Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For November 2020

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A lonely Quinn will feel like everyone has turned against her, coming up on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Plus, Eric will make a generous offer to Shauna; Zoe will be torn between two lovers; and Bridget will return to Los Angeles. Learn more below in the B&B spoilers for November 2020.

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12. The Mastermind

Eric believes Quinn was the mastermind behind Brooke and Ridge’s breakup. Many viewers don’t agree with him, as some believe Brooke sealed her own fate when she barged into the Forrester mansion and began berating Quinn. Brooke also got the ball rolling when she kissed Bill in the guest house. Despite all that, Eric blames his wife for everything that happened.

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11. Shauna Moves Into The Guest House

Quinn will be furious when she finds out Eric has made her bestie a generous offer. He thinks the whole Vegas marriage debacle was his wife’s fault and he feels bad for Shauna. He will offer to let Shauna move into the guest house on the grounds of the Forrester estate. Spoilers tease she’ll be torn up about what to do. Will she remain loyal to Quinn or take Eric up on his offer?

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10. Looking For Romance

Now that her relationship with Ridge is over, spoilers tease Shauna will be on the prowl for a new man. Some fans have suggested she may go after Bill, who is single now that he and Katie have broken up. But could she set her sights on her bestie’s man? Would Shauna pursue a romance with Eric?

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9. Quinn Fights For Forgiveness

A lonely Quinn will try to figure out how to win her husband back this month. She’s been kicked out of Eric’s house and he’s told her they’re through. Losing Eric was her worst nightmare come true and she’s aware that if she doesn’t do something about it she could lose her husband forever. She knows still Eric loves her and genuinely believes she can get him to forgive her.

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8. Bridget Returns To LA

Bridget will return to Los Angeles for a short stint, beginning on November 2. Ashley Jones, who portrays the character, posted a photo holding Dr. Bridget Forrester’s medical tag on Instagram recently. The last time she was in town wasn’t exactly ideal. Bridget attended the Bridge reunion party when Quinn aired the video of Brooke and Bill kissing. Hopefully, her visit this month will be a much more pleasant one.

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7. Zoe’s Sister Arrives

Spoilers tease Zoe’s sister Paris will arrive in town to assist a friend with a good cause. Rumor has it, Zoe won’t be expecting her and may not exactly welcome her with open arms. For her part, Paris will be happy to reunite with her sister and she’ll also be impressed and surprised by Zoe’s accomplishments at Forrester Creations.

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6. Torn Between Two Lovers

Spoilers tease Zoe will be torn between Zende and Carter during the month of November. She’s officially Carter’s girlfriend and the couple has gotten closer than ever recently. But Zoe is also highly attracted to Zende and he seems to feel the same way. Will Zoe be forced to choose between the two men in November?

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5. Forrester Thanksgiving

With all the new protocols that have been set in place for filming, will viewers be treated to the annual Forrester Thanksgiving dinner this year? Traditionally, the Forresters, Logans and their friends and significant others head to Eric’s estate for the holiday. Pam and Charlie always take charge of the feast. There’s no word yet on whether the annual dinner will take place.

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4. Thomas Plummets

Thomas will continue his downward spiral as he becomes more and more fascinated and obsessed with the Hope mannequin. Could Brooke be to blame for the whole thing? About a year ago, Thomas fell off a cliff after Brooke accidentally shoved him. More recently, he bumped his head on a desk and things have gone downhill for him from there.

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3. Finn Suspects Something

Finn will be concerned that something’s not right with Steffy’s brother. He’d had a highly charged conversation with Thomas, in which he warned Finn to be careful of Liam. Finn wondered where it was coming from. In November, Steffy will tell him some of the sordid details of Thomas’ misdoings in the past year and it will cause him to become even more concerned about Thomas’ state of mind.

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2. Steffy And Finn’s Future

Speaking of settling down, what will the month of November hold for Finn and Steffy’s budding romance? They’ve declared their love for one another but what does Steffy really know about the doctor? Will Finn share his hopes and fears with his new lady love, and will Sinn finally take the next step in their relationship?

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1. Bridge’s Happily Ever After

Since Brooke and Ridge are back together, again, will they finally get their happily ever after this time? The last year has been a rocky one for the couple. When they weren’t arguing about Ridge’s son Thomas, they were finding ways to cheat on each other. Brooke kissed Bill once and Ridge smooched with Shauna several times. Will these two finally settle down and enjoy their reunion? Keep watching B&B to find out!

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