Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For The Next Two Weeks (November 2- 13 2020)

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Liam will be stunned by what he finds when he bursts into Thomas’ apartment, this week on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Also, Quinn will turn to Flo for information about her mother’s motivations when she finds out Shauna is moving into the Forrester guest house. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for November 2 to 13, 2020.

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12. Bridget Is Back

Ashley Jones will return to the B&B canvas on Monday, November 2. Bridget usually returns for special occasions and holidays so it’s not completely clear why she will be back this time. Will she visit her Brooke and Eric? Or will Bridget have some sort of pressing business at the hospital?

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11. Eric Makes Shauna An Offer

Spoilers tease Eric will come to Shauna’s rescue when he invites the former Vegas showgirl to live in the guest house on the Forrester estate. Unlike how he feels about Quinn these days, he doesn’t blame Shauna for Ridge’s manipulation. Shauna will be touched by his kind deed, but will she accept the offer?

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10. Shauna’s Betrayal

Quinn will be stunned when she finds out about Eric’s gesture. She’ll feel as though her bestie is disloyal and she will be fuming. Quinn believes all her schemes were put in place so she could improve Shauna’s life. It’ll feel like a slap in the face and an unfair betrayal by both her bestie and her husband.

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9. Quinn Wants Answers

To get some answers about Shauna’s state of mind, Quinn will turn to her daughter this week. She will ask Flo what her mother is thinking, and she will also want to know if Shauna has ever mentioned an interest in Eric. But will all her questions be designed to get dirt she can use against Flo’s mom?

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8. Wyatt Pleads With Eric

Fed up with having his mother as a roommate, spoilers tease Wyatt will plead Quinn’s case to Eric. He’ll tell Eric Quinn is sorry for what she’s done. He’ll also mention that she still loves him and misses him. Wyatt will be desperate to get his mother out of the beach house and back into Eric’s arms but unfortunately, it looks like the Forrester patriarch isn’t going to budge.

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7. Paris Buckingham Arrives

Zoe’s sister Paris will arrive from London on Monday, which will be a surprise to the Forrester model. Although she’ll welcome her to town, Zoe won’t be all that happy about her sister’s arrival. And rumor has it, their sibling rivalry will become a fierce one when Paris expresses an interest in Zende.

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6. Zende Wants Details

In the B&B weekly promo, Paris will be immediately interested in Zende and is shown fanning herself after a flirty conversation with him. The Forrester designer will express an avid interest in getting to know her better and will tell Paris she’s so gorgeous she could be a model. “I want to hear more about all the juicy details of your life,” Zende will say to her.

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5. Zoe Interferes 

Not only will Paris be interested in Zende, but spoilers tease he will also be intrigued by her and sparks will fly between them. Zoe is not going to like it one bit and she will try her best to discourage Paris from spending much time with him. She’ll advise her sister that it wouldn’t be wise to get caught up with the Forrester designer.

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4. Open Conversation

Hope and Steffy will chat about how much time Liam has been spending with Kelly. Rumor has it they may even get into an argument about it. Will Hope feel that Liam’s frequent visits with Kelly are taking time away from his relationship with Beth and Douglas? Or will she try to push Steffy to let Kelly to stay over at the cabin more often?

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3. Liam Doesn’t Trust Thomas

Alarm bells are once again going off in Liam’s head about Thomas and he’ll express his thoughts to Steffy and Hope. Steffy wants to believe the best about her brother, but what Finn told her the other day gave her pause. Hope too has been optimistic that Thomas has put his obsession with her to rest and she wants to put the past behind them. Will the two Sister Wives tell The Waffler he’s off track when it comes to Thomas?

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2. Is Thomas Over Hope?

Spoilers tease Liam will flip out after Finn informs him about Thomas’ intentions toward Hope. The doctor will tell him he had an enlightening talk with Thomas, and he doesn’t believe he’s over Hope at all. When Liam hears that Thomas told Finn Hope doesn’t want Liam, she wants him, he’ll spring into action.

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1. A Shocking Discovery

Liam is so worried about Thomas’ state of mind that he’ll be on a mission to thwart what he thinks is a threat to Hope. He’ll head to Thomas’ apartment and burst in, planning to confront his former rival. Instead, Liam will be stunned by what he finds. Will he discover the Hope mannequin or just a deranged Thomas? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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