Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (October 19 – 30, 2020)

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The next two weeks on The Bold and the Beautiful will be filled with drama! Spoilers indicate that Liam will continue to rile himself up over Steffy’s relationship with Finn, and  Zoe and Carter will take a big step in their relationship! Learn more with these 12 spoilers for October 19 to October 30, 2020:

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12. Quinn Moves In With Wyatt and Flo

Now that Eric and Quinn are over, she is going to need a new place to live. According to spoilers, Flo will invite Quinn to stay at the beach house, and Wyatt will not be happy about it. In fact, he will freak out. The big question now is — how long will this living arrangement last?

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11. Liam Keeps Complaining About Finn

Liam will complain to Hope about Steffy’s budding romance with Finn. Even though he’s married to Hope now, he will tell her that he’s always going to care about Steffy and that his concern for her is so great because of their daughter Kelly. Hope won’t buy this explanation. She will think there is more to the story.

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10. Hope Is Fed Up

Hope will be so frustrated with Liam that she will push him to see the harsh truth. She will lash out at her husband about his lingering feelings for Steffy. She feels that he is crossing a line and will tell him to leave Steffy alone. Will Liam take his wife’s advice? Not likely.

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9. Ridge And Brooke Receive Good News

Eric will deliver some good news to Ridge and Brooke during the week of October 26th. He’ll tell them that they are still married — in spite of everything that happened with his drunken nuptials with Shauna. Guess this means that Carter didn’t file Brooke and Ridge’s divorce paper!

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8. Steffy And Finn Grow Closer

While Liam and Hope are clearly not on the same page, Steffy will feel closer than ever to Finn. After the handsome doctor stood his ground with Liam, Steffy will do the same and the two will focus on themselves and their relationship. According to spoilers, she’ll get lost in her new beau’s eyes and all of the sweet things he says.

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7. Finn Makes A Sweet Promise

Finn will make a promise to Steffy this week. He will vow to love her the way she deserves to be loved and will truly cherish her. Finn has never met another woman like Steffy before and he will promise to take good care of her. Unlike her previous relationship with Liam, he will be there to lift her up even higher.

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6. Steffy Trusts Finn

As Finn promises to support Steffy and make her happy, she’ll feel really good about what he is saying and will believe that he truly means it. She will feel a great sense of trust as she and Finn continue to connect in the weeks ahead. Could this be Steffy’s happily ever after?

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5. Liam’s Jealousy

While Steffy and Finn are happy, Liam won’t be. He’s going to become super jealous when he sees how close the two have become. Hope will be there to remind him to mind his own business. He is clearly wasting his energy getting upset about Steffy moving on.

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4. Brooke Voices Concern

When Thomas works on some designs for Hope this week, Brooke will voice her concerns. She will think that Thomas is trying to impress her daughter. It wasn’t that long ago that he was obsessed with Hope. It looks like Hope will downplay her mother’s worries and insist that Thomas isn’t a threat anymore, but Brooke might not be so easily convinced.

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3. Zoe Struts Her Stuff

There will be an impromptu fashion this week on B&B! Spoilers indicate that Zoe will put on some gowns and strut her stuff on the runway just for Zende! He will be thoroughly impressed, and she will share with him how she really feels about the other man in her life, Carter.

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2. Zoe And Zende Bond

Zoe and Zende will continue to bond, and he will confide in her. According to spoilers, he will tell her what he wants most and it will catch her off guard. While she’s clearly intrigued by her new suitor, Zoe will remain drawn to Carter as well. He will also be working extra hard to woo her.

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1. Zoe And Carter Take The Plunge

While Zoe is growing closer to Zende, during the week of October 26th, she’ll take a big step in her relationship with Carter. According to spoilers, Carter will be on cloud nine when he and Zoe make love for the first time.

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