she is shocked to see Liz in his hotel room.

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3. Revenge Goes Too Far?

Maxi discovers Johnny on the boat, and starts to dial for the police, until Lulu convinces her not to do so. While Lulu agrees to Johnny’s revenge plot against Valerie, the scheme ends up placing her life in danger. To add to all the drama, Dante finds photos of the duo at PCPD that are quite incriminating. By the end of the week, Lulu starts to feel quite guilty about the entire situation.

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2. Nikolas and Hayden

Despite the fact that they have trust issues, feelings mount between Hayden and Nikolas this week. In fact, Hayden is quite impressed by Nik’s romancing ways. She continues to try and keep him the dark when it comes to her past, and presses him about his quick nuptials to protect his ELQ interests. Of course this is a scam, with puppet-master Tracey pressuring Hayden to meet her demands.

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1. More Spoilers!

Morgan and Kiki grow closer and Morgan attends his first therapy session. Sonny fires his new doctor and a successful green Crimson makes Nina happy, but Julian…not so much. Alexis does not want an engagement party.

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