Bold And The Beautiful: Spoilers For December 2019

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The month of December will usher in chilly moments for some and holiday joy for others on the Bold And The Beautiful (B&B). Ridge will issue Brooke an ultimatum, hoping to salvage their marriage and Wyatt will make a life altering decision. Thomas, meanwhile, will still be determined to win Hope’s affection and the top spot at Forrester Creations. Read on for more B&B spoilers for December 2019.

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12. Zoe Returns

Spoilers tease Zoe will be back on the B&B canvas this month, after having been absent from the soap since early November. “Got a big week ahead,” Kiara Barnes, the actress who plays Zoe, recently posted on Instagram. “Zoe’s back in a major way, stay tuned.” Will Zoe team up with Thomas to take down the Logan women? Or will she continue to pursue a romantic relationship with Thomas, even though he is still obsessed with Hope?

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11. Determined Thomas

Speaking of Thomas, it looks like he’s not giving up the object of his obsession any time soon. “I don’t want to hurt you, I just want you to see that we aren’t so different,” he told Hope recently, just after she’d discovered he was still alive. And rumor has it that this month he will be determined to convince Hope to work side by side with him at Forrester Creations. He will tell her he wants to be head designer on Hope For The Future. Now that the pair are co-parenting Douglas, this feels to Thomas like a natural progression of their relationship. But will Hope agree?

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10. Rise To The Top

Thomas will also continue his plan to snag the CEO position at Forrester Creations this month. He’s unwavering in his belief that he is the one who should be leading the fashion house into the next decade and beyond. Although he respects Steffy, he doesn’t think she should be CEO. Thomas hasn’t given up on his dream of running the company, with Hope by his side, and he will continue to use Hope’s guilt and his father’s unwavering support to rise to the top.

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9. Brooke’s Second Chance

Even though Brooke and Ridge’s marriage is on the rocks, Ridge believes there’s one way they can repair it. In December, he’ll ask Brooke to forgive Thomas. If she agrees, Ridge promises Brooke that he will move back into their home and they can work on fixing their marriage. Brooke has always loved Ridge and would do just about anything for him but forgiving Thomas may be the only wish she won’t be able to grant her husband.

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8. Wyatt’s Declaration

When Sally and Wyatt are discussing their wedding plans, spoilers tease Sally will ask Wyatt to elope. She knows his mother Quinn doesn’t approve of the relationship and will continue to meddle until she breaks them up, so Sally believes a quickie wedding is the way to go. But spoilers tease Wyatt will make a major declaration about the direction of his life this month and viewers are speculating it may be that he decides to break off his engagement to the fiery redhead. But will December usher in wedding bells for Wally, or heartbreak?

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7. Ridge And Shauna Grow Closer

They say some of the best relationships start as friendships and this could end up being the case for Ridge and Shauna. She’s been a shoulder for him to lean on and confide in as his marriage to Brooke crumbles all around him. As for Shauna, she is still grateful to Ridge for signing off on the immunity deal for Flo, which allowed her daughter to be released from prison. Plus, she’s attracted to him and has been developing real feelings for the Forrester designer. Spoilers tease that in December, Ridge and Shauna will become closer than ever. But will they take the next step and move on from friendship to a full-blown romantic relationship?

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6. Steffy Confronts Hope

Steffy will confront Hope this month and, for once, it will have nothing to do with Liam. She’s angry that Hope somehow manipulated her brother Thomas into giving her joint custody of his son Douglas. Steffy already believes Hope is obsessed with Douglas and she’s angry that Hope got what she wanted. Although Thomas has had his share of problems of late, Steffy believes Douglas should be brought up by his father and the Forrester family, not a Logan.

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5. Brooke And Ridge Split

Although Brooke will tell Ridge she’ll consider forgiving Thomas, ultimately, she just won’t be able to do it. She’s never really trusted Ridge and Taylor’s son and his actions during the past few months have done nothing but prove to her that he is dangerous. Brooke loves Ridge and values their relationship, but she will find it impossible to exonerate Thomas after everything he’s done. This will leave Ridge with no choice but to end their marriage once and for all.

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4. Baby Beth’s First Thanksgiving

Hope and Liam will realize they have a lot to be grateful for, as they celebrate baby Beth’s first Thanksgiving. Hope will also have Douglas with her, as the Lope family celebrates the holiday at their cabin. Since it’s expected that Brooke will not be attending Eric and Quinn’s Thanksgiving party at the Forrester estate, will she join Lope for their festivities?

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3. Steffy And Liam Continue To Connect

As Hope continues to spend more time with Thomas and Douglas, Liam will be visiting Steffy and Kelly more often with baby Beth in tow. Liam has told Steffy he wants her to play a big role in Beth’s life. He also wasn’t keen on adopting Douglas and has been questioning Hope’s motives more often as of late. As Steffy and Liam spend quality time together with the girls, their connection will grow even stronger in December. Is a Steam reunion on the horizon?

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2. Liam Bonds With Bill

Spoilers tease Liam’s return to Spencer Publications will see Liam and Bill grow closer again. The father and son will see each other every day at work and will continue healing their once-broken relationship. Bill’s changed man status has continued throughout the year and he not only proposed and got engaged to Katie, but he also tried to mend fences with both his sons. Wyatt returned to Spencer earlier in the year and now Liam is also back in the Spencer fold. But has Liam forgiven his father for his past actions and will he continue to bond with him as the year comes to a close?

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1. Christmas Cheer

Not everyone will be filled with Christmas cheer this holiday season. Brooke may find herself alone as the event arrives. Although she’ll have the support of her daughter Hope and her sisters Katie and Donna, she’ll still feel lonely without her husband. Ridge, on the other hand, will be celebrating the holiday at Eric and Quinn’s house, with Shauna by his side. Viewers can expect to see the usual – Eric playing Christmas songs on the piano while everyone sings along and an upbeat Forrester family celebrating the holidays. Stay tuned to B&B to watch the festivities unfold!

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