We Weigh In: Has B&B Pushed Too Far With Shauna & Ridge’s Marriage?

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On Bold and the Beautiful, Ridge and Brooke found out the hard way this week that what happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. Plus, viewers learned how Ridge’s intoxicated wedding night to the former showgirl went down.

Following her bestie Quinn’s instructions to a tee, Shauna sent a text to Carter while Ridge showered, advising Carter to file the Bridge divorce papers. Of course, this begs the question – are we genuinely supposed to believe the CEO of a major fashion company wouldn’t bother to set an auto-lock on his cell phone?

Regardless, once they got to the wedding chapel, Ridge was so wasted he seemed to think he was standing in front of Pat Sajak. His marriage vows consisted of asking for a vowel and telling the wedding officiant, “I’d like to solve the puzzle.”

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Shauna gushed to Quinn that it was the day she had been waiting for her whole life. Really? I don’t know anyone whose dream wedding consists of conning an inebriated groom at an all-night Vegas chapel.

The drunken wedding scenes were interspersed with Ridge breaking the bad news to Brooke and the obligatory scene of Brooke weeping in her bed after she told him to leave.

Here’s a suggestion for Ridge – get an annulment. All he needs to do is ask Hope about it. She’s filed two annulments in the past year alone and would surely be happy to walk him through it.

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But spoilers tease Ridge is going to take his commitment to Shauna seriously. Seeing as Brooke and Shauna are both blondes, showrunners won’t even have to swap out the mannequin they’ve been using for his kissing scenes.

To be fair, Ridge and Shauna’s nuptials weren’t any more of a disaster than some recent soap weddings we’ve seen. At least a bomb didn’t go off and no one showed up with a gun, threatening to kill the bride – I’m looking at you Days Of Our Lives. But considering this marriage started as a huge lie and, as Shauna admitted to Quinn, hasn’t even been consummated yet, how long can it last?

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Bonnie Byrne

Bonnie Byrne

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