11 Deleted ‘Friends’ Scenes Everyone Must See

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CHANDLER RIPPING OFF MONICA’S MOM’S PANTS IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!!! Did that get your attention? Then you don’t want to miss that and other scenes that were originally in the scripts for the super popular hit show Friends and even managed to be filmed, but just didn’t quite make it past the final cut for many audiences who watched it on TV. Many can be seen on the DVD sets, which haven’t been edited for commercial time and some were seen on TV in some places, but not others. Regardless they are just as hilarious as the rest of the show. Many will not have seen these scenes before but, even if you have, Friends is always worth watching again, and again, and again.

11. “Don’t Read My Condoms”

Yup, that’s a line that was originally supposed to be included in the show. While the friends prepare for their trip to London in order to attend Ross and Emily’s wedding, Chandler makes sure to pack some condoms in case he gets lucky with a lady. Joey glances at the box and there’s something about the prophylactics that are a little unusual.

10. Phoebe Singing “Hey Mickey!”

When Phoebe is plagued by the unending ear-piercing screech of a malfunctioning smoke alarm, she tries everything to protect and distract herself from the maddening noise. She covers her ears with winter items at hand and sings to herself to block out the craze-inducing shrill shriek. “Hey, Mickey, you’re so fine! You’re so fine, you blow my mind! Hey, Mickey!” *clap clap clap*

9. Emma Crawling For The First Time

A baby’s first time doing just about anything is amazingly cute, especially to the parents. The first time they smile, the first time they say a word, and of course the first time they crawl. When little baby Emma becomes mobile, Rachel runs to get everyone in range. Joey, Chandler (with a snarky comment of course), and Monica come running and wait patiently for a repeat performance. When Phoebe walks in, she of course earns a laugh with her signature quirky style.

8. Ross’ Wheelchair Foot-In-His-Mouth Moment

Hospital waiting rooms aren’t exactly the most entertaining places on earth, but Joey does his best to keep himself amused while he and the guys wait for a doctor after Ross takes a hockey puck straight to the face. Finding a spare wheelchair, Joey hops in and begs Ross over and over to push him. Ross eventually does and while rolling Joey down the floor, he ends up putting his foot firmly in his mouth.

7. “You’d Pee In Dad’s Shoes ,Too…”

Way back when New York was hit with a major blackout (at least in the Friends’ universe), Chandler found himself trapped in an ATM vestibule with Jill Goodacre (you’re imitating his phone conversation with Monica in your head right now, aren’t you?!). Despite the fact that it’s still one of the most popular scenes ever on the show, it didn’t all make it to the final cut. There was more, even a bit where the blond bombshell actually says, “Well, you’d pee in Dad’s shoes, too, if you didn’t know what was going on.” She also uses the term, “you’re trippin,’” which is right there a reason to check out this clip.

6. After Monica and Chandler’s Wedding Ceremony

Immediately after Monica and Chandler said “I do” and were officially bride and groom, there was a scene written into the script that never made it past the final cut. Monica and Chandler realize he’s already made a marriage mistake then the rest of the group comes in and pregnancy rumors take over. It’s a scene that obviously wasn’t essential enough to be kept in, but it’s still funny enough to watch on its own.

5. “Where’s The Little Red Squirrel Going?!”

When Rachel and Emma move in with Joey, he suddenly has a world of baby items around him. But it’s not so bad when it means he gets to enjoy story-time. When Rachel reads to little Emma and the baby becomes fussy, Joey is left hanging when book time ends abruptly. When Chandler walks in, he’s forced to wait for Joey’s curiosity to be satisfied.

4. Ross Scares Phoebe

Sometimes tiny tidbits of scenes get cut, usually in order to make an episode fit into the allotted time allowed. Unfortunately, the little snippets that are left out are at times the blast of comedic genius that hit you just right and leave you belly-laughing. Phoebe and Ross were two characters who were absolute masters of this and together, it’s just too much hilarity to miss. In this deleted clip, which probably should have made it into the show, Ross comes into Central Perk and accidentally scares a preoccupied Phoebe. Just try not to laugh!

3. After The Thanksgiving Football Game

The Friends’ Thanksgiving episodes were often their funniest and most popular stories and one of their earliest is still one of the most memorable. When the gang decides to pass the time while they wait for dinner with a friendly game of football, Ross and Monica’s competitive sides take over in an epic example of sibling rivalry. With the Gellar Cup (a nasty old troll doll nailed to a piece of wood) up for grabs, the last we see of the pair, they’re still grappling over the pseudo-trophy. But there was a scene that continued the laughs and the competition to its further epic end.

2. Chandler Pulls Down Monica’s Mom’s Pants

Chandler made a scene at his and Monica’s wedding when he took the dance floor despite making an earlier effort to learn some smooth moves for the big day. Unfortunately, his wildly slippery shoes make him lose control and end up all over the place doing the strangest Chandler-like gyrations. When the bride’s father cuts in and asks to dance with Monica, her mother steps in to accompany Chandler. That’s when disaster strikes and he ends up pulling her pants right down. Actually, he doesn’t quite pull them down as pull them pretty much completely off. How this didn’t make it onto the show, we’ll never know because holy geez, it will make you scream-laugh!

1. Airport Security (The Deleted Scene Everyone Is Talking About)

With the heartbreaking events of September 11, 2001, many shows delayed or rewrote certain episodes in order to be more sensitive to what people were feeling. Scenes that depicted any sort of airport or flights, terror-type attacks or excessive violence, were often taken right out and never saw the light of day. One such scene was deleted from a Friends episode for this very reason. Occurring at an airport while Monica and Chandler are on their way to their Honeymoon and involving security, it’s a funny scene…now. But originally scheduled to air just two weeks after the horrific incident, it was definitely the right choice to exclude it at the time.


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