5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (October 3)


Calling all General Hospital (GH) fans! More drama this week, not to mention a little suspense and romance! Morgan spins out of control, Alexis jumps back on the wagon; Nelle is up to something; and Claudette has more secrets she exposes. All this and much more in the GH spoilers for the week of October 3rd.

5. Morgan Spirals

The good news is that Morgan does tell therapist Andre Maddox about cheating at school. The bad news? He keeps many other things hidden. Unfortunately, Morgan will make a huge pass at Nelle this week when he misreads her sympathy for something else. She of course rejects him and then turns to Sonny for advice. Seems this is all part of a bigger plan Nelle has, but only time will tell what that plan is exactly. Interestingly enough, Nelle has a conversation with Kiki about working for Carly. Will she reveal Morgan’s inappropriate pass? Sonny and Carly stand united and approach Morgan this week about his recent behavior. Sadly, the couple doesn’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to Sonny’s need for revenge on Julian, and they clash on the topic.

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4. Kiki Is Unsure

Kiki does have a conversation with Franco this week about her frustration around Morgan’s mental health problems and is wondering if she has what it takes to continue a relationship with him. She acts as a good friend to Dillon when she comforts him (as he is dealing with his dad being GH’s serial killer and all). Unfortunately, Morgan sees this and comes to the wrong conclusion as to what is going on. He makes a huge scene about it.

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3. Alexis Hits The Bottle

Yes, she continues to turn to alcohol to help her cope with what’s happened in her life as of late. Except this week it may get her into some trouble. She has a drunken meeting that will end up biting her in the butt, when an individual comes by her house as a surprise. Could it be an ex? What she does exactly is unknown. However, spoilers indicate she will come to regret the encounter later.

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2. GH Serial Killer Aftermath

Ava Jerome will slide Scott-free on something this week … but what will it be? She’s been helping Paul Hornsby cover up his GH murders for a while now and taking Morgan Corinthos’ meds. Spoilers indicate she does get away with something and, on a shocking front, spoilers are pointing in the direction of another town tragedy. Will GH be losing another citizen? Tracey will get through one more dangerous meeting with Hornsby, and her main mission will then be helping Monica get the hospital back and running.

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1. More Spoilers!

Is there still a crisis at GH? Hayden and Finn hear some news regarding this and get so concerned that they decide to share what they heard to others. Nina continues her baby pursuit, but Curtis chimes in on the reality of this idea and how the odds are stacked against her. On the romance front, Olivia and Ned are back together and getting hot and heavy. Lastly, Claudette reveals the terrible things she and Valentin Cassadine engaged in to Griffin, explaining why he’s threatening Charlotte and coming after her. As such, Griffin turns to Anna for advice.

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