5 General Hospital Spoilers For The Week (August 28)

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As September approaches and the temperatures start to cool down a tad in Port Charles, things in the little town continue to heat up when it comes to the drama! Amy and Nathan find themselves in a little trouble; Jason is in danger; and Felicia finds some dirt out on Nelle. Read about these storylines and others in the General Hospital (GH) spoilers for the week of August 28th.

5. ‘Ask Man Landers’ In Trouble

Amy and Nathan find themselves in a little hot water this week when their ‘Ask Man Landers’ scheme is almost exposed. Thankfully, it’ll be covered up at the last moment. While the two will be relieved, they won’t be able to get Maxie off their back this week. She’ll continue to try and pry into why her hubby is so close with Amy.

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4. Franco And Jake ‘Catch Up’

Franco will spend some time with Jake this week. Still, there will be some questions around Franco’s artwork from New York and Franco will try and answer these for Jake by simply scratching the surface. GH spoilers indicate that Franco will try to refrain from digging too deep for his own sake and Jake’s as well.

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3. Jason In Danger

Jason will be in harm’s way this week. GH spoilers indicate that some mob conflict may mean he catches a bullet. Sam will be devastated and Liz will step in to support her. They bond this week, but Franco’s return does cause some tension. Sam will state that Franco is intruding on the situation and with Jason’ life dangling, she won’t be able to tolerate Franco amongst the chaos.

2. Ava And Griffin

Griffin will need a hand with something this week and Ava will feel compelled to help him since he’s done so much for her as of late. This will mean she steps outside of her comfort zone to assist the good doctor. This incident will continue to draw these two closer and closer.

1. More Spoilers!

Finn helps Anna get information from Raymond Berlin. Still, she won’t get the info she wants and will have to dig a bit more. Kristina will get good advice from Valerie when it comes to her love life. With Parker back in town, things may get sticky for Kristina. Still, she will try and work past those issues to reconnect. Lastly, Felicia will find some information on Nelle that could place a wedge between her and Michael. It seems Nelle may have yet another dirty little secret.

Howard Wise/JPI
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