5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (November 30)

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It’s Monday, so that means it’s time for some General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the coming week. As we head into the holidays, things continue to heat up on GH when it comes to Jason’s return to Port Charles! Learn more about Lulu, Dante, Nina, Hayden, Liz, Sam, (and of course) Jason down below:

5. Is The Jig Up For Liz?

Sam uses some sneaky tactics to uncover what Liz may be hiding. She even turns to Laura for information…will Laura spill Liz’s dirty little secret? Carly also gets into the game, and tries to push Liz’s buttons. Hayden solicits the help of an insider regarding her suspicions, but how will this affect Nikolas? Tensions heat up between Jason and Patrick during a one-on-one. Jason tries to tenderly calm Elizabeth’s concerns, but that could be all be a momentary thing, as she receives an urgent call from Nikolas. As Sam organizes a visit between Danny and Jason, Patrick also questions her on whether or not she is really over’ Jason.

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4. Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Is it really over for Lulu and Dante? We learn that she catches him betraying her once again. As they question where to go from here, and whether or not they want to try and fix their marriage, Lulu gets some profound advice from Maxie.

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3. Nina’s New Career

As Nina settles into her new role at Crimson, she gets some makeover help from Maxie. Does Nina have a new vision for the company? Meanwhile, her boyfriend Franco threatens Julian, only to receive a threat from Jason later on.

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2. Paul’s Secret

Ava uncovers Paul’s secret and she just might have wished she hadn’t. After overhearing something he shouldn’t have, Carlos makes some plans. Paul uses scare tactics on Carlos.

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1. More Spoilers!

Anna gets an ultimatum from Andre. Mac remains by her side when she needs him. Tracy wonders how Jason’s return will change things. Michael and Carly are given guidance on how to help Morgan while moving forward. Jordan isn’t waivered when seeing a familiar face and Alexis gets some news from Nikolas. Dillon’s announcements surprises Maxie.

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