5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (January 4)

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The holidays are officially over in Port Charles, and everyone is slowly getting back to their normal daily routines: which means there should be plenty of drama, suspense, and romance on General Hospital (GH) this week. Learn more about what Jason, Elizabeth, Patrick, Robin, and Emma will be up to in the below GH spoilers for the week of January 4th:

6. Robin and Patrick Take the Next Step

Obrecht is under the assumption she’s got Robin under her thumb this week, but she may be thrown for a loop. A family discussion involving Patrick, Robin, and Emma brings upon a new idea where the littlest Drake comes up with a pretty cool suggestion. This prompts the organization of party…but not just any old party…one that will solidify the union of Patrick and Robin: a wedding.

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5. Little Jake Brings His Parents Closer Together

Elizabeth interrupts a moment between Jason and Sam with an emergency that involves little Jake. While Jason gives Liz his word that she can rely on him when it comes to co-parenting Jake, this week Jason also decides it is time to look for a new place to live. Jason and Liz also discover something disturbing as it relates to little Jake’s condition. Additionally, Liz also bonds with Laura over little Jake. Lastly, Jason gets an ultimatum from Nikolas.

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4. First New Edition of Crimson is Released!

It’s a big week for Nina. Her first issue of Crimson is published, and she and Franco take their relationship to the next level. Still, Franco discovers something unexpected this week that leaves him feeling agitated.

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3. Tracy’s Sights are Set on ELQ

Tracy once again decides to take over ELQ, and uncovers a secret that may help her in doing so. Does this have anything to do with Hayden’s past?

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2. Anna is On a Mission

Anna brings Jordan into the fold, and reveals her suspicions about Carlos and Julian, as well as a potential third party involved on the ‘inside.’ Anna has a discussion with Julian, and lets him know that she has revenge on her mind. Alternatively, Paul assures Julian not to worry anything when it comes to the DA’s office.

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1. More Spoilers!

Kiki and Morgan grow closer as Morgan opens up and realizes that she is there when he needs her. While still remaining cautious, Patrick sees some improvement in Sonny’s condition. Meanwhile, Alexis is not pleased with how close Olivia is with Julian and Laura warns Nikolas to forget about Hayden. In an interesting turn of events, Hayden ends up upsetting him as the week goes on. Then, Sabrina has an emergency situation and is sent to the hospital. While Lulu is able to fight temptation, Dante has suspicions when it comes to her. Later in the week, Lulu starts to question Johnny.

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