5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (February 27)

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Liv continues to wreak havoc in Port Charles, Nelle’s bombshell finally hits Carly, and Robin worries about her mom. What will come to be in the world of General Hospital (GH) for the next five days? Below are some GH spoilers for the week of February 27th.

5. Liv Exposed

Liv scrambles this week as Jason and Alexis start to put ‘two and two’ together and the search to save Sam and the baby begins. Jason takes a photo of Liv to Alexis when he realizes that she’s alive and she names the woman as her AA sponsor. It clicks in to Jason that Liv has taken Sam and both Jason and Alexis are on a mission to find his pregnant wife. While Julian feels good about what happened with the GH board, Liv decides to hold him captive until the vote, but something goes wrong with her plan. Alexis still has that key to Julian’s safe, but will she get to read the letter that’s there? Alexis will turn to Jordan for help against Liv and also turn to Monica for support around her sobriety since her first AA sponsor (Liv) was up to no good. Jordan will have questions for Ava about Liv as well.

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4. Nelle Unleashes Her Plan

While Sonny and Carly happily plan for the future, Nelle unleashes the final steps in her plan. First off, Michael lets Sonny know he is falling for Nelle and Sonny isn’t too pleased with this. As the week progresses, Carly hears the recording Nelle has left and everything blows up. Nelle tries to leave town before getting caught, but doesn’t quite make it too far. Grandma Bobbie has some words for Nelle and she does decide to come clean, but it is unclear if that is to ‘everyone’ or just Carly or Michael. Nelle and Michael do talk about what comes next, but does Nelle have a future in Port Charles now that she has lit Cary up?

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3. Robin Worries

Robin is worried about her mom. Not only is Anna struggling with cancer, but the word regarding Liv being alive reaches her. Robin’s history in GH extends just as long as Anna’s and she knows all too well just how mentally unstable Liv is. She also clearly remembers how Liv was jealous of Anna’s relationship with Duke and how obsessed she was. Robin knows that Anna would be a target for Liv.

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2. Tracy and Hayden Fight For Finn

Tracy and Hayden have always been Dr. Hamilton Finn’s biggest fans and these two team up this week to help him get his act together. They confront him on his addiction to Zekenestrol. He’s been behaving terribly towards Hayden as of late and has a tough choice ahead: try and kick the addiction or chance losing all he has. Spoiler indicate he will try and kick his drug habit, but will he be successful?

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1. More Spoilers!

Liz gets some horrible new this week and Franco and Jason have a confrontation regarding this. Franco will be a good boyfriend and stick by Liz’s side, supporting her through this situation. Will Jason even have time to worry about Liz and Franco with his wife held captive by her insane aunt? Regardless, in other spoilers, Kevin is on mission to find the truth when there is a confrontation once again in the hospital.

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