5 Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For The Week (November 16)


Now that the threat of Aiden is past them, will Bo get the homecoming he’s been waiting for? How much longer will Abigail be in the clutches of her finance and kidnapper, Ben? Time for your weekly dose of some Days of Our Lives (DOOL) teasers. What will be going on in Salem this week? Read on!

5. Bo’s Homecoming

Family and friends gather to celebrate Bo’s homecoming. Unfortunately, friction between Ciara and Chase continues to escalate, as he gets emotional hearing her put Aiden down. Everyone is feeling warm and fuzzy, except Kayla. As Bo’s sister and doctor, she knows how terrible his current medical condition is, and this upsets her. Bo and Hope will steam up television screens this week, as they make love for the first time since their recent reunion. Bo then tells Hope he has a brain tumor. Ciara tells Caroline just how much she would love to see her parents get back together.

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4. Kayla and Steve Get Closer

Steve is threatened again, so Kayla takes charge and makes the first move. Bonding over this circumstance, the duo promises to work together, and later find themselves in a situation they cannot easily get themselves out of.

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3. Abigail in Labor?

Abigail goes into pre-term labor as she tries to escape Ben’s grips. As he continues to hold her hostage, he essentially puts her and her baby at risk. On the other side of town, committed to finding Abigail, Chad approaches Marlena and asks for assistance.


2. Where’s Sami?

Meanwhile, Marlena has a ‘missing persons’ woe of her own, as she and John are concerned about where Sami is, and wondering if the DiMeras are at the root of it. Upset, she goes after Stefano to confront him. Gathering together, John and Marlena see that they may be able to take the DiMeras down. Still, as Sami tries to bargain with Andre, the situation hardens due to the fact that they don’t trust each other.

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1. More Spoilers!

Brady experiences some torn feelings this week: He cares for Teresa, but he recognizes the demands being brought forth by Victor. Abe tells Theo about Lani, his half-sister, and he doesn’t get the best response. Rafe is aboard a new project, after being asked by someone quite surprising.

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