12 Of The Craziest Feuds And Fights On The Real Housewives

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Feuds and fights may be some of the calling cards of the Real Housewives, but not all spats are created equal. With money, relationships, egos, and booze in the mix, things can get downright nutso. Here are 12 of the Craziest Feuds and Fights on the Real Housewives.

12. Andy Cohen vs. The Real Housewives

Not even the show’s executive producer is safe from the drama. Andy Cohen has found himself in the midst of the frenzy more than once. During a reunion special for the Real Housewives of New Jersey, Cohen attempted to get in between Teresa Guidice and Danielle Staub when things became physical. After Andy tried to hold Teresa back, she turned on him and threw him back into his chair. Oof! Andy Cohen also bit off more than he could chew when he apparently compared Real Housewife Brandi Glanville to a dog and she responded with an emphatic eff you!

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11. NeNe Leakes vs. Sheree Whitfield

NeNe Leakes isn’t known for her mild-tempered ways, which makes her perfectly suited to the Real Housewives cast and her spats go beyond one mere foe. She first introduced her friend-based-feuds to Housewives’ fans in the series premiere when she went full-force freak-out in Sheree Whitfield’s driveway when she discovered she wasn’t on the invite-list. RSVP rivalry.

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10. Kandi Burruss vs. Kim Zolciak

One particular feud between Housewives went beyond the show and ended up in court when Kandi Burrus sued Kim Zolciak over their song “Tardy for the Party” (remember that, um, smash hit?). Phaedra Parks represented Kandi, just in case you were worried facing the legal system would make these ladies lighten the lunacy.

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9. NeNe Leakes vs. Kim Zolciak

NeNe kept the friendly relations rolling with fellow Housewife Kim Zolciak. Kim and NeNe have had their spats worthy of the spaz-spotlighting show, which all came to head in one spectacular showdown on a tour bus when things got more than just a litte cra-zy!

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8. Mama Joyce vs. Carmon Cambrice and Todd Tucker

Kandi Burruss may think she’s found happily-ever-after, but her mother, affectionately known on the series as Mama Joyce, isn’t so sure and isn’t afraid to voice her opinions. Mama Joyce firmly believes that her daughter’s partner had an affair with Kandi’s BFF Carmon Cambrice. Mother dearest has fiercely flipped out on quite a few occasions, in the name of maternal love. Granted, for Mama Joyce that includes flying into rages that involve throwing a shoe and having to be held back from physically attacking her foes.

7. Brandi Glanville vs. Kenya Moore

Common folk may have filters, which keep them relatively decent to others. Thankfully for audiences, the Real Housewives seem to be lacking that particular sieve. Case in point is Brandi Glanville who made her feuding ways with her fellow “Celebrity Apprentice” competitor Kenya Moore known when she described the other woman as “very smart…” Sound nice? Wait. “…a little bit crazy…” Ouch. But that’s not it. “…and evil.” Tell us what you really think!

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6. Kim Richards vs. Lisa Rinna

Kim Richards has gone after Lisa Rinna on more than one occasion and their heated feud just keeps sizzling. Kim has mocked Rinna’s job as a spokesperson for Depends adult diapers, voiced rumors about Rinna’s husband, and finally threw a drink in Lisa’s face during a drama-filled dinner in Amsterdam.

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5. NeNe Leakes vs. Kenya Moore

NeNe again? Yup! When NeNe Leakes invited fellow Housewife Kenya Moore to her wedding, she wasn’t expecting a no-show. In Moore’s absence, ex-boyfriend Walter was in attendance, which didn’t go over well to say the least. The feud was fuelled between the ladies and things got fiery.

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4. Joe Giudice vs. Joe Gorga

Not all of the spats on the Real Housewives are between the women. Full-on family feuds are on display and the Giudice’s and the Gorga’s of the Real Housewives of New Jersey are a prime example. Joe and Joe (Giudice and Gorga respectively) set the spousal tone when they went after each during a trip to Lake George. When Giudice discovered that Gorga called his wife scum, a physical fight broke out which left more than red on their faces. In fact, it left the remnants of Gorga’s spray-on hair rubbed off on fellow cast mates, which made audiences everywhere cringe.

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3. Adriana de Moura vs. Joanna Krupa and Romain Zago (and his “limp penis”)

Joanna Krupa may be gorgeous, but that doesn’t secure a super-sizzling sex-life, as viewers have discovered via her appearance on the Real Housewives of Miami. Her failing physical intimacy with her husband, Romain Zago, has been a hot topic on the show and fellow Housewife Adriana de Moura decided she needed to have her say during the show’s reunion. Stating that she would never be with a man who had a “limp penis,” she made assumptions and declarations that created more than just a little bit of tension.

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2. The Real Housewives of Miami vs. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Feuds between the Housewives have no boundaries and that includes their zip codes and co-stars. During the Real Housewives of Miami reunion, Brandi Glanville spat out the rumor that Beverly Hills Housewife Joanna Krupa had had an affair with Yolanda Foster’s husband Mohamed Hadid. Joanna called the accusations false, but Brandi felt she had proof. Mohamed’s claimed that Joanna has a foul-smelling…nevermind.

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1. Michaele Salahi vs. The Real Housewives of DC

Michaele Salahi and her husband, Tareq, became the target of every other Housewife of DC before the show had even hit the air when they hit the headlines as the infamous “White House Crashers.” Fudging their way into a state dinner to which they were not invited, it not only prompted national security issues, but it also conjured up so much bad press that it led to the cancellation of The Real Housewives of DC series. At the reunion, Mary Amons made the popular opinion public when she stated that Michaele and her actions had “hijacked our show.” Her actions certainly doomed it.

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